This was posted 6 years 2 months 12 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired Grand Theft Auto IV @ $4.99 (75% off - Green Man Gaming)

Grand Theft Auto IV @ $4.99 (75% off - Green Man Gaming)Affiliate

In line with the previous deals from Green Man Gaming on the Grand Theft Auto series, they now have a 75% off deal on Grand Theft Auto IV which brings it down to $4.99. Awesome deal!

If you are a new user and feeling generous, please feel free to use my referral link, as it will give both of us $2 credit once you have made a purchase.

Enjoy :)

Green Man Gaming

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    You can have the same thing from amazon.

    and select PC download. It used to be $4 for GTA IV in amazon but now it increases to $5.

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      The thing I liked about GMG was the credit system, I had $2 from a previous purchase a LONG time ago, which brings it down to $2.99 for me… TOTAL BARGAIN IMHO !!!, Sad to see soo few +ve this…


      Ah good to have another source! Cheers for sharing. Good deals can be had at Amazon at times, but for games I normally try not to buy from them as you tend to require a US billing address iirc?


    Used your referral link and purchased :)


    Can I activate in Steam ?

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      Doesn't look like it. This is posted on the site:

      This game uses Games For Windows Live


    Great, GTA 5 next!


    Will this game work/ play properly on a non- game-ish computer?

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      No, probably not. It runs better now than it did when it first released, but it's still pretty demanding. I hear it still pretty much requires a nice quad core CPU, since it just chugs big time on dual cores. A decent graphics card is also important too, which you may not have in a non gaming computer.


      I just bought this from Amazon, a word of warning regarding the install…

      Don't install to a custom directory, as it seems to cause the game to crash on startup or get stuck in an infinite loop.

      I hadn't wanted to install it to my SSD, but using the default install directory was the only way I could get the thing working.


      This is one of the worst console ports in gaming history. It's incredibly poorly optimised; regardless of what hardware you have the FPS will still fluctuate up and down like an electrocardiogram hooked up to someone having a heart attack.

      Just for reference I have an i7 960 @ 4.2Ghz, 6GB of RAM and SLI'ed GTX 460's and I still average 40 FPS, with the occasional drop to as low as 15 during action-packed sequences.

      I gave up on the game half-way through because certain car chase sequences were simply too laggy to be properly executed.
      This is definitely more suited to the consoles; as retarded as that is considering those bloody things are 6 years old now.

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    this game was released in 2008 on xbox and still doesn't run properly on my 2012 gaming PC


    Was tempted till I noticed it uses Games for Windows Live :( Just spent the last 3 days trying to get Dirt 2 & 3 working on the PC but Windows Live simply refused to work properly despite trying every google method including port forwarding, disabling my firewalls, UAC & anti-virus software. If I skipped the login process it wouldn't even save my game!


      Make an offline profile. Multiplayer won't work but at least it'll save your SP progress.

      GTA IV also has to connect to the Rockstar Social Club; that's part of the DRM. Make sure you're allowing that too.

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