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Sabrent USB 3.0 16-Port Aluminum HUB $112.74 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Product listing states it’s a 20 port when it’s 16. Nevertheless, the next best is $215.43 for this highly rated hub.

Make sure you select Other Sellers on Amazon and select Amazon US. It took less than 2 weeks to be delivered.

Can confirm the power brick included uses a figure 8 power cable so you can use an Aussie cable!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • From amazon:

    Data Transfer Rate ‎5 Megabytes Per Second

    I wonder if that's true… hahaha

    • Amazon product descriptions, lol…

  • +9

    Why? Like seriously, what is the genuine use/need for such a thing?

    • +8

      Good to restore/perform bulk actions on an iOS device using a Mac with Apple Configurator. Probably good for mass deployment of USB sticks.

      • +10

        mass deployment of USB sticks.

        Growing USB forests

    • +1

      Chia Mining ?

      • +1

        Lol. Classic.

        I bought a small amount of chai crypto coins.
        Great concept, but I guess it never took of.

        • +1

          It did take off, to the point of affecting the prices of hard drives in most places around the world… it just didn't sustain a decent price or (imo) keep momentum as a project…

    • +3

      People used to use them with bitcoin mining ASIC’s which were USB powered back in 2012/13 and yes that was a thing.

    • +7

      Flight simulator enthusiasts?

      • +2

        Now of all the examples given, this is the one giving me night terrors thinking about the cable management.

      • This is my use case. 2 different flight sim setups, racing sim setup and associated accessories for both. All of it adds up and this is actually what i've been looking for.

        • Yep, I'm using 8 USB ports and I would definitely need this if I had money for all the peripherals I want haha

    • +3

      at a former company, we had to prepare a bunch(like in the 100's) of company branded USB's for an event.

      Pretty much just stored a slide deck and some marketing material on each usb.
      We had something like this for that exact task, except ours was much cheaper (and not as fancy).

      But it served its purpose.
      Can't see many average consumers needing to use it though.

    • Attach USB fans for the ultimate summer comfort while gaming

    • Flightsim / Driving sim rig I have 12-20 usb ports used up at any one time. I have tried to combine as much as i can with other boards but yes.. sim work lots of usb!

  • +4

    At this price i would hope it can handle 16 connections. Most of the usb hubs I've bough start dropping out after 4 connected devices

    • +4

      So theoretically a hub can support 127 devices, where you run into problems is voltage to each device. Hence why if you have more than 4 ports it’s always better to have a powered usb hub. Modern hubs have around 30watts of power, industrial hubs can go up to 200watts.

      • The orico hubs I have is hooked onto external power. I mean we're talking simple peripherals like kb, mouse, dacs and printers, nothing that would draw close to 500ma per connection.

  • But why 🤔 who owns 16 devices and wants to charge them at once

    • +1

      This isn't made for charging 16 devices - it's for connecting 16 devices to your computer.

  • -2

    So, is this like a NAS for usb flash drives?

    • +3


  • USB Light powerboard

  • Internally is it a 4x4x4x4 hub?

  • I'm trying to work out how I could possibly utilise all 16 of these.
    1. Iphone
    2. Wife's iphone
    4. Iwatch

    5/ Ear bud charger
    6. Bluetooth speaker
    7. Hand vacum.

    Even if I added some humourous made up ones, I still don't think I'd ever reach quota on this one.

    • +5

      This isn't made for charging 16 devices - it's for connecting 16 devices to your computer.

    • Keyboard, mouse, headphones, microphone, USB sticks, external hard drives. This is not a device for everyone, but there are people who have uses for them. When I look around my study I probably have 10 items plugged into USB ports at any time, some charging some for data.

      • 10 items.

        Are you planning on renting out the other 6.
        I know some people,

    • 16 phones/tablets running diagnostics on them.

  • These are great and haven't let me down in over 9 months (every port in use 24x7), have a couple and will be ordering another, cheers

    • +1

      Photo please…

      Or at least a list of how you are using every port

      • +1

        All used by external USB disks, one thing that can be tricky is the USB tree, and understanding the 5 branches/layers, these use stacked 4 port USB hubs, and depending on the device you may not see all ports unless its plugged into the top of the tree, some motherboards, have a USB port in the CPU and also chipset, which inturn have a USB hub (on the motherboard) to get you ports, you wont see all the ports in this situation.
        To keep it simple, must be plugged into the root USB device to see all ports, not a hub port most motherboards have.

        Getting a PCIE USB card can help, but not always depending on its layout.

        • +1

          wow that's a lot of external HDDs

  • BallR by name. BallR by nature. Impressive for the pic alone!

  • +3

    I have a 10 port Sabrent hub, and can attest that it is extremely solid. I have used the vast majority of brands out there (I've been working in IT for over 20 years, for much of that part of our business has been supplying hardware to businesses, so we've moved quite a few hubs) and honestly most of them aren't worth the cost of the disposable packaging they ship in. Sabrent and Anker are excellent quality brands, whereas Belkin, Orico… pretty much any easily available / consumer brand in Australia is junk that will burn out in a few weeks or months. We've used a lot of USB 3.0 hubs to extend USB capabilities on older servers that only had a couple of ports on-board, for most of which we used Anker hubs from the USA, but I have a Sabrent hub on my own workstation and it has been 100% reliable. You pay a fair bit more for good brands, but honestly it's not a comparison between a $40 and a $120 hub that mostly do the same thing, it's the difference between a $120 hub that can do the job, and throwing good money away on toy junk that simply can't do what it says on the box. You'd get just as much functionality by punching little rectangular holes in a cardboard box and pretending it's the magical USB equivalent of Google Cardboard for external devices…

  • Thanks, Was waiting for these to come down to a reasonable price.

  • Great for we ham radio people. Bought one

  • +2

    Get 2 of them and you can use it to power your grill.

  • anyone else having trouble finding Amazon US under other sellers?

  • Anyone suggest a way to connect a hub such as this directly to a network and not via a PC or NBN router? Any independent USB to network gigabit magic Box?

    • USB to NAS, but probably not the answer you're looking for.

    • Yes you just need a NAS with USB ports - which is basically all of them.

  • Guys, i did it, i found the use case for these.

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