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35%-40% off Hill's Science Diet Pet Food from $17.93 + Shipping (Free Shipping Sydney Metro $100/$200+, Free C&C) @ Peek-a-Paw


Cat Wet Food with Pouches: 40% off
Puppy Dry Food: 35% off
Kitten Dry Food: 35% off
Dog/Cat Adult Dry Food Perfect Digestion: 35% off

Orders including Hill's Science Diet Perfect Digestion products will be dispatched after Wed 26th Jan because our offer from the supplier is once-only limited.

All Deals at the best prices, just like

Our prices are always the best compared with all the stores in Australia, which is the required condition we list the products. However, we normally can't offer free shipping because of the tiny profit margin. The good news is we decided to try offering Free Local Delivery to specific areas in Sydney metro when order value over $100/$200(different areas vary).

FYI, if shipping is not friendly for your locations, you're welcome to take our prices to do price match with other big stores, like petcircle, petbarn.

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    Great deal, but usually shipping is taken into account when price matching

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      Oh really? I didn't carefully study the price matching policies of the other stores. Probably it works in store other than online because we also offer free pickup in store. Thanks for your remind.

  • Postcodes of free shipping when order $100+:
    2015-2018, 2070-2080, 2109, 2112-2114, 2119-2122, 2138
    Postcodes of free shipping when order $200+:
    1000-1935, 2000-2014, 2019-2069, 2085-2107, 2110, 2111, 2115-2118, 2123-2137, 2139-2156, 2158, 2160-2172, 2174- 2229, 2232-2249, 2557-2559, 2564-2567, 2740-2744, 2747-2751, 2759- 2764, 2766-2774, 2776-2777, 2890-2897
    Estimated shipping cost of metro areas(Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart):

    • Just an FYI a lot of your zeal products have the wrong pictures (i.e. picture of cat product in dog category etc),

      • Thanks Xizor, I just checked the Zeal but didn't find any wrong pictures or wrong category. At the moment we only have dog treats with the brand Zeal. It's really appreciated if you can send me the link of the page where you found the issue.

        • Hi mate have a look at Zeal Free Range Naturals Lamb and Venison Morsels 100g if you see the packaging picture it the cat outline instead of dog. Good to know they are all dog treats though.

          • @Xizor: Thanks so much. I finally found the small dog/cat on the brand logo. I'll have a look at the package and description tomorrow once I'm in the warehouse.

    • Been 2 weeks, and no update on shipping yet.

  • Great deal - pity about shipping cost to Perth making it more expensive than most other places that offer free shipping if you order more than a certain value.

    • price match with your local pet barn

      • Sorry, can't price match as they add shipping cost.

        • i haven't experienced this with my local PET BARN store and i cant find it in their terms and conditions either .https://www.petbarn.com.au/price-promise

  • Would have been all over this if you stocked the Royal Canin Veterinary cat dry food range

    • Sorry we're not qualified to sell this range because none in our team is a vet.

  • It’s actually worth it for me, including shipping. My daughter’s dog just went onto Hill’s Perfect Digestion, and a 10kg bag shipped to TAS works out $30 cheaper than the major stores.

  • No Hill's Prescription Diet j/d Joint Care?

    • Sorry we haven't stocked this range yet. We can't sell the most Hill's products at lowest prices but I just found the supplier promotes a small range monthly. We decided to expend the Hill's range following the supplier's promotions gradually, in which way we can keep all the products at lowest prices.

  • great pricing! the $200 free delivery for Metro area seems a bit high tho.

    • I have to admit it but it is the best we can do at the moment. We'll try to offer $100 free delivery within all the Sydney metro areas in the near future.

  • Do you stock Hills prescription food?

    • +1

      Sorry we're not qualified to stock this range at the moment, because none in our team is a vet.

  • I have gone instore to a Petbarn and price-matched these sales with then and have gotten the full discount price, no added shipping cost has been applied either time. Not sure if the shipping cost is something that only happens with online orders maybe?

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