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Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite MMO Gaming Mouse - Black $89 + Delivery ($0 VIC C&C/ in-Store/ Metro Order) + Surcharge @ Centre Com


Can be found for around $130~ elsewhere. Surcharge applies for select payment methods.

Personally I love this mouse! Using it currently and I love all the buttons for hotkeys to make navigating around the desktop faster as well as FFXIV binds.

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    Saw this deal the other day and was close to pulling trigger. This same model has been around years correct? i heard there can be issues with flimsy scroll wheel? Would love to know (:

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      I have one, its honestly great for both MMOs and modern fps games, as they have a ton of key binds these days (melee, slide, abilities etc). Its very comfortable for me, and I previously had a g502 (imo this one is more comfortable).

      Regarding the scroll wheel, haven't had any issues so far, but ymmv.

      Great price as well, I paid ~110 last year iirc

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      After around 2 years of use I must say personally I felt as if I had to press harder on the scroll wheel than usual but normal scrolling is still fine 4 years later. Got around my clicking issue by just binding it to one of the side buttons haha

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        Same experience here, i've had the yellow accented model for two years now and scrolling is perfect but pressing the wheel is definitely harder as it gets older.
        Still a great mouse, good replacement for my old naga!

      • Awesome review! I had the old naga epic chroma and the new ones don’t feel the same. Thanks to you and rest of commenters,I’ve been officially sold!

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      I had one where the scroll wheel kind of gave in after about 6 months, had it replaced and I''ve been using the replacement for 2 or so years with no issue.

  • Bought one to try out and compare to my Razer Trinity.

  • Love this mouse but can confirm after 2 or 3 years the scroll wheel "pin" snapped making it unusable. Taking it apart it's kinda obvious to see why it gets a bit of flak for the wheel mechanism, very narrow bit of plastic, not surprised it breaks a lot. I do mash the scroll wheel a lot so YMMV, but if you're willing to take the risk of it breaking in 3 years go for it. (I bought another one.)

  • Any wireless mice out there with as many buttons?

    • Raza Naga Pro comes to mind which I think is cheapest at Amazon Au.

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