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Hisense 65U8G 65” $1399.99 Free Delivery @ Costco (Membership Req)


After browsing and researching for the last two days I’ve come to the conclusion that this is the best value 65” Tv for the price, this excludes untested models like the Toshiba Z770K posted earlier.

It’s got a semi-decent speaker, (especially if your partner hates the look of a sound-bar) great display that in person is significantly better than say an a7g. Agreed the lack of Hdmi 2.1 would turn people off, it doesn’t significantly affect my use.

Finally, Costco, great returns policy, free shipping lowest price, easy to do.

This is only a very brief summary, and admittedly I’m far from an expert, but if $1200 was your top end budget, stretching to $1400 like I have, this has to be a top top contender.

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    In before "This or LG OLED? This is so much cheaper" etc.

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      I have seen this in shop and they pretty good. You can not compare LG OLED with this. I would pay up to extra $600 for LG OLED. but if price is double then I will go with this model

      • could get the 48 inch for a bit over 1700 from TGG using the ebay 10% discount, not sure if still on

        • Which model

          • @Jassy007: c1 you could take 10% off TGG discounted price of 1930 but don’t think it’s on anymore

  • What about Sharp brand from TGG? 60" $999, 70" $1.3?

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      Would put that under the reasonably untested, hi-sense is a reputable brand, been around forever, great quality and can be relied on.

      Additionally, the Sharp struggles with blacks and poor sound most notably

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      Literally mentions it in the description…. smh

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    That's good buying at that price

  • This or Hisense q8?

    • I don't think they still sell the Q8 anymore.

      • Is this model the updated version of the Q8 ?

        • I am not 100 certain but I believe so. Very similar price. The 65inch Q8 was about 1500$ last year.

  • Just be mindful that Costco requires an active membership to claim warranty from them or else refer back to the manufacturer.

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      For the lifetime warranty yes, but under ACL you can still go through them like a normal retailer, just within a time frame.

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        They do not have a lifetime warranty any more, well at least in QLD, unsure if nation wide. Thanks to folks who were abusing it probably.

        They've revised it down to 90 days for electronics items etc.
        For more info

        • great catch, never looked into it, doesn’t seem to exist at all..

  • Almost jumped on this due to seeing some really good reviews. Turns out the 'Australian' model doesn't have all the features of most reviews I saw. Only limited to 4k @ 60hz. no HDMI 2.1

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      It's not the lack of HDMI 2.1 it's the fact that everything is different from the US TV with the same model number.
      The CPU, the LCD and the Operating System are all different and the Australian model is vastly inferior across all of these.
      Still a fair TV, but more comparable to the US hisense TV that is below the US U9G

      • Thank you. Came to this same conclusion too. It annoyed me so went with another brand altogether.

  • I was looking at this TV as I was looking to hook it up to my PS5 - Requirement is at 4K @ 120Hz with HDMI 2.1 and VRR. These are the specs from the Hisense Australia site

    Smooth motion rate 200
    Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) Yes
    HDMI type [email protected] with HDCP version 2.2
    HDMI 2.1 compliance Partial compliance. Supported HDMI 2.1 features: VRR, ALLM, eARC and QMS

    https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/hisense/u8g says it does support 4K @ 120Hz, but as you mentioned the non-Aussie version could be different.

    Can anyone decipher this for me and confirm if it does 4K @ 120Hz and would be good for a PS5?

    EDIT: Looking at the reviews on the Hisense page they indicate no 4K @ 120Hz support. Looks like I need to research another TV :(

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      The US TV is 100% different to the Australian model.
      Highly deceptive by HiSense

    • I don't think even the u9g has these features. The more I looked into it, the more shady Hisense appeared. And I wanted to like them!

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    Hisense warranty is awesome, 3 year in home, 1 year for the remote though.

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    Android tv?

    • Not on AU HiSense TVs

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