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Testsealabs COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test Cassette Nasal 20 Count $154.99 Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


Testsealabs Covid 19 Antigen Test Cassette Nasal 20 Count $154.99 delivered

Mod: High Sensitivity - TGA

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        • +5

          Link me up to credible research on ‘kill your ability …. mildest flu’.
          (Bitchute is not credible).

          • -2

            @Eeples: Lol no point since you seem to lack commmon sense.what is bitchute by the way?

            • @sammyla: You make a claim but can’t support it; worse, you don’t even try.

              Indeed no point or common sense.

    • +11

      Not really a cure though, is it? More like a preventative measure to getting severe COVID and winding up a hospital statistic…
      Disclaimer: Not an anti-vaxxer in any way, just tired…

      • More like a preventative measure to getting severe COVID and winding up a hospital statistic…

        How does it do that?

      • Nah they will call you an anti vaxxer now if you didn’t know most people here do take 3 monthly jabs man be careful with your wording lol

    • +2

      lol are you dense

    • +8

      You can perform a quick test on yourself before visiting at risk people like an elderly relative for example.
      If these are cheap/free and plentiful you can minimise a lot of spreading. Unfortunately in Australia they are neither.

    • Helps you not give it to other people.

    • +10

      I use RAT before visiting a friend whose kid has underlying medical condition.

      • Does it have to be a RAT? Mice dont work?

  • +1

    There's no Costcos stores near me. Can you just sign up to a membership and have items delivered?

    • +5

      Yes. But they are out of stock.

  • +1

    Anyone know if they are currently in stock at Costco in Melbourne? They were sold out last week.

    You can't seem to call up and ask

    • Sold out in Moorabbin and Ringwood when I checked a couple of days ago.

    • Just walked into the Epping VIC store, no luck

      • -1

        Don’t worry if you can walk in to a store without any issue you can’t be sick, probably don’t need it.saved yourself money!!

  • No RATs a** given..

    • -1

      Wonder who’s the RAT behind the RAT gold rush, people buy the even if they don’t need it lol

      • The same people who believe angels are real

  • +3

    Why waste money on these? If you've got flu symptons in January guess what it's not the flu! (If it is lay off the crack pipe)

    • +11

      Cool, will just tell my employer I "think" it is COVID.

    • +1

      lol good luck convincing the hypochondriacs

  • Why is everyone hoarding these. What is happening ?

    • because if you get cold symptoms like sore throat, coughing, sneezing etc in this month it is likely COVID (Omicron), no kidding.

      • Are they stopping the free PCR testing in labs ?

        • -1

          PCR testing is still free.
          People are buying these because lots of people are reselling them for profits, stocking them in fear of scarcity, and people who actually need them can't do PCR as testing sites are overloaded.

          • +3

            @Danny N: I see photos of people lining up to get tested but they all look pretty healthy and stand there for hours, I can tell you I could not stand in a queue for hours if I was sick lol so what exactly are they trying to find out?

            • +1

              @sammyla: Trying to find out if they got covid from their uncle's cousin's sister that used a plate at their mother's house 3 weeks ago that tested positive…

      • And the what happens if you have it?

  • So last year hips of post of toilet rolls, now this

    • +1

      Mass formation psychosis government and media says ohh we are out of stock of RAT tests and there you go all the smart people line up to buy it even if they don’t need it. What a waste of money!

  • What's the point of testing … This is so 2021… If you haven't had omicron yet then you will get it and for most it is no big deal

    • I guess people who haven't got COVID would be paranoid

      • -1

        The national plan was to reunite families in December and they knew it is going to rip.
        Now the schools stay open regardless of covid or not
        Iso time will be eventually be removed and already shortened
        Lockdowns won't happen anymore
        They've given up on PCR coz there is no point of it anymore
        Government doesn't want us to go testing anymore
        We were all wrong for two years and it is time to wake up and stop the fear mongering

        I did my part and did everything they asked us for. WFH. Homeschooling for months. Queued for tests. Double vaxxing, distancing, wipe downs and other stuff and all the other BS but this now has to stop and I'm not going to be a leming anymore and start living again. We all need to do that if we want the economy to survive.

        Dan absolutely killed the Vic businesses and when you compare to Brisbane and have a look you will understand.

        • So we locked down and vaxxed and it wasn't really that big a thing in the end? Interesting. You know, if we didn't do what we did when we did it things would be a lot different now. Omicron is the answer. It's heaven sent. It's a friendly payload that vaccinates as it infects. This is why they want us to get it. It offers a pretty breasy downtime but gives the natural vaccination we need also. Your post is incorrect in many ways, but accurate in some.

        • +1

          Its more about exposure time and evolution. Take a looks at MERS, which is also a Corona virus that kills 1 in 3.

          This is currently a shot across the bow, and if we see a MERS like strain, then its fair to say we are done for. We are currently part of a drill (that still kills healthy people) and failing badly.

          Remember what the purpose of a virus is, and isnt just to make you feel sick.

          This isnt a time to be complacent.

        • I think they've given up. And everyone that did all the"right" things, are exhausted. Actually maybe that's me.

          • @cookie2: Very true. People want to party and the politicians was always wrong according to the general public, therefore they just behaved like parents "If you don't believe me then we will just open it all up as you guys say…… then we will see you all burn in hell"

            All the parties over Christmas and new years, sadly we just have to deal with the consequences….. and for the people who did all the "right" things, sadly it only takes 1 rotten egg to spoil it all.

