This was posted 4 months 13 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Ubiquiti Unifi Dream Machine Pro $488.75 (OOS), U6-LR Wireless Access Point $254.15 Delivered @ Wireless 1


So not an historically low price on this, but they haven’t been this low for a long time now.

One of the best deals that hasn’t required an account with eBay or AfterPay etc.

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    • Same as AC Pro. Not sure if that's the same as the Lite, but isn't the Lite considerably smaller than the LR?.

      (Replaced an AC Pro earlier this week with a U6-LR)

      • I’ve only got lites, so can’t comment on size. I’m thinking of swapping a lite for a LR and was hoping to use the existing mount

        • Have a look at one of the comparison videos on YouTube. The U6 LR is quite a bit larger. Having said that, it's quite a bit larger than the AC Pro and the same mount fitted.

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    Ubiquiti APs are great, but IMO, Ubiquiti routers kinda suck. Expensive, lacking features, weird bugs, and subpar implementations of QOS. I would much rather put this money towards a PFSense or OpenWrt box, but that's me. I guess if you have limited networking skills and want some of this stuff done for you, it's OK, but having everything proprietary and integrated just seems like a recipe for issues in the long term.

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    Hope Wireless_1 sends the listed model this time

    a thousand dollars out sent a lower base unit for their hardware recently~

    • How long ago did that happen?

  • was going to get this or the firewalla gold.
    Anyone else compared both?

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      Those are very different devices. Try to read a comparison of pfsense vs udm. Most of the things said about pfsense router would apply to firewalla. You can also save a ton by buying firewalla like hardware from aliexpress and putting on it.

  • the unifi AP are good, their routers, dream machine etc, are not useful for most people. If you aren't already familiar with their system, don't get one.
    Unless you do IT work for a living and understand the unifi system, you are better off with something else. And as someone said, if you need someone else to make a change to settints forget about it.
    I was a huge fan of unifi/ubiquiti until I started using it and wondering why I couldn't do simple things like traffic per device.

    • What would you recommend. I want Rock solid wifi in my house plus new extension. I’ve got the chance to use wired back haul

      • If you are in IT, buy second hand enterprise equipment, otherwise buy a zero setup "mesh" thingy that supports ethernet backend. More than anything you need a good placement of APs for solid wifi. Avoid media cabinets or anything around TVs.

        • Was thinking about my own headless pfsense nuc and two or three unifi access points in the roof. It might be overkill. The other option was maybe two routers meshed with wireless backhaul.

          Any further advice. I’m just a beginner when it comes to IT

          • @flashi007: pfsense (or any other open source firewall) is a great choice. Ceiling is a the best spot to put APs, but attic may be too hot for them. A lot of modern day APs have full blown computers in them and are usually rated for 50-60c environments.

            Unfortunately I do not know consumer APs well enough to make any recommendations. Unify APs require PoE or PoE+ and a dedicated controller to run them. This is pretty common once you step up from consumer hardware.

            • @mainmast: When I said in the roof I meant on the ceiling (I’m an idiot).

              • @flashi007: Currently running pfsense on esxi from the HP SSF ex lease machines. Unifi controller on Ubuntu and pi-hole on VM. Unifi wifi 6 AP.
                Cost $200 for i7 HP machine. Added additional Intel NIC. Rock solid.

  • OOS :(

  • Falling out of love with Ubiquity.
    They have made so many promises regarding their OS, but have continually failed to deliver.

    A simple thing i want to do it add a host name for a local machine the the routers DNS.
    Was do-able in their Edge Route range, but not in the Unifi range without significant modification and behind the scenes work.

    This is essentially a step backwards.

    The price/performance of their wireless stuff is great, but the rest of their gear is not really up to anything more then a routine installation in a bread and butter network.

  • sale over? can still b/o but discounted price is not reflected in cart?

    • Yeah. Looks like they've now excluded the Dream Machine Pro from the 15% off.

  • anyone received their order? still "processing" from order placed on the 14th

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      My order from last Saturday (Dream machine, 16port switch, access point) arrived yesterday (20th Jan). Was unexpected as no shipping notification and it looked like it was on backorder. Pleasant surprise though.

      • thanks for the update. i'm still waiting for mine

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          just arrived today 🙂

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