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20% off ($10 Min Spend) @ Hungry Jack's via App (Pick up Only)


First time I believe Hungry Jack's have done a discount code for their mobile ordering app. Get 20% off using code SAVE20 in the Hungry Jack's mobile app. Discount won't be applied until check out. Minimum spend of $10 is required.

Combine with Penny Pinchers or Bundles for the best deals.

Offer available one time only. Minimum spend $10. Apply promo code SAVE20 to your Hungry Jack's App pick-up order. Cannot be used with any other offer or discount. Offer expires January 24, 2022.

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  • +2

    Does the hungry jacks app still put offers out on the rewards tab? I havn't seen anything in there for months

    • +5

      I have them.

      But what is a let down is the shake and win freebies now have a minimum spend of $1 :/

      • It is jack after all

      • +4

        $1 min spend was always there, but they hide it like a true sneaking t&c format
        Tho it all depends on whoever is working that day. I never have to buy anything to redeem the freebies

      • Only if you buy through the app. Usually when I get it, I just get whats on the shake and win and I get it on its own through drive through.

      • +8

        This actually isn't true, it's only a minimum $1 spend if you redeem it through the app. As a former HJ employee I can confirm you can still redeem it in store with no spend. :)

      • +4

        shake and win freebies now have a minimum spend of $1

        Nope, you can just select "redeem at checkout" and there's no min spend.

        • +1

          Redeem at Cashier you mean?

          • @sub102: Yeah that’s it. Select Redeem at Cashier, then either have them scan the barcode, or read out the number if needed.

        • +1

          Well the drive through lady told me I had to spend $1 now when they previously never asked me before.

          But then I've never had this particular lady serve me before.

          • @CVonC: It really depends who's serving you in my experience. Used to be able to redeem in person without any spend but 2 months ago my local said I'll need to spend minimum $1 on spin and win deals. Haven't really bothered since.

            • @Craze: I think the app updated to actually show the $1 min spend under the win. I'm pretty sure it never showed it before.

      • Wow is there really no more freebies? I thought it's still redeemable if you select redeem at cashier?

        If this is true, I see they also took away the $1 chips, so you can't even use that to redeem a 'freebie'.

        $1 small chips now replaced with $2 medium chips.

        • Yeah looks like my local has decided to enforce this now. Even at the counter. Had to buy $2 medium chips to get my free drink this week :/

          • +1

            @CVonC: Not really a free drink then. As an alternate to the chips you can also get a $2 bbq cheeseburger or $2 sundae. Their caramel sundaes are very good!

            Could also buy 2x cones for $1.40.

            But would be interested to know if there's any other cheap items over $1.

  • +2

    Phone is fine.

  • +3

    Can’t stack with those promos in the rewards tab. One code per order ://

  • Just tried using it with a whopper meal @ $14.70. Offer applied in cart however when selecting checkout it says “the offer in my cart cannot be used with this order”

    • Yeah, the HJs app is a real gamble whether you can actually use the offers, and whether the store will have everything you order when you get there (and they can't give a refund in store apparently).

      • +1

        Figured it out, pick up only!

      • +2

        Also it's gamble as to if you receive someone else's order or if it's really beef.

  • Is HJ still takeaway only in Sydney?

  • +1

    Ok so it seems to work for pick up only. Will not work for a delivery order.

  • Anything good on their breakfast menu, been less than impressed, Macca's way better

    • im pissed HJ removed their all-day breakfast too asshats

    • $3.20 pancakes are good in my experience! But can't be ordered from App?!? My local Maccas wants $5 for their version.

  • Is phone fine?

  • Seems strange that the burger bundle is $40 but the family bundle in $27, the difference is only the two bigger burgers instead of the smaller burgers. but for $13 it makes no sense. am I missing something?

    • +1

      Burger Bundle has 2 Whoppers with cheese + 2 of the new fried chicken burgers, Family Bundle only has 2 regular Whoppers + 2 cheeseburgers. Burger Bundle has almost 5000 kJ more than the Family Bundle.

