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[VIC, NSW] Wingettes & Drumettes: 6pcs $6, 10pcs $10, 18pcs $18 @ NeNe Chicken


Looks like a cheap deal at NeNe Chicken on this Saturday in VIC/NSW/QLD stores 12pm-5pm.
-Customer must purchase from the sizes 6pcs($6), 10pcs($10), 18pcs($18) to redeem promotion.
-Promotion only on Saturday 15th Jan from 12-5pm or while stocks last

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NeNe Chicken
NeNe Chicken

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    I'm surprised they can source chicken, not much in any grocery near me

    • +1

      Went to two supermarkets this week. Both full of meat. One ww and one Aldi

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        Been to a few stores around Melb and the are definitely shortages. A few flagship Coles/Woolies have empty shelves for most of the chicken section.

        • +2

          Aside from meat processing worker shortages, part of it is stores not being able to handle people suddenly panic buying stock. Though I've yet to see shelves actually bare, it's usually just common cuts like thighs/breasts. Beef on the on the other hand…

      • Workers at three different supermarkets I went to today…."There's no meat here. Here there's no meat, alright?

      • +1

        This. Just bought 6kg of rump and 4kg of chicken thigh yesterday.
        Shortage scare is a scam.

  • +3

    Meanwhile wicked wings at KFC and some other lines are either totally out of stock or being limited.

    Times are tough, surprised no price gouging yet.

    • +3

      Ingham factory in SA have no enough workers to work so have no enough chicken go to KFC I heard.
      I guess 네네NENE Chicken source chicken from elsewhere.

    • Wicked Wings are prob affected delivery issues / factory is short staffed, someone who worked at KFC told me they don't make them, wicked wings come frozen from a company (either Steggles / Ingham from memory) in a huge bag

      • +1

        You know what, I believe this.
        Wicked wings are typically pretty consistent wherever you go (I used to travel a lot between north QLD down to coffs harbour) and could nearly always count on KFC WW. Hot n spicy pieces I find can be a bit hit and miss, the spice seems to really vary from place to place.

  • +1

    Was planning to get them tomorrow, guess I’ll wait:)

  • +3

    1.8 out of 5 star rating on their FB page.

    • +6

      The reviews are mostly that it's overpriced rather than bad food. Should be ok at this price but I wouldn't go out of my way for it.

      • +3

        most of the reviews are actually about small portions lol

      • +3

        There are so many options with korean chicken in Australia these days. I wouldn't settle. Brisbane cbd has at least 10 places within walking distance of each other

        • I had some yesterday and to be honest I was rather disappointed.The BBQ wings were neither tasty nor juicy and the fried wings were just bland. Cannot even remotely compare with KFC wicked wings. I would rate it 3/10.

          • @Ronan2001: yea i tried them when they first opened. nothing special i guess because i havent been back since lol

    • A few of the comments said that their wings have shrunk after lockdown.

      • Were they in the pool?

        • No ……… Bingo wings :-)

    • +1

      I personally enjoy it. For Korean fried chicken I find it's priced well, and its very much the 'fast-food' edition means you can eat it quickly. Also, I LOVE the plastic gloves they give you.

  • Anything for 2 night ?

    • +5

      Wooloongabba has an unsuspecting korean chicken place at the coles that was surprisingly good. Go half ma la and half sweet and spicy

  • Can we trust this is chicken with the current shortages and not something else deep fried!

    • +1

      There is a lot of counterfeit foods. For example: fish, saffron, orange juice e.t.c. so who knows.

      • Fish and OJ??

        • It's very common for Fish to be mislabelled [1] as the wrong species for example red rooster got in trouble for selling America Flathead as Australian Flathead.

          Some orange juice is artificially flavoured to taste like oranges [2], since the flavour was removed during it's process.


  • +15

    OP: "Looks like a cheap deal at NeNe Chicken"
    Also OP: Associated

  • +1

    Tempted by pictures, turned off by reviews

    • +4

      I read the most recent 10 reviews. The negative reviews are mostly to do with poor service and price. As an Ozbargainer im prepared to put up with poorer service for a good bargain.

      • But looking at the photos, are deep fried chicken crumbs and kid-sized portions an actual bargain? As an OzBargainer, I'm prepared to say no.

    • Have had them once before. Was fairly good but fairly small portion sizes imo

      I do prefer Gami Chicken over them though.

      • I much prefer the thickness of the batter for NeNe and their Freakin Hot sauce is so damn good - and Gami's spiciest offering isn't nearly as fiery

  • There web site has 18 pieces of original flavour for $16.95, their claimed "hot deal" has them at $18.00 for 18 pieces?

    • The Flavour Wings are showing as $21.95 for 18 pieces if you choose their Box Hill store.

  • Impossible, no chicken left in Aus. These are actualy $650 for every 10 wings.

    • +2

      Chicken and rapid antigen tests are the new currency.

      • +1

        How good is covid?….

  • 네네치킨 먹으러 가즈아~~. 코인도 가즈아

    • 하지말자

      • 이런 애들 많이 발굴 했으면 ㅠㅠ 멸치랑 탈모 개저씨 그만 보고싶음 일본 특유의 경박스런 혀놀림 ㅂㄷㅂㄷ

  • RIP Perth

  • $1 for half a chicken wing…Tell em they're dreamin..

  • how do they make the mala sauce? thats all i wanna knowwww

  • No deal for WA, SA, NT, ACT and Tas.?I am assuming they have run out of chicken in those states/territories?

    • There are no NeNe outlet in SA…

  • +2

    I always get the snowing chilli when I go there. Pretty tasty!

  • +4

    Now watch me whip, now watch me…

  • +1

    Tried. Not impressed. Prefer Wicked Wings.

    • Wicked Wings don't have the finger licking good sticky sauces they poured over these Korean Fried Chicken.

      • +1

        If you need sauce to beat a wicked wing, you've lost the comparison already. Wicked wings with sticky Korean sauces.. now that'd be winning!

        • I have a bunch of korean sauces in the cupboard just toss them in a bowl with that. Wicked wings have enough spice for me.

  • +1

    I don’t mind their wings. I get their dosirak box from time to time and leaves me very full!

  • Someone tell me their supplier for snowing chilling thats all I want to know

  • +1

    Tried those wingettes from MQ shopping centre store before ran into this supply chain frenzy & they're pathetic in sizes and still profiteering even charge one for $1… buyers beware please.

    • +1

      Even before that. I was pretty disappointed at how small these wings were when i tried it.

      • +1

        I would probably rename them as nibble for description accuracy per sa…

  • +2

    Tried once, in macq - NSW.

    never again.

  • +1

    Discounted, but not really a bargain, considering the normal price : $7.95 for 6, $12.95 for 10, $20,95 for 18.
    Will have some if a NeNe is on my way tomorrow, but wouldn't bother driving miles if not.

  • +1

    We went to the Emporium branch and got the 18 pieces, paid with Liven's 50% Foodollars. Works out to be almost 50% off.

    The pieces were still the same size as I remembered and comparable to Gami. For me, this offer is no difference to KFC's $1 wings offer, except that I prefer the various sauces available.

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