[PC] Over 30 Games for Free @ GOG

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I have just received an email from gog.com that reminds me to remind you: check whether all the free games have been claimed into your account.

This is very important bargain in this new year since who knows until when we have to stay home waiting for the omega variant, instead of becoming a vaccine junkies… Enjoy and happy new year 2022!

Edited the link to cover all!

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    Loria looks awesome - pretty sure it's the full version since GOG also has a demo version available.

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    Not too dissimilar from the list below. Note that there are some free games missing from the GOG Catalog.


    Here are the posts for the games not on Lysanders list in my link above.




    Samorost 1

    Doomdark's Revenge



    The Lords of Midnight

    Hello Neighbor

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      Just FYI, that Hello Neighbor link is not the full version (which is priced at A$33.99)

      The Pre-Alpha & Alpha 1 of Hello Neighbor is a completely free "early demo" of the Stealth Horror Game. It features a very basic house and basic gameplay elements. It's been developed as a proof-of-concept that it is indeed possible to make interesting gameplay with the premise of breaking into your neighbor's house, and having the AI learn from your moves.

      Expect to get glitches, crashes, and unfinished features, but also a good bit of fun.

      • Ah yes my bad. Left out (Alpha version) from the title.

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      And GWENT is "Play for Free" - cannot add to library.

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    Jill of the Jungle, that is an oldie! Heard of a few but not many.

    • Good childhood memories with that one

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    These are the free games missing from the GOG website list:

    A Space for the Unbound: Prologue
    Against the Moon: Prologue
    Backbone Prologue
    Builders of Egypt: Prologue
    Fantasy General II: Prologue
    Legend of Keepers: Prologue
    Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask
    Scrapnaut: Prologue
    Signs of he Sojourner: Prologue
    Syberia: The World Before Prologue
    The Riftbreaker: Prologue
    Time Loader Prologue
    Unbound: Worlds Apart Prologue
    Whateverland: Prologue

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      I think the prologues are demos of the full games. Happy to be corrected

      • That makes sense then as to why they're not on the list.

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        Prologues are the first part of something. Demos, alphas and trials can be anything. In some cases the prologue is included in the main game, and you can continue your save, while for others the prologue is not included in the main game.

        • Wow I had no idea… that's really annoying that even steam listed Backbone as Backbone Prologue for example.

          I thought it was the whole game for free!

          Thanks for the tip

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    Alternatively, see all GOG freebies here:

    • I know that a lot of people are buying The Witcher 3 lately…

      If you bought or already owned the Standard game - I noticed all the free DLC on this list in one click (I think all?)

      The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Free DLC Program

      BTW if anyone has a spare for the game itself that would be grand?



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    Maybe OP you should stay out of Covid politics as your thoughts are BS .
    What is the facts again 3rd booster = 70 + protection from against serious illness and these people are Junkies ?

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      Cut some slack. He's obviously frustrated at the situation and venting.

      We need to be kinder to reach other.

    • -16

      Really? You couldn't leave that alone? Seriously, OP is entitled to his or her own opinion as you and the rest of us are… Absolutely fed up with armchair politics…

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        Erm, 'fed up with armchair politics', I agree and a post about a Bargain on OzBargain isn't the place to bring it up. Well, that is my opinion.

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          Absolutely, that's what the discussion topics area is for…

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      Chillax dude….

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      Oh, I just thought he was being satirical?

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        Covid broke a lot of people's sense of humor, along with their tolerance for liberty.

        It turned many late 20's liberty minded traveler types I know into statist totalitarian shut-ins. It's really sad to see.

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          ‘statist totalitarian shut-ins’

          Hmm. I think it’s more exposed how shit industrial rights have become; and it’s got to the point where nurses and some other professions have been pushed to the brink for so long they are walking out after 2 years of this shit. Everyone’s had enough; But we are going to hit 200,000k cases by next week. And there’s no financial carrots for anybody in this climate

          • -1

            @SirMurduck: 200k cases but very few taking up ICU beds.

            In Victoria we have had more than a week of 10-20k+ cases per day, but there's less than 650 people in hospital with covid, and only 106 of them are in the ICU.


            The pandemic is over, it's been endemic for the last month at least. Even the anti-vaxxers will get a dose of a live vaccine very soon (Omicron). We should congratulate ourselves on getting over the pandemic, and not continue the path of totalitarianism and division.

            We should allow others to tell jokes we don't agree with especially without needing to push fear porn onto them.

            • @studentl0an: Yeah, I just find it concerning as I’m going to get probably 2-3 times this year at this rate and it’s going to be a major disrupter. Pretty glad I’m not in the entertainment industry at least…

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                @SirMurduck: Have you altered your diet, exercise (to be much more active and healthy), weight (to not be overweight or obese) and made sure to supplement vitamin D if your serum levels are low? Or are you just relying on vaccinations?

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      If a comment on ozbargain gets you that riled up, you have serious issues.

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        Projecting much? Just yesterday you got really riled up a comment I made to the point of you making multiple low effort insults which your comments got removed for.


        Now that you have shown a pattern of "confession through projection" - I wonder what you'll project onto the next person you disagree with?

        • -4

          i dont even remember who are you.

          I just like riling some posters up, the reactions are great!

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            @DiscoJango: You do strike me as someone who doesn't remember much, if anything.

            May you find the peace, love and happiness you deserve in life so that you can find alternative ways of gratification than spending so much time being angry to people online.

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    Quit the vaccine politics mate.

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      I think it was supposed to be a joke…

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    Thanks for posting OP.

  • Enjoy GOG while it has mostly quality games, because they are adding more shovelware/garbage like Steam.

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      it's all about epic games nowadays..

      most freebies games just pale in comparison.. especially steam and indiegala etc..

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    How are we going to find time to play all the free games if we aren't forced to stay at home and become vaccine junkies?

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      If you aren't vaccinated, you stay at home, games play you

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    Avoid adding demo's, they get stuck on in your library even after you've bought the full game.

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      You can hide them - they show in your total game count, but not in your library (unless you specifically show the hidden items).

      • Nice, thanks

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    Can you search the list to exclude anything with "Demo" or "Prologue".. almost four thousand games to sift through and I've only found a couple so far the old fashioned way

    Edit: Make sure you click the "Show only free games" filter button on OP's link, brings it down to a more manageble 150 games (4 pages to skim through)

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    So what is actually worth adding because there is lots of garbage there

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    Happy to be corrected, but is this not just a duplicate of this long running deal?

    Might be quicker to see the main free games and add them to your library without crawling through 7 or so pages through this link. I have not cross-referenced whether there was anything missing from using the other link and filtering "free" games.

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    Thanks OP. Only missing Symphonia and Loria which I didn't have. Most of the other permanently free games I already have. Except the ones that are either demos, first chapter/intro of a full paid game or free add-ons for paid games.

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    Oh hey, TTD, Tyrian 2000, and beneath a steel sky. Blast from the past and strongly recommend them to anyone who hasn't enjoyed them yet. Most of the others aren't great though.

    • Second the Beneath a Steel Sky recommendation - great pixel art, excellent humour, interesting sci-fi storyline. If you like point & click adventures in a classic lucasarts vein, it’s worth the look.

      • Check out the sequel, Beyond the Steel Sky if you haven't already.

    • TTD is on Steam for free too I believe if thats where you want it in your games library

      • Awesome, thanks. Nice to have both options.

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