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Lululemon: 20% Cashback (2pm-10pm AEDT, No Cap) @ Cashrewards


Reached out to good ol' TA to see if Cashrewards could match the upcoming Lululemon 20% cashback tomorrow with Shopback, and was pleasantly surprised when he informed me that it's already been scheduled!

Same times, same cashback.

20% cashback tomorrow from 2pm-10pm


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  • +4

    "Lulu is having 20% cashback"


    "yeah, no cap"

  • +1

    as someone who's not familiar with this brand, can someone enlighten me what are the popular/famous items/things to buy from them? for both men and women..

    • +3

      Tights/Yoga Pants

      • thanks! noted. that's probably more for the women's wear right?

        • Nope, their men's wear is decent for gym. Very comfortable but just a little exxy at retail.

    • +1

      Their running jackets and raincoats are really great. Comfortable, lightweight and super functional.

      I wear this as a riding / running jacket.

      And this is great for cool nights

      • thanks for that! are their sizing to size or do i have to get a size bigger/smaller?

        • +1

          They’re true to size but are designed to be a little more fitted. If you want a more relaxed look, go one size up.

    • +4

      For men stuff, I usually go for ABC pants and joggers, as well as their t shirts, quite comfy and four way stretch for the abc pants. Use it for work as it looks semi formal with my polo top for work. Also they offer free hemming for the pants👍🏻

      • thanks. their ABC range looks cool.

    • +4

      can someone enlighten me what are the popular/famous items/things to buy from them?

      School drop off wear.

    • +1

      They are a Canadian company that started out making their items there. Really good quality, my wife's yoga pants and tops are finally wearing out after 10 years. They have moved their manufacturing overseas now. As mentioned below there most popular item has always been their Tights/Yoga Pants. I have owned some T-shirts and the material feels fantastic - overtime they stretched out a bit as I wore them so much. Their prices are a higher than your Lorna Jane etc. but in my opinion the quality and longevity of the items speak for themselves

    • I've been using their running gear for years and can't fault it. Yep, it's exxy but found it to be good value. Lasts far longer than most other gear.

    • Yoga mat. It’s expensive but worth it if you use it regularly.

  • +1

    whats the catch, theres always a condition but i'm unable to find any

    • I've always wanted to try their commission chino pants but unfortunately most sizes are sold out, so that's my catch :(

  • +1

    Is there a cap?

    • You're joking, right?

      • I suspect not. Their stuff is expensive!

  • -1

    Still the best.
    "Being hungover in my activewear, buying activewear in my activewear!"


  • Dang I was hoping to stack the discount but strangely the item has disappeared from their website..

  • Thanks OP - managed to get the wunder train tights that were on sale for $89, with an extra 20% off. Already tracked from cashrewards too!

    • What do you mean by "already tracked from cashrewards". Does that mean you got ur 20% cashback already?

      • No it means the 20% cashback has already shown up as "pending" in my account

        • Hmm I see. I bought something via the online cashrewards store but nothing has appeared in my account yet. This is my first time using a cash back app so I'm not too experienced but it appears within 7 days so I'll see.

  • Does cashrewards track for items that were already in the cart?

    My missus added stuff in the cart last night. So can i go through cashrewards, then buy the stuff already in the cart?

    Or do i have to start all over again with the cart?

    • Safest bet is to always start with a clean cart prior to clicking ’Shop Now’ from Cashrewards. Thanks.

  • Only get 3.5%, order cancelled.

    • All sales are definitely tracking at 20%. If you received 3.5%, means you clicked out from Cashrewards prior to the promo commencing at 2pm AEDT. Please check the time stamp in your click history. Thanks.

  • Purchased via the CR App & it tracked at 20% immediately.
    Thanks TA!

    • Enjoy :)

  • Thanks! Does the 14-day approval with Max still apply here?

    • +1
      • Ordered and tracked immediately, cheers!

        • There you go. Stick with the app :)

          • @tightarse: I used the extension - but still worked perfectly :)

            • @kicha: That’s great. Thanks for sharing.

  • Only L left for the black tank top. Sad :(

  • I didn't know this was on and I made an order at midday only to see this deal on the homepage when I finished :( Emailed cashrewards - hoping they will honour it :(

    • Reorder and return the first order?

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