Clear Downtrend on Crypto at The Moment, Are You Buying? if You Are What Are You Buying?

Looking nasty, are you buying?

I am looking to buy the following at these set prices:

Matic $2.5
Shiba $0.03
ADA: $1.25
CKB: $0.018
MANA: $3.5
POWR: $0.50
SOL: $130


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    If you feeling like throwing away money, just transfer it to me.

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      Can I get dibs on the second free money :)

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          Fourth - but the huge demand for free money should push up the price for free money soon.

          What you guys are all forgetting is that government free money is being devalued at the moments by the hyperinflation we're seeing from governments everywhere. This will see the value of private citizen-to-citizen free money soar!!!

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    You think that's a clear downtrend, wait until you zoom out!

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      BTC down 90% three times? Yeah I am aware of that one.

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    Lost enough on crypto last year, not wanting to lose anymore.

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      How on earth did you lose in crypto last year? A hamster buying and selling at random was up 20%.

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        That is what happens when they buy tops and sell lows.

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        Yep, was doing well on SHIB until I got a bit too confident and it took a nosedive.

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          Don't chase dogs. Let them come to you.

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            @rektrading: What does this mean?

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              @dust: Don't chase the price. Let the price come to you.

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                @rektrading: Rektrading has a buy on BTC at $100, wait for the price to come down everyone.

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                  @cloudy: I would sell someone else's kidney to buy it at $100.

                  Sadly that isn't going to happen. The mega whales already have buy walls on multiple CEX from $41,000 down to $30,000 (and possibly lower).

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                    I would sell someone else's kidney to buy it at $100

                    Written with such confidence. I tip my hat to you.

                    But I’d happily sell your kidney for an ice cream on a hot day.

                    I’d wager BTC is just as likely to hit 100 as it is likely to hit $100,000

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              @dust: It means buy crypto and wait for the "dogs" (ie. hedge funds that control crypto markets) to s**t all over it and watch it devalue.

      • If I’m not mistaken, many bought bitcoin when our famous $40m bitcoin guy made that tread about BTC hitting 300k by year end (31 Dec 2021) in March 2021.

        Since his famous prediction of telling everyone how good crypto is it’s tanked.

        As usual, when your average joe blow touts you something it’s time to sell.

        So if I was a punting man, which I’m not, I’d say the smart money will be selling into posts like this.

      • I am also very surprised unless he been doing day trading……………….

        • Sounds like he bought shib at ath 😂

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    It's like picking which one will go viral. r/memeeconomics

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    Diamond hands.

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    HODL to the floor, you aint a real bag holder until you've hit zero

    • I wonder if Crypto can have a negative value? After all, it is a miracle of currency?

      • Would be a laugh but if it becomes less than worthless (power costs) then can shut down the miners and bag holders will be left crying.

        Oil did reach negatives in 2020 due to lack of storage, so who knows

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    50/50 crypto and Afterpay

    • What do you mean Afterpay?

      • Buy shares of AfterPay on ASX (ticker: APY)

  • Bought some alts back. Picked up some NFTs too.

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    It can go lower.

    The best thing is to wait for ATH, go all in and 🚀 to 🌕.

    Remember, buy green sell red.

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    Crypto has been overvalued for a while, will be buying when the market price reflects each tokens intrinsic value - which is approximately $0.00

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      Shouldn't have long to wait.

      • A young man once asked a wise man how long he had to wait for house prices to go down. The wise man said, "Soon, son". The young man is now an old man with a son of his own and still waiting for house prices to go down.

        The son one day asked his dad how long he had to wait for #Bitcoin to go to zero. His dad said, "Soon, son".

        The dad is now dead and the son is now a young man still waiting for house prices to go down and #Bitcoin to go to zero.

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          For someone who swapped the ability to critically think with staring at red/green candlestick graphs, you need to pick better hills to die on.

          A wise man once asked a young man how to invest in cryptography. "Will you show me how to analyse the fundamentals?" the wise man asked. "No", the young man replied, but here's some flash cards with some meme phrases (hodl, ngmi, pamp) and some pretty red/green candlebar graphs to look at and imagine patterns in".

