This was posted 7 months 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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AEG 22" Tool Box $19 (RRP $47.98) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bunnings


60% Off | Official Product Website | Price Hipster

  • ABS construction
  • 55 litres storage space
  • Small clear top storage compartment in the lid
  • Padlock ready (Padlock not included)
  • Metal latches to secure contents

Made with durable, injected ABS plastic for long-lasting performance & measuring 485mm x 290mm x 240mm. The AEG 22” Tool Box has a generous 55 litre storage capacity and is a great way to keep your tools safe and easily portable.

Edit: Updated Expiry date to 11/01/2022. Few reported stock secured in-store even when website indicates no stock. Hope it helps; random look-up shows stock @ postcodes 0830, 0870

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  • Can anyone vouch for the quality of this?

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      AEG/Milwaukee/Ryobi all owned by the same companie TTI. Havent seen this product in the flesh but have other AEG tools and cant complain.

    • most plastic boxes these days are really poor quality.. would be interested to see these in person… none in stock locally :(

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        Look for the DeWalt "made in Israel" toolboxes, they're pretty good.

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        Fischer Plastic make the best that Ive come across in the last ten or so years, and they’re made in Australia. This particular one met my use case for a toolbox to keep in the laundry:

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          That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing.

        • +1

          I read that as "Fisher Price".

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      The review on Bunnings.

      "Got this toolbox via redemption. Nice and deep to hold a range of tools. The compartments on top of the lid are great for holding plugs and screws. Had it drop off the back of the ute and it held together with no cracks."

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        nice and deep is just how I want my tool to be.

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          not bhed, good soyze

    • Should be good if it really is ABS.

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    Thanks OP. Just what I needed, stock @ Rocklea

  • How heavy would this end up getting though.

    How do people deal with something so deep when you need to grab something and everything is lying over each other.

    • Some tools are just large. Its perfect for a circular saw, sander and angle grinder in there

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    Stock is really low - like really low.

  • limited availabily in syd

    greenacre dural bankstown smiffield

    • There was more when posted. Caringbah and kinsgrove and at least 2 other stores.

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    Just collected one. Seems to be reasonably good quality imho. Effectively the same as the Ryobi branded one that is circa $50.

    • What are the hinges like? That's where the longevity lies.

      • +2

        Similar to a piano hinge. Looks decent.

  • thanks OP - picked up one for C&C at Caringbah, Sydney store. No others around me had stock at all .. lucky!

  • I managed to get one from Parafield SA, seemed to be the only one on shelf.

    The quality seems good enough, I was happy to pay $20 for it, wouldn't want to have paid more. The latches seem a little small for "heavy duty" but it'll just be to store tools that don't have their own cases. The AEG contractor bag for $50 was a much better buy IMO.

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    Thanks OP. Grabbed one. Only one store near me had stock (Underwood).

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    3 left at alexandria

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      55L my ass

      • +6

        You Nicki minaj?

        • +3

          My anaconda can’t fit in that box

  • You can't get 55 litres out of 485mm x 290mm x 240mm. It's about 33 litres (externally).

    But i have one and love it for my 18v gear

    • Size is 575mm X 335mm X 325mm which works out to be 62.603125L

      • I measured mine, and i think you're right as far as external measurements go (presuming this is the same one). Although this doesn't feel anywhere near as voluminous as those 50l plastic tubs you get for $8 (partly because of the thick walls)

  • -2

    Bought three(3)

  • Bought and paid about 2 hours ago. Just received a message saying out of stock everywhere and money will be refunded. Typical Bunnings - shocking inventory management

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      There would have been stock when you placed the order. However it would have sold out by the time they went to pick your order.

      Not too hard to understand

      • +1

        Thanks for putting that out. You obviously missed my point that a good inventory system wouldn’t leave customers in a situation where an order is placed for click n collect and said order can’t be fulfilled. Clearly length of time between placing order and staff member setting it aside is too long.

        • +3

          what about the people that have picked up this item from the shelf, but haven't paid for it yet. Does the staff member stand at the checkouts and confiscate the item because someone online has already paid for it before them?

          • @frugalferret: They will try to get it from another store. Failing that you will get a refund. Not a perfect system unfortunately

          • @frugalferret: Easy fixed - GPS tracker on every single item Bunnings stock!

        • Well they did say that they will get the order ready for pickup by 9am tomorrow right?

          Things will cost a lot more if you want staff hanging around waiting for online orders.

