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Ring Spotlight Cam Wired $93.35 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Credit to pricehipster for the find.

Ring spotlight camera down to a cheap price from around $250.

Also, the battery (and this wired) version is available from Bunnings for the same price but I can't post it as I am associated.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Keen on battery version actually! Any idea how long it lasts for?

    • It says it can go 6-12 months per battery but it's probably more like 3 months per battery. It can hold up to 2 batteries.

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      I use one of these, get about 3 months depending on activity

    • One of the nice things with Ring is it has tons of addons. You can easily buy a Ring solar panel and add it to the battery version to avoid manually recharging the batteries.

      • What advantage does this have over Reolink lumus or E1 outdoor?

    • i have this with the solar. Got third party solar and charges just fine when sun is there. fyi it dies pretty fast when its rainy and has a lot of movement detection. but other than that, a single batt with solar in summer lasts like forever until end of spring?

      • Could you link to the third party solar chargers please?

  • thank you I appreciate your post and the info about the battery version from bunnings. The battery version from amazon is $219 and I got the battery version for $93.35 so a good bargain. In regards to storing 2 batteries, do you buy extra batteries?

  • This or the ring floodlight cam? I appreciate the floodlight cam is more than double the cost of spotlight cam referenced in this deal however I am not in a rush and can happily wait for a deal on the floodlight cam. I have been advised by a mate using this cam that the light is not strong enough to cover the driveway and record clear video at night. Anyone have any experience with the spotlight cam?

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      Definitely get the floodlight if you can, the light is excellent and it makes a huge difference in night shots.

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    Wow, great price. Grabbed two wired ones.

    For anyone who wants the Bunnings links OP mentioned, they’re here at both $93.95:

    Battery - https://www.bunnings.com.au/ring-black-battery-spotlight-cam...
    Wired - https://www.bunnings.com.au/ring-black-wired-spotlight-camer...

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      Thanks OP and mboy, picked up 3 battery from hammer barn, looking at HOBBS to integrate with HomeKit, anyone using these with HomeKit got any tips?

    • Cheers! Grabbed three of the battery options.

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      The battery version in your link says $219 for me. The price must have gone back up overnight.

      • Yep must have been a mistake

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    FYI subscription is required to view previous recorded clips

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      Just looked at their website and it says $4pm or $40pa per device for Basic; and $15pm or $150pa for all devices for Plus? Yikes, that adds up

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    This is more than 50% off sale price so it's cheeap!

    I've spent some time researching different brands and although Ring requires a subscription, it's the best, here's why.
    Ring works the best with Echo show devices. If you end up getting Eufy, Arlo etc, you won't the best experience when used with Amazon device ecosystem.
    - When someone rings front door, Ring shows up much faster on Amazon Echo devices, all the others are delayed (might be intentional)
    - It broadcasts live view automatically on Echo show devices. All other brands have issues, so while you get doorbell ring, it won't automatically show Live View on Echo show devices unless you ask Echo todo it. (doesn't affect all brands)
    - Live View has 2-way talk speaker button on the live view so you can talk back to person at door when viewed on Echo show device. All other brands only let you view, can't speak back.
    - Only Ring brand provides Chime Pro which acts like a normal doorbell and also extends wifi signal. Most other brands do not provide addon adapters so when someone rings frontdoor, you only get notifications on your phone or it just announces on the Hub which might be far away. You can install multiple Chime Pro's around the house and they can be placed anywhere to announce visitors plus also boost wifi signal.
    - I have other brands installed, e.g. Hikvision 4K, pictures are super clear however issue with these Chinese brands is their app/notification sucks. You get notified of spiders, leaves blowing past, etc. I also have Eufy, but found only ring will notify me of actual people entering a perimeter of the house and I can define those alerts to only come during specific times, e.g. only alert me when I leave house at 9am, and after I goto sleep at 9pm. Saves a lot of time wasted on reading pesky notifications.
    - Ring Spotlight Cams/Floodlight cams have inbuilt SIRENS, so you can remotely turn on/off sirens from within the app to scare off intruders.
    Each brand has their strength/weaknesses, but for those who have Echo show devices, Ring works best with that ecosystem, period.

    • is the chime pro faster in notifcation than using an echo dot?

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        I can’t speak for the Echo Dot, but with my Chime Pro it’s very close to instant. If there is a delay, it’s less than a second.

        • thanks, was considering the standard chime. Not really keen on getting the pro.

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    Eugh, couldn’t think of anything worse than installing surveillance cameras in my own house which is accessible by others.

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      Why install it inside? I would never install a device inside, as once they are in, its a bit late

    • You install them outside looking out, not on the inside looking in.

      But in saying that i do have Ring stickup cameras inside the house but they are on a Tuya/Smartlife wifi plug, and this automatically turns them on when everyone leaves then house and turns them off when one person arrives home and is within the geo location.

  • Would the wireless one be good for a camper/ caravan?

    • its only wifi not 4G. you would need a wireless router for a camper or caravan if you want to use it remotely.

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    Are there any good if you’re not in the Amazon Echo eco system?

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      I’ve used a Ring doorbell for around five years and don’t have an echo/ Alexa. I did have an echo show once but could not get ring integrated with it properly (a known issue apparently). The app and iPhone notification has worked well for me and the household so far.

  • Doesnt really get a good rap on Bunnings reviews, shame i was going to get two.

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    Just saying, reviews aren't that great on the web and these could be had for $83 on Catch as a part of their boxing day sales. The system is over 4 years old. A newer model is on the way.

    Probably better to go with Eufy or Reolink cameras/ systems as you don't have to pay for storage. Granted they might be dearer than a single Ring camera as listed here, but are much better overall and much more modern eco-system for anyone investing in 2 or 3 of these.

    Checkout one of many reviews on YouTube:

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      Rightly said my pigeon friend..

      • 🐦 🐦 😂

  • Just had my order cancelled by Bunnings, shame ….
    Maybe for the best with subscription and lack of direct HomeKit integration….

    • Price beat at Officeworks?

  • Has anyone been able to get Officeworks to price beat ?

    I heard there is no night vision on the camera. What has been people's experience with it at night ?

  • anyone with expereeince installing the wire version know what provisions are needed? Could you use the power off an exisiting batten/flood light or replace it?

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      Pretty sure it’s a plug in power pack type deal, not hardwired like the floodlight version

  • Can this withstand rain? I am planning to buy but it will be exposed to the weather. Not much information available on ring's website.

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      It’s IP55 rating means it is protected up to water jets projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) from any angle.

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      Definitely does. Mine is outdoor and it works perfectly fine exposed to the weather.

      • Thanks.

  • Ordered one to add to my ring arsenal. Easy install, I'm liking it and great value for money. Have this one at the back door to keep an eye on the dog while we're out.

  • Is the wired version hot to touch when in use ?

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