        • You cant really compare Brisbane to Victoria though. You need to compare population density and population itself.

          People will probably downvote me, but Dan did do 1 thing right, keep numbers relatively down and not overburden the health system therefore decreasing deaths from COVID.

          Its a hard job to do:
          You choose businesses over human lives, then you will also be caned.
          You choose human lives over businesses, then you will also be caned.
          You choose to open some businesses and to save less human lives, then you will also be caned.

          Its what they say in War, it doesn't matter how you get to the end result, as "History is Written by Victors". Sadly he failed to win against COVID so he didn't get to write history. But look at NZ for example, they won by utilizing a similar response and they got to write the history books with their PM looking magnificent.

          Hindsight is a b1tch…..

          Politics is a hard job, I don't envy them. We all have a viewpoint and sadly there is just too many sides to please. You can never please them all and in the end you think you are doing the best for your people.

  • +1

    What a waste of money

    • +2

      Lol tell me about it, amazing how fear porn can drive the herd.

      • +1

        100% . Seems people have become more paranoid after they have been jabbed then when no one was jabbed

        • Lol jab after jab after jab after jab and still not fully vaxxed hahahah sad how people don’t get it still. It’s called mass formation psychosis.

          • +3

            @sammyla: Tell that to the people who aren't vaccinated and either:
            1. Die from COVID
            2. Occupy a Hospital Bed which then prevents somebody else from using it which then results in their death because of no vacant beds
            3. Fill up hospitals so instead of treating other illnesses they are all full treating COVID

            Vaccines same as the flu jab, just reduces the severity. You shouldn't fear COVID as if you are one of the lucky ones, it will be similar to the flu. The Long COVID is what you should be fearing, which the vaccine helps prevent to a certain degree.

            • -1

              @lplau: We are talking about these tests being a waste of money . If you not feeling well stay at home until you feel better .
              You dont need to waste money on a ra test and you dont need to waste tax payers money on a pcr test

              Please can we back to 2019 when no one cared how many people passed away around the world . Including yourself

            • @lplau: Dude hospitals never got overloaded all the stress in the health system was mainly due to sacking unvaccinated staff and now NSW calling on vaccinated but covid positive staff to come back to work hahaha and you still think its about a disease.lol wake up man.

              Sorry dont know about flu jabs, only ever had childhood vaxx, never got a jab for flu, apparently 3 strains of flu out there vaccine available for 2 and guess what flu jab is reformulated every year because gt he damn virus mutates lol

              had flu multiple times and my body fights it and who knows i may have had covid too.im not in a risk category, if in the unlikely event i ever die from it its my damn time to go so be it. we all fkn die one day haha

              • @sammyla: Hospitals not overloaded, childhood vaxx good covid vaxx bad, I don’t give a stuff about others.

                Okay, we get it.

    • Some occupations require negative RAT results daily. Please research before commenting.

      • +1

        Ok thats fine . But doesn't explain why they are selling out everywhere . Don't tell me everyone thats buying them is using them because of work

        • +1

          Haha, People buying them to stockpile, because they don't want to line up at 4am or 5am (for a 7am opening) to get a PCR test.
          Scomo has pretty much shifted all the lines from the testing centers to all the pharmacies.

          I remember walking by a few pharmacies and the lines was as long as what they had at testing centers, like 50-100 people lines.

        • The RAT kits are selling out everywhere (not just Australia) because of low supply and high demand (work, self tests, profit etc)

          To give you an example, 2 of my neighbours (hospitality industry) have to produce negative RAT results daily before attending work. A pack of 5 RAT kits only last a week for these workers. They don’t have the opportunity to work remotely unfortunately.

          Now consider the number of workers in the hospitality industry and combine these with other workplaces that require negative RAT/PCR results (eg. medical centres, some offices etc), hopefully you can see why it’s entirely plausible that people are buying RAT kits in bulk for work.

          • @spasto: Heard from my mates in Malaysia that RAT tests are cheap and its everywhere…..
            Are you sure it is sold out everywhere?

            • @lplau: I’m not sure about Malaysia. However my understanding is that the RAT kits were selling out (or at least in limited supply) in Europe and obviously Australia.

              In any case, my point is that these RAT kits are essential in some industries. I don’t consider these kits to be a “waste of money” if they enable people to work in the most cost/time effective manner whilst minimising risks to others.

      • Can I ask, what workplaces? Mine doesn't provide them, even when a close contact in the building. I think meat industry does but does that mean ppl have to have them daily And workplaces don't provide them? It shouldn't be on an individual to locate a rat to be able to attend work.

  • It’s not Tulip Mania it’s RAT mania hahahaha

  • Good price.

  • +2

    If anyone wants to check out a line of idiots, check out Elgar Rd in Box Hill thru to Doncaster… Guaranteed only about 20% would meet the requirements to be tested. Great way to spend a day 🙃

    • -1

      rain or shine they stand in line to test for a disease but they all seem fine <- that Rhymes hahaha

      you know wat bothers me, none of them people in line look sick , i saw one guy commenting that he was in line from 7.30am to 2 pm lol could have gone for a bike ride/walk/run/spend time with kids in that time, time youll never get back!!

      • Those hours in line is a measure of how much he cares for his kids.

  • Missed them again. Were in stock went to add to cart insufficient stock.

  • They’re still there now. Must have more stock.

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