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Extra 22% off (Some Brand Exclusions Apply) + $12.99 C&C/Delivery ($0 with $80 Order) @ ASOS


Extra 22% off everything. *exclusions apply. I can’t seem to find the exclusion list from my phone.

Worked on sale items.

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    I have a hard find finding anything I like off ASOS these days, it's like the same style as 10 years ago.

    Sometimes good shoes, but it's like the same brands.

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      That and topped with the higher threshold for free shipping, it's definitely not the store it used to be. I haven't bought anything from there for years.

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    I can’t seem to find the exclusion list from my phone.

    It will say "Excluded from promo" in the product details of the item.

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    Need to spend $80 for free shipping

  • "off everything"

  • Air force 1s don't seem to accept the code

    • The new user code (20% off) works on the af1

  • I used to love Asos…. when they had free delivery over $35

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      Unfortunately the landscape is changing.

      I watched a whole Documentary on online retail and huge costs associated with returns.

      Packaging, Clothing Wastage etc

      It's quite common on here people will say just order over the limit and return the other items.
      This is exactly why!

      People abuse the system and basically the system will change and ruin it for everyone down the track.

      People were also ordering clothing in different sizes and returning the sizes that did not fit. Total abuse of the system.

      People are selfish, can't imagine how a small or medium business would survive.

      Therefore, I think we will see a shift. Either maximum returns per year, or you pay a small fee for returns.

      I rarely return items, so it doesn't bother me.

      This isn't directed to anyone, just stating why I think we'll see a huge shift especially since online retailers will have more power moving forward

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        I think we need a smarter way with packaging.
        We have multiuse envelopes for internal mail where I work. Probably need something similar.

        And businesses definitely have to factor in cost of returns which explains the increase in free delivery.

        I don't think people are abusing the system or being selfish by doing what you describe. If they are allowed to do so then that's fine. Buying 3 sizes and returning 2 is probably better than doing it 1 size at a time.

        Definitely need more standardization with size so people can accurately pick the fit.

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        What was the documentary called?

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        Doco name ?

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        Don't think that is a fair assessment re: ordering multiple sizes. How is one supposed to navigate purchasing the correct size in today's online retail? Often times items I am considering don't have a size chart, or have a very general size chart that is useless (if I'm purchasing a slim polo and the size chart listed is for a regular cut polo it's not much help is it?). On top of that, the sizing is sometimes downright incorrect. I recently bought some shorts from H&M and they were grossly vanity sized, even though I followed the sizing chart and they should have fit me.

      • I don't think the size returns is the issue as that's pretty much why they offer free returns. It's a mayor drawback of a non physical clothing shop and the returns is how they combat that.

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    It's telling me the code expired :(

  • Expired. Noooo

  • Negative vote for ASOS as a company. ASOS shipped me an empty satchel instead of a $500+ dollar order, and are refusing to take responsibility for this. I have contacted AusPost and they have confirmed that when the satchel was shipped, it weighed 10g. My order should have weighed in excess of 6kg. They have actually banned my account from placing further orders, and are refusing to respond to me, despite me having concrete evidence to prove that they shipped an empty parcel. They have told me to take it up with my card provider. What a shocking way to treat your customers!

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      wow, thats horrible mate. did you show asos the picture of the parcel unopened?

      • Yes, I also shared a screenshot of an email from AusPost stating that the parcel weighed 10g when it was posted! The delivery photo from the postie even showed an empty flat satchel. I reached out to their "Head of Customer Experience" on LinkedIn and received the same copy and paste response! I dread to think how many other people this has happened to. I was a loyal customer for over 13 years too.

  • PLT: Use ASOS UK store for cheaper price. bought north face jacket for $211.45 (was $202 but paypal currency transaction fees) compared to $256.60 on the AU store down from $401.

    • Some things I looked up were actually more expensive.

      • Depends on the product I guess. Most items are cheaper.

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