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Kings 15L 12V Centre Console Fridge/Freezer $279.00 Delivered @ 4WD SupaCentre


Kings 15L 12v Centre Console Fridge/Freezer $279.00

Good if you just want to take some cheese and other bits and pieces camping

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4WD Supa Centre
4WD Supa Centre

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    Welcome10 code should give another $10-$20 off as well.

  • Does this replace the OEM console?

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      You leave the third child at home, and it slots in between the other two in the back seat.

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    I have the bigger 50L version of this fridge. A few observations in terms of quality of these fridges:

    Cooling performance is average (9 X 3L milk will take 3 full days to freeze! won't apply to this one..

    The compressor was really loud initially which required pulling the unit apart and adding some folded paper to stop it vibrating against the casing

    The connector isnt the best and I noticed over time despite a steady 14.6v from the wall unit, it would fall to 12v as the connection was poor, this generated heat and ultimately melted the plug, this was through normal use and it now has an Anderson plug.

    Aside from that the compressor is silent, it cools down well and the included light was a nice feature compared with my old waeco

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      Is it the newer SECOP compressor variant you had trouble with?
      I have the 75L SECOP version and it is very quiet with good cooling performance. Much better than the old Waeco it replaced.

  • Would be more a cooler then a fridge tho?

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      This is an actual fridge not a thermoelectric

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    I’ve been looking for an extra fridge for caravan when going for long stays.
    Seems that Kings are not great. I was close to get this brand.
    Will stick with the much more expensive ones but waiting for a sale.

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    It'll break before you even get a chance to use it.

    You pay for what you get with king's stuff. Stick to anything mechanical (gazebos, mesh flooring , awnings etc) but anything electrical avoid. I even got sucked into their fans and they all broke within days.

    • I'll agree, they look pretty nasty in the images.

      • My trailer guy who custom built my camping trailer has had to replace a lot of kings shit for clients. Solar setups to battery setups to lights etc.

        Would have cost 4x more getting it replaced than buying it in the first place.

        I was ONCE going to get the king's fridge and he swiftly talked me out of it. Stick to Waeco, Dometic or he highly recommends Engel.

    • Why did you keep buying fans if they broke?

      • Didn’t buy them. Got sucked into them and they broke.

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          That would make me furiousgeorge too

  • Nothing special about this price, just one of their normal and frequent price fluctuations.
    Unfortunately the cheapest I have seen the Engel equivalent is $524 so that makes the Kings a fair alternative.

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    While it’s not as good sizing as the kings one for centre console fits

    Can also get them from jaycar too

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