    • because they pickup tomorrow and ozbargainers just rush in and clear stock.

    • -1

      They have a HUGE problem with theft, which massively screws up stock management for the obvious reason.

      • -1

        How would anyone steal anything this big from Bunnings , when there's always someone on the door checking receipts?

        Asking for a friend

        • -1

          Just put it inside a bigger cheaper tub and self checkout.

          You pay for the cheaper tub and end up with two.

          Shoplifting 101.

          Get your friend to PM me for further tips.

        • +3

          I once bought a stack of tubs and lids from bunnings and the checkout operator just scanned one tub. I had to tell them there were 3. Then I had to tell them that the lids were a separate item, but they said no, they're included. I insisted that they scan the lids barcode and sure enough they were separate items. Could have got an ~80% discount, but would have felt like theft.

    • +1

      I saw stock online at my local store, Went done and bought and came home, refreshed the page and said sold out. Inventory is pretty fast
      Your ones could have just been in someone else's trolley when the staff went to pick from the self.

  • +1

    Thanks OP … snapped up the last two @ Rockingham.

    Quality seems pretty good.

  • Anyone seen any stock in store in Vic? Website says no stock anywhere, but their website is known to not always reflect reality.

    • +1

      I got one at my local (regional Vic) even though it said there was no stock when I checked online.

      • Thanks! I just bought the last one from Oakleigh/Links.

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    A couple left on the shelf at Alexandria NSW store. I just picked up mine there.

    Quality is solid for a $19. It's a sizeable one that can fit a good number of tools. It doesnt have any inner trays if you wonder.

    • Yep there are still at least two more left at Alexandria as of close on Monday 10/1. They are up on the highest shelf in the toolbox area so you need to get a staff member to get one down for you. They are a bit dusty!

  • Thanks OP. Bought two.
    Quality seems pretty good.

  • +1

    Managed to get 2 thanks OP. Quality is good! Definitely bigger than I expected!

  • Seems to out of stock in SEQ. Missed out!

  • +1

    Thanks picked up 2 in Mandurah WA 1 left in stock it’s up on the stock rack above the shelf 👍

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    Thanks OP! 3 left in Gladesville NSW (Website shows no stock, but I just picked up one)

    • Website accounts for online sales that likely haven't been picked off the shelf by staff so i suspect you have got one that someone had ordered online.

  • Picked mine up just now. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Got refunded for my order as they don't actually have any stock to fulfill my order. Not happy Jen!

    • +3

      Basically any deal like this better to go in store as the online orders are not picked straight away so if limited stock walk-in’s get it before orders are filled.

      • +1

        Oh well. I wasn't that desperate for it.
        On other other hand, the person who negged me must have no life.

    • I got lucky (well great customer service) they offered me the Ryobi version as a replacement. Basically the same, but with 1 compartment on top instead of 2.

      • That was lucky. Was this in store or over the phone? The girl I spoke to on the phone asked if there any other toolboxes I want to subsitute to but she was only looking at the garbage ones in the similar price range.

        • I had 1 voicemail saying that there were none left (difference in time from order to picking from shelf was 2 days, so no wonder) and that they spoke to the AEG rep and didn't have an ETA on more stock, so would like to keep my number on file. I didn't find time to call back, so they left another voicemail offering the Ryobi version (same company) instead. I didn't do anything from my end other than answer the phone on the third follow up and say yes.

          As noted, great customer service!

  • -3

    Just picked up 5 from Port Macquarie. Still another 20 on the shelf. The $19 ticket wasn't on the shelf.

  • There were still at least 2x (maybe more) of these at Alexandria NSW at closing time on Monday 10th Jan, even though website shows out of stock. The trick is they are up on the highest shelf covered in dust and you need to get a staff member with one of the big ladders to get one down for you. I bought one, scanned at $19.

  • +2

    AEGs website have both the Contractor Bag($49) and Toolbox($19) listed AND the outlets where to buy them.
    For those in Adelaide, there are two - Bunnings AND Adelaide Tools. I just picked up a toolbox from Adelaide Tools and they price matched $19 as per AEGs site price (Stock was out the back at Adelaide Tools Parafield . Try your luck folks - Bunnings is not the only option. Unsure of other outlets in other states.

    • Good tip, thanks Scotch. Went down to Adelaide Tools at Mile End and got them to price match the AEG site as well. Great customer service but I could tell they weren't entirely happy about it - apparently it's below cost price. They had 9 units in stock, all out on the floor.

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