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[PC, Prime] Star Wars: Fallen Order, World War Z: Aftermath, Total War: Warhammer, Two Point Hospital, WRC 7, + 4 @ Prime Gaming


This months free games with Prime

Brilliant line-up for January including:

Accessed through the Amazon Games App:

  • WRC 7 FIA World Rally Championship

  • Abandon Ship

  • Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered

  • Paper Beast: Folded Edition

  • Two Point Hospital

  • In Other Waters

Want a code? Want to give away a code? Use the Code Giveaway Megathread. No buying or selling is allowed.

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    Awesome. Patience paid off

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      I know right?

    • +1

      Patience you must have. Then rewarded by the force you will be.

    • +2

      I was actually going to cancel my Prime membership this week, just before it renewed lol. I think I'll keep it, especially if they keep up with the quality of these free games. Even the bad games they're giving away from the Amazon Games app are actually decent this month.

    • +2

      I've been on the cusp of picking up fallen order a few times with the epic/steam sales the last month or two. Had the Epic coupon applied and gotten it down to ~$8 I would have bitten for sure

  • +48


    Honestly, at this point Prime now pays for itself with the games alone each month.

    • +1

      I have prime, what do i need to to to get the games? Not that I need any with steam and epic and the like…

      • +4

        Nothing. It's part of Amazon prime. Just claim the games there.

        Some are keys for Steam, Epic and Origin.

        • +2

          I’m stupid. How do I claim the games?

          Edit. Saw it down below

    • +2

      Better than PS Plus. Amazon is killing it

      • Better than Humble Choice too most months

  • +3

    What? You beaut! Thanks Amazon and of course, OP.

  • +2

    JA6XPM6V3G3Z Genshin code

    • +1

      already redeemed by someone else

  • +2

    Good stuff nearly got fallen order with my 15 dollar epic coupon. This will do nicely.

  • +4

    Gday I’m a bit new to Prime Gaming. Are these only playable whilst you have a subscription (like PS Plus), or once you download the game it's all yours?

    I imagine the games that are on other platforms would be yours to keep even when the Prime subscription expires. What about the Amazon games?


    • +2

      The other platforms are definitely yours to keep. No idea about the other stuff as I've never claimed them. One launcher too far for me.

      • Thanks for that.

    • +5

      For the games that are added to the Amazon Games app:
      To claim, install and play new games with Prime, you will need an active Amazon Prime membership. If you would like to install or play games you have previously claimed, a basic Amazon account is required.

      See https://gaming.amazon.com/amazon-games-app#FAQ for more.

      • Beaut. Thank you.

      • +1

        For what it's worth, once you've downloaded a game from the Amazon Games app, you can run the games straight from the .exe without launching the Amazon Games app.

        I add those games to Steam so I can play them in Big Picture mode straight from my couch.

  • Awww man! I just bought fallen order last week for 16 dollars on EA play. :(

  • Anyway to play these on a Mac?

  • +8

    7GQY-WZ5D-5RBY-37WQ-6LGT Fallen order

    • already redeemed by someone else

      • +4

        I've got a code to giveaway also if you want it

        • Can I get one for world war z if you have one? Pm would be easier. Thanks in advance.

          • +4

            @S2200: The world war z one doesn't give you a code, it goes straight into the linked Epic account. Jedi Order is the only one this month that came with a key.

          • +1

            @S2200: World War Z is on Prime Gaming, its not a code sorry

        • +2

          Thanks masadev

        • +2

          gifted to kogi, no longer available

  • +1

    Wow that's a good haul.

  • Nowadays all you need is a performance pc, or a powerful graphics card specifically.

  • Do you get all of these or just choose one?

  • +8

    looking forward to fallen order for sale @ $1 at dodgy sites

  • +6

    Origin Jedi order code : FUJ2-9ESA-X5BM-YWL3-YBSW have fun

    • +2

      Thanks. :)

  • Good line up. Shame they aren't for steam though

  • If anyone has a spare Jedi Fallen Order DM me c:

  • Ditto if anyone has a spare Jedi Fallen Order code shoot us a msg!

  • Crikey, when did Prime Gaming start? Never heard of it until now and I've been a prime member for 3 years, great advertising Amazon!

    Right now for the confusing part….despite the Amazon home page stating "Prime includes movies and TV shows", no mention of gaming, when I login to Prime and go to the Prime gaming page, there is both a button to "start your fee 30-day trial" and a statement saying "With Prime Gaming (included with your Prime membership)……". So why would I need a trial if it's included with my Prime membership which I'm logged in to?

    Anyway, I click on "start your fee 30-day trial", to which it responds, "you are already a prime member". And goes back to the home page….ok

    So back to the prime gaming page, and I click on the "Free Games" blue box, then it goes to a page with "Activate Prime Gaming", which I notice is now https://gaming.amazon.com/home (not the .au site), although it still has me logged in.

    It goes to a waiting window "Prime gaming….you got it boss, lets do this…..", then after 30s says "Oh no! We can’t enable Prime Gaming on your account.
    It looks like there was an error activating Prime Gaming. Common issues include problems with the credit card used to sign up for Prime where the credit card may be invalid or declined. To manage your Prime membership including updating credit card info click here. For other common issues click here." (My Au prime account is active and billed monthly)

    What gives? Is it included with Au Prime or not?

    • +1

      when did Prime Gaming start?

      Long time ago.

      Is it included with Au Prime or not?


      • thanks. There's literally no obvious mention of Prime Gaming on the Amazon Au site. Nothing in the top tab bar (ALL, Coupons, giftcards etc), nothing in "Prime includes" header, nothing in "Prime Membership" under account. The only mention of it is if you scroll down to the bottom of the Prime Membership page to "Need help" and it's right at the bottom.

