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20% off Eligible Items (22% eBay Plus) @ eBay (AirPods 3rd Gen $239.05 with eBay Plus @ Sydneymobiles eBay)


Good price on the Airpods 3rd gen - $245.17 $245.18 without ebay plus and $239.04 $239.05 with. Additional $6 discount on top of the 20%/22% at checkout at 10am tomorrow morning.

Pay with discounted gift cards for further savings.

Full T&Cs -

Offer Period. This offer commences at 10:00AM AEDT on 17th January 2022 and ends at 11:59pm AEDT on 30th January 2022 (“Offer Period”). eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time.
Eligibility. This offer is available to eBay Plus members and non-eBay Plus members as set out in clause 4 below.
Conditions This offer entitles you to:
non-eBay Plus members to 20% off; and
eBay Plus members to an extra 2% off (total 22% off),
the pre-coupon purchase price (excluding postage costs) during the Offer Period, up to a maximum discount of $300 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in 5 transactions (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

“Eligible Items” means items listed on eBay.com.au where a link to these terms and conditions and the coupon redemption code PJAN20 or PJAN22 is found in the item listing, or the item appears in the following URL:

Credit to Bippz01 for the original deal.

Mod Update 30/1: Appears PJAN20 has expired. PJAN22 is still valid.

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  • +10

    Here we go again

    • Was keen on getting a couple of android mobile phones, hopefully there is something half decent available.

    • +3

      Ah shit, here we go again.


  • +54

    Why are these deals always deleted and then reposted by a more popular account?

    • -2

      I think the posts need additional details (like specific details of a bargain), then the details are added by another, more experienced, account

      • +28

        Then why not add these details on the original post? Seems weird to delete the original post.

        On a separate note, price jacking has already started. Most ozbargainers already know not to get excited about these BS sales but a digital piano I looked at last night has gone from $599 to $699 overnight. Surprise surprise.

        • +3

          I'm not sure, I had the previous deal up and when I came back there was a notice that it was taken down by moderators due to a lack of details.

    • +12

      There are politics, favours, quid pro quos and under the table deal conspiracies everywhere.

    • Format primarily.

    • +10

      The more popular account holder notices the post and then reports it for not having the right formatting, price, store, location etc… In the mean time they post the deal with all the required details and get the credit.

      • +16

        Just for clarity, I didn't report the earlier post. I even added the T&Cs in a comment.

        After the deal was posted, I reached out to different sellers to starting dealing. The extra $6 off was not originally in the Airpods deal - this was something that I negotiated.

        More than happy for the original deal to re-instated. That is a Ozbargain call, not mine.

        • -3

          I know, I just jokin'. :)

    • Ugh, always with the conspiracy theories here.

      • If a deal doesn't meet deal posting guidelines, then it doesn't meet the threshold to be published. Could be lack of details in this situation, lack of business details, unobtainable offer, etc.
      • If the OP clarifies the details or Ozbargain staff is able to find the details, then correct we'll republish the deal.
      • However if someone posts the deal again with the missing details (e.g. time starting, items applicable), then their deal meets the threshold of a valid deal. Why would we remove a deal that meets guidelines when there isn't a published deal?

      Best scenario for any user to let us know the update. We've had many times in the past where an eBay deal was posted and thought to be x discount and ended up being completely different. Best not to post deals until all the details are known especially with sites like eBay.

      • +11

        Can we add the option to down vote a mods comments? Just a suggestion.

        • No, but go for it on this comment.

          • +6

            @neil: Don't take the bait its a trap.
            I spent years in the penalty box after I negged a mod.


            • +4
              • +2

                @neil: Didn't realise one could post videos within Ozbargain could you let us know how 👍😁

                • +1

                  @Italkdigital: You need to apply for a job as a mod

                  • @gimli: Does one get paid being a mod? Or it's all 💕

                    • @Italkdigital:

                      OzBargain is an online community moderated by a small team. Currently all moderators are full-time paid employees of Delvu Media Pty Ltd, the company that publishes OzBargain.

