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Big W: 12% Cashback @ ShopBack



  • Please note the use of Adblock software may affect your Cashback claim. If installed, please disable your ad blocking software entirely during your shopping sessions
  • Read Other Terms and Conditions below


  • Cashback not eligible for orders placed with the use of a Promo Code
  • Cashback is not payable on purchases through Big W App
  • Cashback is not payable on returns, exchanges & cancellations
  • Cashback is not eligible on Apple, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or Dyson products
  • Cashback is ineligible for purchases made with any gift card as a payment method

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Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • wow I had some items ready to shop at Big W I will order by click and collect

  • +4

    It says not to use Woolworths Wish Gift Cards, what about the Big W ones (yeah probably nick-picking here)…

    • +3

      Unfortunately Big W does not pay a commission on orders using Gift Cards.
      This should also include Big W Gift Cards.

      I would advise against it for this promotion.

      • -2

        no gift cards, no deal!

      • +4

        If BIG W does not pay you a commission on orders paid for in full or in part with Woolworths Group gift cards, why doesn't it say that on your website?

        It is confusing (and dare I say, misleading) to say that only WISH gift cards will invalidate cashback. The way in which that dot point is currently written strongly implies that other Woolworths Group gift cards will not invalidate cashback.

        I'm not sure if you're aware, but there is at least seven types of Woolworths Group gift cards that you can redeem on the BIG W website, so it is a bit silly to only list one of them on the BIG W page:

        • WISH gift cards
        • BIG W gift cards
        • BIG W bonus store gift cards
        • Essentials gift cards
        • Returns gift cards
        • Woolworths Shopping Cards
        • EG / Caltex Woolworths gift card - that's actually currently a WISH gift card dressed up as a store-specific gift card, but it's currently redeemable at BIG W, so it should be added to the list.

        I would be quite pissed off if I paid for a transaction on the BIG W website using BIG W gift cards after going through Shopback and then found out after a couple of months that my cashback was denied due to redemption of Woolworths Group gift cards (other than WISH gift cards). There would also be no guarantee Shopback would pay out cashback in that scenario, even though I carefully followed their DOs and DONTs at the time of purchase.

        My suggestion is that your team on the BIG W page replace Woolworths Wish Gift Cards with Woolworths Group gift cards or gift cards issued by Woolworths Group. If you feel generous, maybe also add examples in brackets (e.g. WISH gift card, BIG W gift card).

        You should also clarify whether the redemption of Everyday Rewards Dollars will invalidate cashback, as that could be construed to be a "gift card" (even though I would argue that is "store credit").

        • +5

          Hey mate, thanks for the feedback.
          We thought our T&C's were updated already, but clearly they had been missed.

          I've asked the team to change "Woolworths Wish Gift Cards" to "any gift card as a payment method".

          With regards to the Everyday Rewards Dollars, I've asked my colleague to reach out to our Big W contact for clarification.
          I'll do my best to keep you posted once we get a response.


        • +1

          Update regarding Everyday Dollars:

          Our Big W associate has confirmed that the use of Everyday Rewards will not invalidate the entire order's Cashback.
          Only the portion paid with the Rewards Points will be invalidated.

          If your order value is $150 and you pay $10 in Everyday Rewards Points & $140 on Card, you will receive Cashback on the value excluding the Rewards Points ($140).
          We will be updating the T&C's to reflect this shortly.


          • @gotyourback: Thanks, GYB!

            I see the BIG W page has already been updated with the bit about gift cards, but I’ve come across something else potentially confusing on the page.

            • In the DON’Ts section, it states Cashback is ineligible for purchases made with any gift card as a payment method. To me (and if we recycle your example from before), it sounds like if I spend $150 at BIG W and pay $140 on a debit/credit card and $10 on a gift card, I’ll get no cashback at all.

            • In the Notes section, it states Cashback is calculated based on the Order Value, excluding any GST/Taxes, Delivery Fees, & any amount paid for with Gift Cards. To me, it sounds like if I spend $150 at BIG W and pay $140 on a debit/credit card and $10 on a gift card, I’ll only get cashback on the $140 I paid for using a debit/credit card.

            Which one is correct? Considering you previously said Big W does not pay a commission on orders using Gift Cards, it sounds like the dot point in the Notes section is incorrect.

            • +1

              @WookieMonster: No worries :)

              Our team just updated this now, they were a little backlogged with other requests.
              Let me know if there are any other issues.


  • it says not on PS and Nintendo Switch products - does that only mean consoles or games as well?

    • Sounds like PS accessories are excluded :(

  • Anything worth purchasing from Big W?

    • I got the Arctic Air Pure Chill, its pretty good, got on their ebay store with ebay discounts and free postage with ebay plus though. The new items I am getting are kitchen type items, quilt etc

    • There’s a 75” EKO 4K TV with google assistant for $999.

    • Popular books, they're already heavily discounted and 12 percent on top makes them cheaper than anywhere else.
      We're completing our Real Pigeons series!

  • -2

    My email from ShopBack: NO CAPS ALL CATEGORIES!

    Reality: …yeah, we're totally excluding all the good stuff within those categories, tho

    Get bent SB

    • +1

      Hey mate,

      I would like to clarify that Big W have always excluded those products from Cashback offerings (unless otherwise stated).
      We do not receive a commission payment on those items.


  • +1

    nice offer… but not being able to use giftcards is definitely a damper…. but still good cashback. Thanks SB :-)

    • +3

      but not being able to use giftcards is definitely a damper

      Why is it a bread?

  • toy included?

  • Only thing worthwhile I can find is A4 paper: https://www.bigw.com.au/product/brilliant-basics-copy-paper-...

  • Are PlayStation 5 games valid for offer. Also, waiting for rep to clarify if can use Woolworths everyday rewards points.

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