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[Pre Order, Kogan First] Orawell COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Saliva Test Kit 5 Pack $54.99 + Delivery @ Kogan


Ships on 26th Jan, 2022. Sold out
Restocked batch ships on 14 Feb, 2022

The Orawell COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Saliva Test Kit is specially designed for self-test. It has a fast chromatographic immunoassay method, which can qualitatively detect the presence of N antigen in human saliva within the first 7 days of the onset of symptoms.

Contains pack of 5
Simple all in one test kit
Result in 10-15 minutes
Non invasive – no nose or throat swab required
Simply rub the kit on sides of mouth and place on tongue
Intuitive and easy to use
Easy storage in pack 2-30°C
Included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG 377136)
Contact info: [email protected] | 1800 952 915

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  • +11

    Last time I preordered from Kogan the item took 5 months to arrive .

    Check out the crowd sourced site www.findarat.com.au ( click on map view if on a mobile device).

    • +2

      This has been hit or miss.
      Says in stock Woolworths MacGregor - 11 Akora St, Macgregor QLD 4109.

      No Woolworths in MacGregor and that address is residential.

      • +2

        It's probably because it's people powered. So someone probably thought it was a good joke.

    • Well yes, these tests are for the next variant!

    • yesterday i went to 3 locations on northern melbourne suburbs and they would either have signs at the door or on the register saying they sold out all antigen kits…

      this site is not that accurate so dont get your hopes up…

      • Yeah, very hit and miss. Mainly the latter.

        Still preferable to pre-order with Kogan.

  • +7


    Twitter user, Vito Carrozzo, also expressed his disgust at seeing online retailer Kogan selling one Innoscreen RAT test for $44.99.

    • +4

      socomicron normally backflips after ~3 days… these could be free by the weekend

  • +11

    pre-sale for rapid tests. ROFL

    • +4

      Get your results quickly!.. in a months time.

  • +2

    Kogan was trending on twitter a couple of days ago for some heavy gouging for RAT tests…

    • +4

      standard kogan behaviour

  • 3 weeks away.. yeah nah

  • perfect for when I get covid on Australia day

  • +10

    Non invasive – no nose or throat swab required

    Given it's Kogan, you probably have to bend over for these

  • Non invasive – no nose or throat swab required

    Cool, if only they had this test for the clap.

    • +1

      'not a drip'…

  • Bargain?

  • $12 postage to Radelaide

    • Same to Sydney.

  • Preordering 3 weeks out is a joke

  • +2

    FYI - The test is high sensitivity - 90% accurate.


    • -2


      • ?

      • I'll second the Lol. It's an antigen test…it's very nature can't be 90% accurate. Definitely better than nothing, but can lead to a false sense of security.

        • le sigh
          Just including the TGA definitions in case that matters to someone. But yeah, you do you, pal.

          Acceptable sensitivity - 80%
          High sensitivity - 90%
          Very high sensitivity - 95%

          This test falls under High sensitivity.

          • +1

            @mattkirkey: Appreciate the effort, but the TGA are playing with numbers/ cooking the books. The numbers dont match peer review studies.

            There are so many conditons that need to be met to achieve 90% accuracy.

            Ie. You need to be symptomatic, get a nice deep sample and positive for covid. Then 90% is possibly achievable. But the symptomatic window is normally days 5 to 8.

            So a positive person who takes a RAT every day for 10 days from infection would likely return 4 positive results and 6 negatives.

            Basically they are 90% accurate on day 6 only.

            If you have no symptoms, get a nice sample and dont have covid, one study found 74% of all positives were false positives. A second rat test should reveal a false positive…in which case you would probably take a 3rd.

            They dont tell you this, and they should.

            • @tunzafun001: Very true.
              Its the difference between "Detection Rate" vs "Accuracy Rate".

              People will misunderstand and think "sensitivity" = "detection rate"
              However sadly in this case it really is Accuracy Rate, e.g. If you test as symptomatic with PCR and got a positive, then you will also be able to test it using a RAT with that % of "confidence" that you are positive again.

              Haha, I imagine that these tests will become increasingly cheaper over time, like masks ($7 per box of 50 vs 2 years ago at $50 per box). And they will probably come up with guidelines of like "test 3 times". haha

              • @lplau: For sure. The current BS potrayal that 10 will last 3 months with 90% accuracy it just pure shite..and dangerous shite at that.

  • +2

    Is this the Spanish version like other Kogan products?

  • By the time they ship the party will be over :)

  • -2

    Thank you,Kogan and China provide us cheap RATs.

  • +7

    I'll give it a week before the shitty Federals cave in and make these free like every other country

    • +8

      Agreed. Morrison and the Liberals are useless.

      It beggars belief that a government could completely stuff up the vaccine rollout and a few months later completely bugger up the rapid antigen tests.

      We'd be better off if Morrison pissed back off to Hawaii.

      • +1

        Agreed, Morrison rather pay $70-150 per PCR test for "FREE" than to spend that money elsewhere and reduce the reliance on PCR tests.
        I guess quite a few PCR companies are lining Scomo's pockets so he can afford his retirement when he doesn't win the next election.

  • +7

    Do not order from Kogan if you dont want to wait months on end for your parcel to come through.

  • +5

    Why are my taxes not paying for this?

    • +1

      they are paying for Morrison's upcoming Hawaii trip

    • +2

      Well Gerry's next yacht doesn't pay itself

    • +1

      Gotta pay for coal subsidies instead, sorry homie.

  • +3

    Kogan, how about $25 hand sanitiser?

  • +1

    Just so that you are aware,

    "It's very early … at this stage, we've done our own web searches and seen excessive pricing, but the most excessive pricing we've seen so far is [individuals] on eBay, Kogan," Mr Sims said.

  • +1

    I've used this and it didn't work. Saliva made the white strip go pink up to the first line and stopped even though I put on sufficient saliva. It was supposed to show the C line first but no line ever showed there. Found it quite useless.

  • Ordered a bulb from Kogan on the 1st of Dec and the order is still in process, tried to contact them multiple times and they only reply me with rubbish.

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