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[QLD] Free Tickets to Comedy Show (8:30pm, 13/1) - Aidan Jones at Good Chat


G'day again Brisbane! I'm a Melbourne-based comedian about to go on tour with my new show for a few months, I'm doing a few warm-up shows in January and this week I'm giving away free tickets to the show at Good Chat Comedy on Petrie Tce! Show starts at 8:30pm, tickets are $16.50 usually, but free with the code 'FREEBIES' at checkout.

A bit about me, I've been performing stand up for 10 years, the Melbourne Comedy Fest every year since 2017, as well as Perth, Adelaide, and Edinburgh Fringes, and tours of Asia and Europe. Below is a link to my recent special on YouTube that I released just before Christmas, give it a watch and if you're laughing after the first few minutes, chances are you'll be into my new show as well!

Thanks for reading, and hopefully see you Thursday!


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Aidan Jones
Aidan Jones

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    Good luck… But in a crowded room where people are laughing as the virus is peaking….

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      Laugh together with virus

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      Completely understand if you don't feel comfortable coming right now, I hope you're well and we can see you at a show sometime in the future :)

      • Cheers, you're a funny bugga, so I am disappointed. Next time definitely!

        Good luck!

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    I've seen Aidan around Melbourne. He's worth a night out!

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      Thankyou mate, appreciate the support!

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      I’ll second this, your gonna get a good show.

    • I've seen Aidan around Melbourne. He's worth a night out!

      That sounds a little stalkery… :)

      • +1

        haha it does!

        I was an open mic comic, so I've seen him perform plenty of times.

  • Is the show outdoors?

    • +2

      No this is indoors at Good Chat Comedy Club, but absolutely understand if you're not comfortable with an indoor show with the way things are right now! If that's the case, hopefully we'll catch you at a show in the future once things are a bit more certain :)

      • +2

        Can I come heckle you?

        • +5

          I think if you have to ask, you might not have the wit and freedom of thought required to heckle a professional comedian.

  • Thanks for the link to your special on Youtube! Will give it a watch!

    • I hope you enjoy it mate!

  • I thought I read 'Comedy Show….Alan Jones' when I first saw the deal…

    • +5

      If you have any way of contacting him I'll have him open… you know his audience would come out in droves because they don't believe covid exists hahaha CHA-CHING!

  • Your comedic timing is brilliant. So long Melbourne covid, hello Brisbane covid.

    • Please…🤡

  • +3

    Clicked on the link to have a quick peek…. my work just lost 48 minutes of productivity….great stuff !

    • Ahahaha hell yes! Sucked in to your employer's, bug win for us, The People!

  • +5

    Good on you Taco for organising the new ozbargain meet ups

  • Don’t forget to do a covid joke

  • Would be good to see everybody get the channel sub's above 1k. I would assume you're not monetised on YT yet

    • +1

      Absolutely would be amazing man! I'm not monetized, and still a fair way off on hours watched, but I reckon if the special keeps ticking over I might get there this year which would be amazing! Thanks for the thought 🙏🏽

  • +1

    I enjoyed the show tonight, mate. Thanks for the tickets. Love to support and watch comedians work on their art.

    I would definitely have more blowjob jokes through if possible 😂😂

    • Ahahaha thanks for coming mate, I'll try and chuck some extra ones in the set when I'm back in Bris for the Comedy Fest in May 😂😂

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