This was posted 5 months 21 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Minisforum EliteMini HX90 Barebone Mini PC (Ryzen 9 5900HX) US$649 (~A$901.50) Delivered @ Minisforum


AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900HX/ AMD Radeon™ Graphics/ 2 × DDR4 3200MHz Dual channel/ M.2 2280 PCIe3.0 SSD/ M.2 2230 WIFI Support (Wi-Fi 6,BlueTooth 5.1)/ Windows 10 Pro; barebone and 32GB RAM+512GB SSD available in overseas warehouse with free shipping.

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    Make sure to clean the liquid metal stains from inside the chassis :D
    Minisforum is a f***ing joke

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      At least they corrected it. We all forgave Dell and their exploding laptops many many years ago.

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      A lot of that was Youtubers not knowing what they were on about tbh. Particularly wrt CFRP.

    • I own one of the first batch, no liquid metal leakage on mine.

      It's a touch noisier than I had hoped it'd be but I barely notice it anymore, it just sounds like a laptop fan spinning since that's almost what it is.

    • They just send the wrong product to Youtubers, minisforum posted a statement on their Facebook page explaining it.

  • Wow that seems incredibly good value..??

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      Ahh, everythings in USD. Less of a bargain…

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      Hmmm, 'barebones' for $950??

      • think this one has 5900HX included. buyer just need have RAM and HDD. price seems not too bad.
        NUC does not have any Gen12 product yet. comparing to Gen11 NUC i7 barebone 1185G7, both are priced around AU$1000, but 5900HX is at least 30% faster (8C16T 116W vs 4C8T 28W). and this one has APU, much better than intel's integrated GPU, two SATA slots, more USBs.
        only downside there is no Thunderbolt and the brand itself not as good as NUC

      • "barebones" for $649

    • The HP from a few days ago is probably about as fast, plus comes with (mediocre) RAM and SSD.

      Of course this is a quarter the size.

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    mine on it

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    Maybe better to wait for 6900HX version? Much better iGPU upgrade (esp. considering you cant get a gpu in this)+PCIE4.0 n ddr5 support.

    • 6900HX will be a great do everything including games home PC.

    • +1

      Plus USB4 and maybe even thunderbolt.

      • Will this support external GPUs then ??

        • Can't say for sure. We will have to wait and see what the chipset is like. At the moment all I am going off is one slide from the CES presentation.


    Guess they figure ozzies aint too filled in on their shady practice.

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    I have one, awesome little unit. no liquid metal splatter on mine. Really impressed so far. 32 GB, 512TB M2 HDD, and a Sammie 4TB EVO inside for internal storage. My only gripe would be an extra USB-C on the back.

    • HOLLLLLLLD, 512T M.2 HDD:) you mean 0.5T M2 SSD?

    • tl;dw? The m1 mac mini is waaaay faster.

    • As an AMD fanboi, it's some improvements….

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