                      Moderators and FAQ:

                      There are 7 members of staff – scotty, moocher, neil, hamza23, RichardL, scrimshaw and alvian that are on the OzBargain payroll. These are the only 7 users that can call themselves “OzBargain staff” and can officially represent OzBargain.

                      All staff members (other than Scotty & Moocher) went from regular user - > power user -> moderator -> staff member. We are all long term users of OzBargain.

                      and similar to the silly assertion before about "popular posters"

                      Do companies pay OzBargain to post deals?

                      NO. OzBargain is a completely independent website that strives to be as transparent as possible. Companies or those associated with a company are free to post deals making sure they click the “I am Associated” checkbox when posting a deal.

                      • @neil: Thanks for that Neil "the moderator" nice to know,.. and I'll try to be good on here 👍😁

                        Edit: Any helpful links for a business to post on Ozbargain? especially the rules,.. not that I'm a business as yet

                        Edit again: and I love Ozbargain one of the best sites to find bargains and I go out of my way telling everyone about Ozbargain

                        • @Italkdigital:

                          Edit: Any helpful links for a business to post on Ozbargain? especially the rules,.. not that I'm a business as yet

                          Help. There is a whole section there for getting started, FAQ etc.

                          • @neil: Thank you, as it's very easy to make mistakes and break rules, again thanks shall look into it 👍

                      • @neil: Flaunting the mod hax just makes us all sad, inb4 this becomes a requested feature

                • @Italkdigital: Probably cost to maintain if someone started to post gif/videos are responses.

                  • @Sheng: Most gifs are externally hosted on sites like giphy

      • As dealbot have stated, they linked the terms and conditions in the comments section of previous post. All that needed to be done was, scroll down, copy link and update post with terms and conditions already linked in the comments section.

        • I'll leave that to the original staff member to reply. EDIT: Found the exact same conversation, same eBay, same conspiracy theories, same OP, same answer here.

          I can see the original deal posted was a sitewide 20% off sale, I do see the comment you are referring to which then changed the deal significantly from a sitewide sale to select items. I'm not very familiar with these eBay sales but I can't see what items are eligible. The original post had no examples of deals. The OP of this deal has found at least 1 item that appears to be under this promotion and a deal.

          As per the Deal Posting Guideline: Upcoming Deals:

          Deal posts that reference an upcoming sale or deal without information about any specific offer, or have an unknown/indefinite start date may be unpublished. Please post only when at least a product price or a specific discount is known, and include that in the description. Please note that up to XX% off discounts are not specific discounts.

          In any case, the deal was eventually posted with all the correct details so the community wins or maybe eBay wins (waves to Jack)?

      • +4

        Is jv on your payroll?

  • How do you know this item will be included as an eligible item?

    • +132

      If it's gone up in price

      • +13

        Yeah these ebay deals need some negs to red flag so noobs don't get too excited and make a mistake.

  • Isn’t Sydneymobiles eBay the same as MobileCiti, the place that’s been called out for selling fakes and other such things?

  • +2

    can the coupon promotion list be searched?

  • +15

    Jack back online again?

    • He's hit the road

  • Damn I just cancelled my ebay plus today

    • +17

      Don't worry it is eligible items only so chances are there won't be anything worth buying.

    • +6

      And don’t forget that Jack will be here so not really 22% off.

      • +1

        What does jack will be here mean?

        • +8

          There's a pretty well founded theory that most places 'jack' up their prices during these sales so the end result either isn't a sale price, or nowhere near the amount claimed.

          • @wfdTamar: Right, thank you, wonder if dell will do the same

            • @sakanasama: Bigger companies like Dell or Microsoft tend not to jack their prices up. They are sometimes excluded from the sitewide deals though.

              • @fidelio: Great, that said, if I do see them included then it would be a good bargain!! Cheers

          • @wfdTamar: Yep or some sellers don't but then jack visits when they see the item posted here on Ozb. See last sale and a coffee item that went up in price after it was listed here as its own deal on Ozb.