          Data showing Sydney house prices went down 4 years back for the sake of those who want to see it, I guess:

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            @CrowReally: You're right. There was a slight drawdown.

            It's a shame that people are so scared to buy discounts. They would rather miss the opportunity to buy at a cheaper price than fight their fear of prices going down.

  • Im buying but im not buying any of the above

    • Which ones are you buying?

      • ETH DOT BTC

        • I am doing the same with ETH and BTC. So good luck to us!

        • DOT has been a real disappointment this bull run. Only +260% gain for an L1 that has so much potential.

          Let's see if it can get some pamp for the parachain auctions.

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            @rektrading: wait till this round of para chain auctions end (2 years) it will fly - the project is good they are actually doing stuff

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      If you are going to buy ETH, why not buying SOL???

      • SOL great but it has already had its 'big pump' id probably pick link over sol right now - also i think the nft hype will not end well when people realise the metaverse wont be compatible with the majority of them.

  • Long time ago XRP was trading at $4.50 at one stage, it went to as low as $0.16

    So yes, we can go hell alot lower…………but with all the government in the world printing money like no tomorrow, who knows what the future brings.

    Just invest what you can afford to lose will be my advice

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      what you can afford to lose


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        Well invest on the stockmarket also has its risks even for the top 20, at the end of the day, risk and rewards are a very well balanced tool.

        You wanna safest, then go with the bank deposit, if you want higher rewards, go crypto.

        Cant have the best of the both worlds.

        • Me 5 days ago: mate there is no way ETH will go sub $5k

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            @Jimothy Wongingtons: WOW how on earth would you not expect ETH not go sub 5k? That is your problem.

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              @Aerith-Waifu: ?? Yes of course it’s my problem? Im laughing at my own ridiculousness.

              Sorry I’m not a financial analytic genius like you lmfao.

              • @Jimothy Wongingtons: All I am saying is, to think ETH would never crash below 5k is not a very well supported theory.

                If you look at the history of BTC, by memory BTC has lost more than 90% of its value (three times since 2009) now i know by looking at the history its not going to give you any indication of its future, but if history is anything to go by, this is where you should be projecting on loses on ETH and BTC from the all time high.

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                  @Aerith-Waifu: "now i know by looking at the history its not going to give you any indication of its future, but if history is anything to go by, this is where you should be projecting.."

                  I feel like everything in the sentence before the first comma directly contradicts everything that follows it..?

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    Mars Inu

  • I just dumped all my ETH.


    The head of the financial intelligence agency says it is battling regulatory “blind spots” to police the $US2 trillion ($2.7 trillion) crypto asset sector, as criminals anonymously use digital currencies to conduct their affairs on the dark web.

    Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre chief executive Nicole Rose also warned crypto users that the almost 400 local digital currency exchanges – registered for anti-money-laundering and counter-terrorism financing obligations – had not been endorsed by AUSTRAC as safe for retail investors.

    AUSTRAC began regulating digital currency exchange providers in April 2018, making Australia one of the first countries to regulate them for anti-money-laundering and counter-terrorism financing purposes.

    Several cryptocurrency exchanges have spruiked to investors that they are registered with AUSTRAC, to market their legitimacy to customers.

    “There’s been a large number who have registered because they want to be legitimised and they want people to trust them,” Ms Rose said in an interview with The Australian Financial Review.

    “One of the things we were concerned about is that by registering, that would give people a false sense of security. We are not covering consumer protection.

    “There’s a lot of people diving into crypto who don’t understand it is speculative and, sadly, they are losing a lot of money.”

    Consumers ‘on their own’
    Ms Rose’s comments came after Australian Securities and Investments Commission chairman Joe Longo urged investors to be careful investing in crypto assets, admitting the regulator was virtually powerless to intervene and consumers were “on their own”.

    • AUSTRAC like the SEC should do their job and work faster.