      • ok, so I try the support chat and get someone from Amazon UK saying they can't help as I need to contact Au support and they will be online in 2 hours (it's 11am in Au)!!
        I stated I am logged into Amazon Au and asked why they are not online until 1pm? But they have no idea and tell me to try again in 2 hours!

        • Are you sure your account is AU account and you didn't switch it to UK?

          Try this


          • @superforever: I login to Amazon AU account, tried it on 2 PCs and my phone, confirm .au site and Au in phone app. The problem is, you can't use the AU support https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/help/customer/contact-us/
            for Prime gaming, it has to be done from the Prime gaming support page https://amazongames.com/support/prime-gaming
            which is .com not .com.au
            Then I get someone from the UK support :-(

            • @OzzyOzbourne: Not sure why, did you switched your account to UK before or your original account from UK?

              • @superforever: ok, resolved. I contacted gaming support again and got someone who could help this time (not sure if UK support or Au support woke up early!)
                So initially they stated Prime gaming has a 1 card policy, they didn't explain what that meant, but I pay for AU Prime with the same card each month and Prime gaming didn't ask for a card.
                Anyway, they asked me to try again and this time it worked, they stated they 'updated my card details', whatever that means.
                Interestingly, the activation message came from Amazon UK and I got a 1 pound charge to my card, which they said would be refunded. I asked why it all seems to be from the UK, but they confirmed I activate Au prime gaming and it seems to work currently. My only concern is I do have a free UK prime trial running until end of Jan, so hoping it is not tied to the UK Prime.
                Thanks all for trying to help.

    • +4

      It has been there for ages.

      Looking through my library, I've had

      Battlefield V
      Star Wars: Squadrons
      Control Ultimate Edition
      Darksiders II
      Devil May Cry HD Collection
      Dragon Age: Inquisition
      Enter the Gungeon
      Hotline Miami
      Pillars of Eternity
      Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun
      Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter
      Civ 4 - Complete Edition
      Rise of the Tomb Raider
      Stealth Bastard
      SteamWorld Dig
      SteamWorld Dig 2
      SteamWorld Heist
      Tales from the Borderlands
      Banner Saga
      Banner Saga 2
      The Escapists
      Void Bastards
      Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair
      (and over 200 games that I didn't list)

    • There's also Prime Reading. You get a selection of books you can borrow and read for free.

  • +1

    Thank you! Got Squadrons a few months back on Prime, so happy to snag this for ‘free’.

  • +2

    Fallen Order: BZ7P-ML9J-NLHA-BNA5-RVTK

  • Got the 2nd Star Wars game from Prime, but I've never played any once lol

    • but I've never played any once lol

      I played a bit fallen order with the $1 xbox game pass

    • same the squadron copy is still at 50% download. didnt get time to play. busy enjoying $1 game pass finishing AOE4 and Halo Infinite :)

  • Can someone send me a code for the fallen order please?

  • +5

    There are a few free Add-ons for Total War: WARHAMMER on Epic Store

  • Very generous month from Prime

  • Accessed through the Amazon Games App:

    Where is this app? couldnt find it on the play store

    edit: nvm its like a launcher or another steam copy

  • +1

    Anyone needs key for Jedi Fallen order?

    • yes please! DM would be easier

      • +1

        Sorry cant do DM, new account.
        here you go: 4Q4L-JCD3-KXFE-FARS-SXAD

  • Great deal! Too bad Origin is such a terrible platform and EA such a terrible company - getting an error stating sign in is currently unavailable…

  • If anyone has a code for Jedi Fallen order I would appreciate it thanks

    • +2

      sent, enjoy

      • Many thanks!

  • Hi. If you have a spate code for fallen order and willing to share it, I would appreciate it. Cheers.

    • I received from the ozb mate, thanks!

  • If anyone has a code for Jedi Fallen code they don't need, please PM me. Much appreciated.I would like to activate for my son's origin.

    • +3

      PM sent.

      • much appreciated! One happy son!

  • nice, i have Jedi but can now get my son a copy. Been waiting for a free copy of Warhammer TW for ages though and thought it might have been one of the Xmas epic freebies, but ill take this!

  • +1

    Prime gaming division : what games should we give out this month?
    Guy 1: games with War on their titles!!
    Manager : Hell Yeah!

  • Genshin Impact code - MSNUUC5DHNT5

    If it doesn't work then someone beat you to it!

  • Anyone have a Jedi code that they’d like to share?

    Please pm me


    • PM sent

  • +1

    Fallen order code


    Change the ? to 6

  • +1

    Have a spare Fallen Order code if someone wants it. Cheers

  • Trying to claim star wars code but says '' code does not exist'' iv tried copy and paste and enter code manually nothing is working :(

    • Are you claiming on Origin? If so, then cut and paste should work. If it doesn't and you're sure you've entered it correctly, contact Amazon support.

      • Thanks was trying to claim on epic. Code worked fine, don't know what happen long session in gym i guess I'm tired and hurting after 6 months covid lock down

  • +1

    weird, i claimed world war z aftermath but its the only one not showing up on epic

    • May be check again later, sometime not instant.

    • +1

      Think it still just shows up as World War Z. If you already had that, it upgrades that version to the Aftermath edition (which I think is just the GOTY version plus a few DLC). Open the store page for World War Z in Epic store to confirm.

      • +1

        If you previously owned only the base World War Z game (which is now grandfathered), you would have needed to buy the paid Aftermath upgrade in order to actually own Aftermath (which comes with some new episodes/locations).

        I checked the Epic store page and it correctly shows I own Aftermath after I claimed it.

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