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eufy Security Floodlight 2K Pro White T8423C21 $381.65 + Delivery @ Supercheap Auto


Been on the hunt for a security floodlight and seems SCA has a good deal on it right now.

Seems to be having good reviews for a AI person following around 360 rotatable camera.

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    $380 from good guys commercial if you have access also

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    Was $359 and i think a little cheaper at amazon just last month

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    Any personal reviews on these vs Alternative smart home floodlight cams?

    • Really crisp picture, pics up anyone walking by out front of my house. Not sure if the picture would ever catch a thief but any camera is more of a deterrent for opportunistic thieves… they’re not going to catch a determined thief.

      Should also help with insurance.

    • I have had one since mid last year, was a beta tester. Had no issues with mine. Does occasionally pixelate, but pretty much any wifi cam will from time to time. Floodlight is bright and riches a decent range. I do have mine mounted under the eave though, not on the wall.

      • Is there a way to still sign up to beta test their products?

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    How do these handle being exposed to the elements? I have a few Arlec (dumb) security lights and notice that they crumble in the sun within a couple of years.

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      I've only had the previous generation of eufy security floodlights, so I cannot comment on this newer generation. With that said, I found the previous generation to be of terrible quality. The camera/light itself wasn't the issue, it was the fact that the junction box supplied was made of cheap plastic. The camera/light fixture is super heavy, so the bolt would shear the plastic junction box clean off, resulting in an unusable product.

      That was my personal experience at least. Returned the first faulty unit, reinstalled the second unit (both times by professional electrician), failed both times.

    • I’ve had one installed for about a month.. so far so good. Under the eaves out front of my house.

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    No homekit support. There was a deal breaker to me for both the 1st gen and this 2nd gen

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      They seem to deliberately sabotage their mains-powered cameras, and put power hungry features in their battery powered cameras.
      Their products management team is like adding cup holders to a formula one and the large spoiler on a tractor

  • Good camera but remember dome cameras collect more dirt and the dome plastic tend to dull and yellow due to uv light/outdoor elements. the plastic vandal proof dome needs to be cleaned more often and you also tend to get glare depending on sun angle during the day between the lens and the dome. turrets/bullets are often better for the above reasons. however turrets/bullets with infrared illumination attract bug spiders etc

    domes are really more designed for indoor, less obvious use or if they can be easily reached outside and at the risk of being vandalized etc.

  • this is a very good camera. use it under cover and with a bit of cover from direct sun light. great reviews and could adjust light brightness and temp

  • Careful of these if you’re in Adelaide. Bug in the current firmware (literally just found in the last week) which causes the floodlights not to connect to your app.

    They’ve been troubleshooting with my mate over the last month to identify this. New version of firmware coming soon, but a workaround is to set your phone Timezone to Sydney and it all works fine. Tempted to buy a few now they’ve worked out what was causing it.

    Certainly can’t fault them for their service and support!

  • Glorified floodlight. Useless security camera. No 24/7 recording via RTSP was a deal breaker. Returned to Amazon.

  • Does this model support PoE?

    • No, needs to be hard wired to 240V.

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