$20 off $30 Minimum Spend (New Customers Only, Excludes KFC) @ Deliveroo


$20 off Min $30 Spend first order
Use coupon
New customers
Fees apply
Excludes KFC and age restricted products.

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$12 off across your next 4 orders ($3 per order). Your friend will get $12 off across their first 4 orders too. Minimum order $20 + Delivery.

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  • +1

    New Customers only (should be in title). Good for them though.

  • +2
  • Does this include delivery fees?

    • +1

      For these deals it usually has to be $30 excluding delivery.

      • Not sure about delivery, but tested and the service fee counts towards the minimum $30 total. So you just need to order $28.57 worth of food to get $20 off

  • -2

    Excludes kfc because of chicken shortage?


    • +5

      They've always excluded KFC for every coupon.

  • Does this promo discount work for pickup orders, or is it only for delivery orders?

    • +1

      Works on pickup

  • +1

    Deliveroo hasn’t been available in my area. Perhaps not enough drivers, but I’ve noticed with some businesses they are still open but coming up as unavailable on the Deliveroo app. We reverted to picking up our takeaway and ordering straight from the store.

  • Hmm not in my area yet. It would be good to see a map of coverage, maybe I can pick something up instead, but the website doesn't allow it.

  • Isn't it risky ordering food during a pandemic?

    • At least takeaway/delivered food should be safer than dining in at the restaurant. Also gotta help keep those local businesses alive otherwise many more will close during these hard times.

    • +1

      And its not risky going to a supermarket full of people to shop?

      • Granted, going to a supermarket would lead you to a higher chance of getting covid than getting uber.

        But, if you do shopping on a weekly basis and also get your groceries delivered than that will reduce your chances of getting covid further.

        • -1

          Are you that afraid of covid that you only leave your house once a week?

          • +1

            @j0hnd0e: *

            It sounds like you're saying that I can't avoid COVID so I shouldn't reduce exposure to it at all, which is a nirvana fallacy; the solution isn't 100% perfect so the solution is rejected.

            Sadly, if I want to get paid I cannot avoid work, but I don't need to order food from uber and by doing so reduce my risk to COVID.

            So, are there any other arguments you can use to convince me? As I'm open to having my mind changed.

    • Every decision you make involves risk. It's less risky than crashing your car as you manhandle hot chips from the console

      • That's true, every decision does have risk; it is a very common principle in economics. But, that doesn't mean you shouldn't mitigate it when possible.

    • Covid should be the least of your concern if theres enough bodily fluids in your food to make you sick.

    • Yes. I know people working in the restaurant while positive and delivery drivers delivering food while positive.
      You just have to pray that it's not in the food, and pray that the delivery driver does contactless and you sanitise the bag/container.
      At this stage nothing really can be done because covid is rampant and everywhere.
      - someone who got covid from (being housemates with) a delivery driver

  • I just joined Deliveroo via a OzBargain referral, and I'd now like to refer my girlfriend however I can't find my referral code anywhere on the site or the app. Could someone show me how to find it?

    TLDR: How do I refer my girlfriend??

    • Did you get your referral bonus? Don't think there's a way to refer anymore

    • -1

      You can refer her to me if you wish.

  • Hi anyone experience this placed order, and find out restaurant no longer using deliveroo, order placed as status, used the voucher code as well, seems unable ring deliveroo as order not accepted by restaurant

  • Ordered 18x2 chicken nuggets from my local Hungry jack's via this deal. Along with free delivery.

    They gave me wrong order. Hopefully I get refund.

  • Has anyone tried using the voucher and gift card in the same transaction?

    • Yes, it works. Was able to apply the discount voucher and use gift card credits in the same order.

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