  • +5

    Would be great as I got my hunger back after covid, problem is now I have zero taste or smell. Don't take a filthy burger for granted people

    • +1

      One of the inventors of Ben and Jerry's has no smell hence:

      "Co-founder Ben Cohen has no sense of smell and very little sense of taste. So when he was developing our earliest ice cream flavors, he loved the texture of the big chunks. Fans loved it too, and it's since become our signature style."

      So at least you have Ben and Jerry's.

  • Showing as invalid for me at multiple stores. Seemed fine until I checked out, now it's dud.

    • I gave 'feedback' about the broken coupon, and just received a refund for the 20%

  • +1

    1 time use or multiple?

    • +1

      Have u confirmed?

      • +1

        'save20' code still works, just tried and this is my second use of this code :D

    • I just made an order of Cheeseburger, Medium onion rings and small chocolate thickshake (a decent feed!). Went through and costs $8.25 after using save20 code before paying, for pickup. Tried the same order after already picking up first order and it accepted it a second time! But didn't haven't tried actually paying for second order, I'm not THAT hungry!!

    • -1

      It says "Offer available one time only."

      • Someone negged, so is it multiple then?

  • Save $3 on the meal, ice fudge Caramel coffee is so misleading from the picture

  • Can you use one of the vouchers plus this code to order from the app or in person etc?

  • +2

    HJ is so expensive now.

    • +3

      That's the same with most Fast Food outlets. But HJ seems to be cheaper than KFC and McDonalds.

  • Can't stack with 18 nuggets and 2 fries for $10 unfortunately :(

    • do 2 separate transacts when u get therre

    • +2

      what are you talking about?

  • +1

    Frugal feeds is only way to Hungry Jack's. Start off with a spin and win in the app, you might get a $4 whopper and then add a $1 small chips and work from there.

    Otherwise $7.95 for 2 whopper jnr and 2 small chips has always been a killer deal.

    • Otherwise $7.95 for 2 whopper jnr and 2 small chips has always been a killer deal.

      where's this??

  • I just tried to do an order for bbq cheesburger, 2x nugget/chip carry cups, frozen coke = $10
    Code will only take 40c off!

    • Looks like the only item being discounted in your order is the BBQ Cheeseburger

    • i'm 12c short on final order :(

  • Just got told it’s only active from the 17 Jan

    • That might explain why it refused to work for me - it is advertised in the app now though, so it should be valid as soon as the app gets updated to include the ad for this coupon.

      • Where does it mention date in app?
        Mine does nothing when clicked the tiles

  • whats the best thing to use this on? Small Triple Cheesburger stunner?

  • +2

    Advertised in app, it accepted the promo code, but when putting the order through it failed then I couldn't use the code again. Fail.

  • Cannot be used with any other offer or discount.

    Does that mean I can't get that $40 burger family meal ?

  • I see 3 tiles, does it mean we cna use it thrice???

  • Anybody ever tried combining a cheeseburger and a chicken royale into one burger? Not as disgusting as it sounds, quite nice IMO.

  • Still waiting for my Grilled chicken - Oat bran bun, old ranch dressing, add bacon add cheese to make a comeback!

  • I used this a few days ago on a $26.95 family deal and it worked but it appears to be one time only per person because when I tried to use it yesterday it said invalid coupon

    • Correct. It's one time use per account

      • It's a shame as we've been using the Maccas 20% off $37.50 spend for well over 6 months now - when it expires a new one apears on my app pretty soon with end date a few more months down the road. The Maccas one is multiple usage

  • Anyone try the new Jack’s chicken burgers? Would you recommend it?

    • I think it's decent. Although I was waiting ages for a deal on it, so might have overhyped it in my head and was disappointed.

      Objectively I like it slightly better than the zinger burger.

      • I've only had the spicy fried jack. Found it to be pretty tasteless and not very crispy. Much rather a zinger burger with supercharged sauce or even the mcspicy.

  • Still works as of 25 Jan 550pm in app pickup only in Adelaide if using code SAVE20. The 20% off banner is still being advertised in my app but when clicking on it, nothing happened so entered in code and it worked. Banner didn't say anything about expiry date for 20% so may have been renewed?

  • Just worked for me at Belmont NSW.

  • BBQ cheese burgers $2 at the moment
    Bought 5, after 20% discount $1.60 each
    Good deal, happy with that :)

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