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Sunbeam EM5300 Barista Max Stainless Steel $399.90 Delivered @ Amazon AU


This is for the stainless steel model only.
It arrived today and I tried it out, very good and very happy with it.
The steam is very strong and froths milk easily.
The grinder does a great job.

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  • How is the EM4300S for $245 are they the same except the grinder?


    • Quite possibly, it does automatic shots as well - although in the EM5300 the auto shots are a momentary button and not a dial (the dial is reserved for steaming or froth).

      Given both are on sale they are excellent value, if you don’t need or want a grinder go for the EM4300 however the conical burr grinder in the EM5300 is a good quality and gives nice results , and having it integrated makes for a bit nicer setup.

      A good conical burr grinder would run you about that much anyway

    • Avoid that smaller unit. I'm on my second after a replacement and the replacement has the same issue as the first. Leaks water from the wand when it's pulling a shot

      • The bigger unit seems… sturdier, although they’re both a 15 bar pump the bigger unit is probably got more space for robustness

        • Maybe just keep your receipt. Customer service was good. Getting a replacement wasn't too hard when within warranty

        • +1

          even the cheapest domestic espresso machines have a 15+ bar vibratory pump.

          What you want is an adjustable over pressure valve (opv) so you can lock in around 9psi brew pressure.

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    Please note that the group head is NOT dishwasher safe (learned the hard way)
    And if u do need a replacement the only group head that fits is only from sunbeam, which means u cant get replacement portafilters, even if they are the same size.

    • Good point, although that’s been my experience with many coffee machines in the domestic range

    • Yep happened to me too. I am left with a blackened mess of a group head after chucking it in the dishwasher. Guess should've read the manual more closely.

      • +1

        I just rinse mine and let it dry

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      If you do need a replacement group head for this machine, they can be ordered from Coffee Parts Warehouse. Do note that because this is an older model, they only have limited stock and it can take a couple of months for the part to come in.


      • I'm currently waiting for a portafilter to be shipped from AliExpress after being lazy and sticking it in with a dishwasher cycle 🤦🏼‍♂️. The wooden handle on this replacement portafilter looks a lot nicer than the shiny black plastic handle that ones with the bundled one.


        I tried looking for a bottomless one but they don't seem to have any 3-eared 58mm ones, so I might just grind off the bottom off the old tarnished one once the AliExpress one eventually comes.

    • +4

      Why would you wash that in a dishwasher when it is perfectly cleanable under just a tap

      • I wash mine in the dishwasher - it's made of steel, not aluminium.

        • +2

          Still overkill, no need. Even good knives is advised not to wash in the dishwasher

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      Do you mean Portafilter is not dishwasher safe? Why did you have the need to put it in a dishwasher, it just gets expose to coffee and can take basket out and occasionally clean basket with a brush?

      • ^^ this

      • Stale coffee oils is one reason. Accidentally dropping into the bin or sink with other shit. Wanting to give it a thorough wash is another.

        • +1

          you should be doing a cleaning cycle with the tablets or cafetto which will take care of the oils on the portafilter.

        • If I wanted to give it a thorough wash after few months, I would soak in cleaning solution as part of cleaning/descaling; otherwise place portafilter without coffee ground and run water for few sec. Same as expensive knives, never put in dishwasher.

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    Got this for 450 + $50 gift card from Harvey Norman, great machine, the grinder is excellent and saves you losing bench space with a Breville smart grinder or equivalent. Excellent value and superb coffee, haven’t had any issues.

  • Whats is normal price for this?

    • $470 at amazon… $749 at Myer…. And a gamut in between at good guys etc.
      Usually you can find someone with it for $500 but this is about the best price it’s ever been

    • If you search on Ozb, this machine frequently gets down to approx $350. I got one for $330 from Appliances online early last year and love it!

  • Does this reviewer have a valid point.
    I'm only new to coffee machines, but would prefer it it measured the grind

    Great value for money
    Reviewed in Australia on 5 February 2021
    Colour Name: BlackStyle Name: With Grinder
    Great little machine, my only complaint is my current coffee making abilities. One thing to note is that the grinder does not measure out the amount of coffee, so you just have to kind of guess. If I would have known this I probably would have bought the same version without the attached grinder and put the money towards a standalone grinder with more functionality.

    • +1

      It’s nice to have like electric seat warmers in your car… but do you want to pay extra for the breville smart grinder?
      To be honest, after a few goes you’ll know when it’s got the right amount either by size of the coffee mound or just the number of seconds.

      Does it measure the amount of milk in your froth jug?
      No.. you just get a feeling… generally

      • Cheers for feedback

    • Amount of coffee to brew a decent cup really depends on individual taste, grind size and bean used. I have the same coffee machine and after using about a couple of monts and trying our 3 different beans, I found a sweet spot.

  • I have this model. Its plastic.

    • Well it’s the colour, but from a quality point I’m satisfied

    • Perhaps you have the “silver” not “stainless steel” version.

  • Good machine bought mine during the last lockdown. Only thing you'll want to do is get a proper tamper, as the one it comes with sucks.

    • I’ve seen the auto clicky ones that indicate the right pressure

      • Never seen that. Bother to share a link please? Cheers.

  • This or nespresso env120wae vertuo?

  • Thanks, purchased!

  • +1

    Have one of these in silver (plastic) and love it. Makes an excellent coffee. I weigh the beans each time then tip them in the grinder. Generally use 14grams in the small basket for a single shot in a small latte glass or 22 grams for the larger basket and a double shot. Different beans require different grinder settings, but I find somewhere around 14 to 16 is normally right.
    Youtube is good for some advice, but most take coffee a little too seriously. My advice is, if you like how the coffee tastes, who cares if the pour takes 20 seconds or 23 seconds.

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