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Oris James Morrison Limited Edition Watch, 38mm Automatic, Black Leather Strap $1495 Delivered @ Star Jewellers


I think this is an awesome deal for a limited edition oris- it won't be to everyone's taste though. I just regret I don't have $1500 to drop on a watch right now!

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  • Cheap cheap

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      I bought the Oris Scott Morrison. Completely unreliable, slick marketing and won't accept responsibility when it loses time.

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  • make 4 interest-free payments of $373.75 AUD fortnightly with Afterpay - The illusion is real. 😉

    • basically free!

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    Thanks OP, bought 5

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      You a starfish?

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        Probably frequent flyer accross 5 different time zones

    • Only 5?

  • I'll send Leonard to pick it up in the Rolls

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      If U had a RR, you wouldn't be buying this watch

      • Why not?

        • It's a cheap luxury watch. Nowhere near the calibre of a RR comparatively.

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          Because if you had RR you are most likely to wear any of the below:
          Patek Philippe.
          Vacheron Constantin.
          Audemars Piguet.
          Richard Mille ;-)

          • @Pulp Fiction: I'm guessing you would wear Richard Mille like this?


            • @Tycn: Do not like Richie Miller watches at all.

          • @Pulp Fiction: I see.

            I have always suspected my friend that drives a Toyota to be an ultra high net worth individual, because he wears those. He does have a plastic Casio as well.

            • @DisabledUser141524: Nothing wrong in owning a retro casio mate.


              Rolex pepsi and patek phillip nautilus is owned by quite a few folks i know mate.

              • @Ash SA: Yea. An everyday joy can have those, hence, my initial question on the relevance of an RR and those brands. Such a misconception.

  • I've been keeping an eye on Oris watches for a while - this watch has been 50% at various stores for the past 6 months. So good deal, but also ~ the going price for this piece from my observations.

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    The Art Blakey limited edition for is also 50% off which some people might prefer. Pretty sure it's the same watch with a different dial and caseback: https://starjewellers.com.au/collections/oris/products/oris-...

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      now that is a nice looking watch.

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        Lol I always thought its one of the ugliest watches in the market.
        It's funny how different eyes see different things.

      • I have the Art Blakey, it's a very interesting piece with a two-depth dial and the staggered drum hoops around the inner dial. Build quality is good, leather band is good; it's my first Oris but I own 28 watches.

        Not worth the RRP AUD 3,000, but very reasonable at AUD 1,300 that I paid for it (reasonable as in comparison to other watches in that price range, not reasonable for any regular person to be spending thousands on watches).

  • Frankly this watch doesn't justify it's price, you much better getting either Seiko Presage Cocktail time or Tissot PRX (Quartz or PRX 80 Automatic) for less money and saving money for a better piece in Oris collection such as Big Crown or Aquis.

    There are much nicer "entry" Swiss luxury pieces to be had for $1500 such as some of Longiness or Rado watches.

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      I agree that the watches you've mentioned represent good value, however, I still think this watch will suit a certain buyer.
      At 38mm it's a nice dress watch size (2-3mm smaller than the ones mentioned), and it has a unique design which you've either love or hate.
      Although not COSC certified, a lot of people report their Oris SW200-1 movement watches running within COSC certification (however, without a certification YMMV).
      Although not the cheapest watch, the price is fair for an independent Swiss brand.
      That being said, I wouldn't buy a watch without being able to try it on beforehand.

      • "That being said, I wouldn't buy a watch without being able to try it on beforehand"
        This is true.
        Unless it's a limited edition watch and can't access in person

        • If you couldn’t find this exact watch, you could try a standard Oris Artelier - should give you a good idea.

    • Funny I own a tissot seiko presage and oris.
      I like my oris the most design wise. But my seiko sumo keeps track of time better than my oris. But worse than a presage. In saying that a presage is 1/4 of the price
      Mt tissot is quartz so it isn't comparible
      Don't own a rado but my longines is mid tier luxury (high end for longines) so a different ball game all together

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        Big deal. I have a Dora the Explorer watch. It's a one of a kind (due to defective manufacturing quality assurance!)

  • Oh my god, James Morrison? I must have it.

    • Being a Jazzophile, I thought the same.

  • Tuning fork second hand and baton hour & minute?

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