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[PS4, PS5, XB1, XSX] Far Cry 6 $49 + $3.90 Delivery (Free C&C) @ BigW


Far Cry 6 for PS4, PS5 and XB1 and XBX is listed for $49 on BigW. Combine this with the 20% / 15% cashback from Cash Rewards to get it for $39.2 / $41.65 picked up or +$3.9 delivered

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  • +2

    This game is looking like it will hit the sub $30 mark in no time

    • -4

      I’d wait till it hits $15, that’s about what it’s worth.

      *pre ordered gold edition like an idiot

  • +2

    Brah, just wait two more months and you’ll be able to get it for $29 delivered to your door

    • +2

      maybe $9 target clearance. like valhalla

  • I got this at launch 😩. $29 + 2x eligible games.
    How do you know if a game will drop so drastically afterwards? Some games hold their price for a much longer time. Was thinking of getting Elden Ring.

    • +9

      Ubisoft games seem to drop quickly like this.

    • +1

      If it's a Ubisoft game…

    • +1

      How do you know if a game will drop so drastically afterwards?

      You know because it's a Ubisoft game. Standard fare for every release.

      Ridiculous launch prices and then bargain basement soon after. It's $19.99 already in the US.

    • +1

      Most games keep the high price hard on going for a while, but with this developer, Ubisoft.

  • is Far Cry good?

    • +2

      I would argue that like Just Cause, it's outlived it's lifespan.


    • Loaded question.

      I personally don't mind it, especially as a "jump on and have a bit of a bash" type game but I really didn't like the psychedelic aspect to the games, like Bliss from 5.

    • +3

      It's an Ubisoft game, expect heavily recycled monotonous gameplay with no charm. They really need to refresh some of their IP, Farcry being one, and make them exciting again. Get a small but passionate team together and make a unique game for gamers instead of 20k+ people making a cookie cutter game for their shareholders.

  • I actually think this is expensive. The game is sure to dive soon.

  • All Ubi games usually drop to sub 20 eventually

  • I cannot play Far Cry game, as it cause me dizzy and headache!

  • much better on PC you have mouse and keyboard support. I played it on PS5 with a controller horrible to play with its made for a mouse and keyboard.,

  • This game sucks. Too big and too repetitive; you can only choose one of these two things.

  • FC6 GOTY edition with all DLC coming soon!

  • Awesome game imo

    • +1

      Yes, love the far cry series. Can't wait to get this one. If anyone hasn't tried a far cry game yet, try it.

  • I am finding the XB1 version very buggy

    I lose sound after about 6 hours into the game

    And now I am completely stuck as it just black screens when my save is reloaded

    AI intelligence is very low. Kinda disappointed I paid $50 for this game

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