        • +1

          eligible items are often jacked up in price to counter the coupon

          • +1

            @rhimes: IIRC EBay funds the seller the coupon amount, so sellers are increasing their price to take the margin it offers. So if the coupon is 100, the price goes up 70 so the seller grabs the oppprtunity.
            Basically like the first home owners grant.

    • eBay Plus is valid till the last day of your paid period, not on the cancelation day.

  • +2

    Only Sydneymobiles?

  • +2

    Bring the Xiaomi G10 combo vacuum back. It's been almost 2 months :(

    • Not sure about others, but gearbite botched my order during that sale. They sent the package with the main vacuum unit missing. I returned it and am still waiting for the replacement.

      • Why did you need to return it? Couldn't they just send you the main unit separately?

        • Personally wasn't happy with that option as the box had obviously been opened before it was delivered. The other thing is AusPost delays, so not entirely their fault, although sending out a previously opened package is not ideal.

  • +1

    The search link takes me to a page of categories which seems to take me to a generic ebay plus page, is that the case for anyone else?

    • +1

      Check back after the promo starts, which is 10am AEDT tomorrow.

  • +2

    Hoping for a decent discount on Ps5 SSD’s

  • Works for individual seller?

  • How do I know whether this item is included? Do I just have to wait and see?

    • I'm 99% it won't be included.

      The good guys never participate in these "20% off" promo

      The best so far is 15%

      • +1

        Bing Lee might.

        • Possibly Myer, too.

          • @Chazzozz: Does Target exist on eBay can't seem to find them, eBay's search is a pain

            • @Italkdigital: Nope. Target only exists on Catch.com marketplace because Catch and Target are both owned by Wesfarmers.

  • +9

    Glad I paid $49 to get the massive bonus 2%

  • price jackers!

  • Anyway to check what items are going to be included in the sale? Looking for AMD 5900X CPU's and X570 Mobos

  • +3

    I expect nothing and I’ll still be disappointed

  • +7

    Jack up the price by 25% - check
    Offer 20% discount - check
    Watch people impulse buy - check

    • +6

      Checks checked - check

  • Any aaa eneloop deals???

  • +1

    Any boost simcard deal?

  • +5

    ebay was better when they gave you a list of eligible sellers so you could search just the eligible items, instead of making you check each and every item one by one.

  • +18

    FYI sellers funding 14% of this (I was offered to take part but declined)

    • +1

      Makes sense. The item I was looking at was 599 and got jacked up to 699, which roughly equates 599 ÷ (1-0.14).

    • So eBay only fund 6% and it charge 8-10% selling fee for seller which they still make some money in each of the transaction.

      How greedy eBay are

      • Adam Smith would have been proud of them.

      • WHAAAT?? 8 - 10%…where you been hibernating?

        Sold a 1080Ti recently…and they ripped me for 13.8% of the sale price…despite the listing being re-routed from a Gumtree Promotion advertising a $0.30 Final Value Fee….STILL FIGHTING THEM FOR MY REFUND…

        • I think store sub has less fee, I used to sell a lot as store until 2 years ago, it charges 8.8% - 11%(include GST)

  • Need some computer parts

  • 3080ti here I come!


    • It said "@ Sydneymobiles eBay"

    • hahahaha, good luck with that, the cheapest is $3049, not worth it even with 22% off hahahaha.

      • You may have noticed the last 2 characters on my post were "/s"

        I'll be getting a 3090 anyway.

        • +1

          doesn't matter I'm non-LHR.

          • @non-LHR: It does matter that you're non-LHR.

            I don't care about hash rate. I'm not a miner scum.

            • @imurgod: you don't need 3090 if you're not a miner.

              • @non-LHR: I know but I can have one, so why not?

                I always get the most powerful card available when I upgrade.

                • @imurgod: buy stuff you only need, not what you can.

                  best let the miners buy 3090 so they can make hefty profit.

                  • +1

                    @non-LHR: I only buy the best of everything.

                    I'm sure miners won't miss a couple of 3090 cards missing from the market, and of course if they want them, I am happy to maybe sell 1 at a profit of course.

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