      • Managing risk and safeguard your money is an investor job, these guys are there as an insurance and to keep the bad guys at bay
        no wonder people lose money in scam and dodgy investment because they neglect their duty as an investor

        • Anyone that has followed Gary Gensler since he got the top job can see that he doesn't give 💩 about retail investors.

          Even top lawmakers have had enough of his incompetence.

          Gary Gensler is an ex Goldman Sachs banker. He has been doing GS dirty work for years. He's now doing it with the power of the SEC behind him.

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    Dumped all my crypto holdings at peak for lithium plays.

    Crypto just another form of casino of who can get out at the right time, as there is no real use for it.

    Ill probably get downvoted for this.

    Ill switch back prob 6 months to a year.

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      It’s a Ponzi scheme, if you’ve made fiat that you have in your account, congratulations on your winnings

      • Yep, biggest Ponzi ever I’d say. Ultimately crypto ‘wealth’ is measured in fiat and will be someday converted back to fiat

        • After the networks charges for withdrawing lol, that’s where the real ‘value’ is. Biggest con ever

          • @SirMurduck: Technology has advanced since the olden days, many new layer 1 protocols and layer 2 protocols have lowered the fees to anywhere between 0.001c/transaction to 60c/transaction (much cheaper than Mastercard/VISA, especially as fees are not charged as a percentage of the total transaction). If you know anything about technology, you'll know that this will only get better, faster and cheaper.

    • You're lucky/skilled/both for dumping at the peak. I've worked hard on learning about crypto, I was in the process of putting my life savings into crypto mid April when the mega crash in May came and I was down 55% on the majority of my live savings. Since then I've learnt a lot, crypto definitely isn't a Ponzi, it's the future. I am now still 5% up on my initial investment even though Bitcoin has slowly been crashing by 40% over the last 2 months.

      Things have changed, Defi and NFTs now have real world use. DeFi is mind blowing and amazing. When everyone realises how easy it is to safely get 8-20% interest on their money, they will all flock to DeFi protocols.

      Saying that crypto is a ponzi is simply no longer true, otherwise why would superannuation companies, major investment firms, international tech companies & even an entire nation adopt crypto as their legal tender? Even Australian superannuation companies are starting to look into it as they have realised that they are behind the rest of the world, so you may be investing in this without realising pretty soon. In addition to this, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Paypal, Mastercard & VISA have all stated that they will/already have offered crypto services to the public. Do you honestly think that all those CEOs, analysts, top tier managers, advisors and even a president of an entire nation are all idiots that would fall for Ponzi schemes?

      Name one Ponzi scheme that just keeps going up, up and up in value over a period of 13 years and gets more and more adoption every year. Volatility is normal for tech stocks like Amazon, it doesn't mean it's a ponzi. We don't know which crypto asset will make it, but we do know that crypto will definitely be the future.

      • Clearly this person above has not heard of Madoff's Ponzi Scheme which brought in billions and ensnared even the most astute investors. Several Royal Families were conned too.

        A ponzi scheme that lasted most of Madoff's working life…

        • -2

          What Madoff did was a crime/s and would be illegal in every corner of the world. He did the right thing, pleaded guilty and took it like a man.

          On March 12, 2009, Madoff pleaded guilty to 11 federal felonies, including securities fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, money laundering, making false statements, perjury, theft from an employee benefit plan, and making false filings with the SEC.

          Digital assets on the other hand are not a crime and are legal in every country that matters.

  • It's not easy for people like @ChrisBloomstran when the world is moving forward and they're left behind.

  • Dobo up 25% in 24 hours.

    • Take some chips off the table or someone else will.

      • I don't have many chips on there, just a few billion in case it goes to safemoon mcap.

  • OP, are you buying?

    • Wall Street is in a damping mood. Wait for Friday New York time before BTFD.

      • What do you think BTC will go down to before bouncing back? $30k?

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          Anything below -50% is a bargain. It was -47% the last time I checked.

          I'm waiting for the liquidation candle that can happen any time now.

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    Yeah absolutely, everything looks to be on sale ATM. I am looking for SAND below $4 and Fantom!

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