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  • I've looked at so many threads and reviews now it's doing my head in but can't decide between the Ecosa, Eva, Sleeping Duck or Zzz Atelier. Any advice?

    • Based on product reviews site, sleeping duck has 4.8 stars rating (from 5k+ reviews) compared to 4.1 of ecosa.

      • Sleeping duck is like twice as expensive so I'd hope the quality is better

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      We need a new mattress but I don’t trust any of these companies, and CBF’d comparing all the mattress in a box products. Every time I start to look to purchase I give up and walk away!

      Edit: Koala used to send a koala plush toy with each mattress. That could tip the scales 😂

      Edit 2: When I was considering the zzz mattress, it seemed like the ‘improved’ current model had sagging issues that weren’t present in the original. Note, that one is also mighty tall.

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        Edit: Koala used to send a koala plush toy with each mattress. That could tip the scales

        I am sleeping on a Koala. I hate it. The mattress is too hard for my liking. Should have returned it when I had the chance. Plush toy went straight to the dog.

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          you sir have won the internet for today

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          I had Koala, waited for 90 days and 91st day returned it - I guess that’s what the policy was, try for 90 or 100 days and then return

    • From the many reviews I read, Sleeping Duck was the only one that didn't have complaints (sagging etc.) after 12 months of use.

      Edit: I have the SD, and it still feels as it did when I purchased 12 months ago.

    • I've a noa home, it's soft but not too soft, very comfortable to sleep on, would recommend. Company is shit, very poor communication.

      I've also a sleep republic, it's firm but still somehow soft to sleep on, I would also recommend.

      I've got a Koala base, this alone with my 20 year old mattress improved my sleep and back pains

    • I had lower back pain so I ordered the hardest mattress Zzz offered. Ever since then, my back pain has gone. To each their own.

      • Their king ultra firm sags in the middle after a year or so. And that’s with average-weight people (50kg +75kg).

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      I just returned an Ecosa, due to the lack of edge support, it just squishes down too easily. I wasn't having good sleep because I was worried that I was going to slide out of the bed if I went near the edge! Got an Eva mattress instead, enjoying it much more, although it's mega heavy, hoping I never have to move it.

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      I've got an Ecosa. It's been 2.5 years now and never been happier. Love that I can change the firmness. Initially, I had it on medium, now it's on soft for my busted motorcycle riding back.
      I've had friends that swear by Sleeping duck, but those are double the price, and I'm not in a position to say whether a Sleeping Duck justifies double price. So far, I'm happy with my Ecosa.

    • Don't know about ecosa but last time we try sleeping duck it's hard as a rock, it's well build but you need like hard mattress, our family have 4 ergoflex 2 from 10 years ago still going strong. The good thing about this mattress in the box if you don't like it just return it.

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    Hard to imagine there would be too many people looking at mattresses on NYE.

    Store needs to be banned if there is a history of sockpuppeting attempts in the past. I do vaguely recall this being the case in the past for Ecosa

    • I was this morning and actually bought one from ecosa. Due to be delivered later today.

      • I'd love a quick review when you get it later. I am in the market for a new bed and have been eyeing ecosa.
        I'm not too sure on the longevity though.

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          I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now
          Mattress was too firm so they sent out a mattress topper for free
          Mattress topper made the bed too soft so I’ve decided to return it, customer service organised for Salvation Army to take it away.
          Now on the search for something else.

    • Store needs to be banned if there is a history of sockpuppeting attempts in the past. I do vaguely recall this being the case in the past for Ecosa

      Ecosa has no history of sockpuppeting.

      Let's welcome new members and not accuse members. Leave the investigation to moderators.

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    I bought an Ecosa 3 years ago, returned it as I didn't like it. I bought an Eva, it's 3 years old, while it recently developed a slight sag it's a great mattress however it weighs about 80kgs. I would highly reccomend it

  • Don't buy a mattress in a box unless it's for the spare room that never gets used. You'll regret it.

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      We have a SD, have had it for about 4-5 years. Best mattress I’ve ever owned (including $6k+ from hardly normal) and have never regretted it.

    • I love my koala mattress. Each to their own.

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    So what's the verdict from the Ozbargain community for the mattress of the year 2021?

    I am also on lookout for a new mattress, the more I read the more confusing it seems to me.

  • Can anyone suggesta good cot mattress for a baby?

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    Have had a Ecosa for about 18 months. it's going well. Feels supportive a little firm but I like it. We also have an Emma in the kids bedroom not as firm and less supportive but still good.

  • I am in market for a single bed mattress for children.
    Leaning towards IKEA’s foam mattress for $159 and weighing it against Emma.

    Please comment if you have one.

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      Not sure about the foam one but I have one that is pocket spring with memory foam, Around 350 is for spare bed room/ study, just 4 year it's already in throw away state basicly there for my toddler to jump around. While memory foam from ergoflex already 10 years and still good.

      I pay abit more if I were you, and buy one of this mattress in the box, if you don't like you can just ask for refund. It most likely last longer and more comfortable for your kids.

  • What's the return process like if no good after trying it? Fairly painless?

  • Anyone have recommendations for an affordable bed frame? Or is ~$1000 to be expected?

  • they increased their prices so much!

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