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Garmin Forerunner 245 Music (Aqua) - $249.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Being looking at a sports watch with music to ditch the phone when walking and running. Only this colour is at this price. Last week this was on sale at JB for $289 (now gone back to retail price @ $579)

Black - $288.85 https://www.amazon.com.au/Garmin-010-02120-30-Forerunner-Mus...
White - $288 https://www.amazon.com.au/Garmin-Forerunner-Music-Smartwatch...

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Aqua and white model have been this price since before Xmas from Pushys.

    Black is cheaper on eBay at $244

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      lol I posted the same ebay link less than a second after you.

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      Damn, thought I did well. Not familiar with pushy but at least with Amazon I can use all those gift cards bought when ShopBack and Cashrewards had their bonuses. :)

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    Decent price for a solid watch.

    On ebay for slightly cheaper in black.


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      use PLUSJAN5 and Pay only $231.80

      • Could be even cheaper tomorrow

        • Out of stock already on eBay sadly, I've been keeping an eye out for this watch

  • Proven sports watch but battery life way behind most competitors in this price bracket.

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      which watch is better that has on board Spotify and its the same size?

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          well then you cant compare the two - you sacrifice a lot to have on board music that you can play off your watch and pair to Bluetooth headphones - its a game changer
          if you want more battery you have to pay for bigger Fenix 6

          • @botchie: Agreed, I have the 245 music and it's nice being able to blast tunes without having to lug a phone around.

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    This is a great watch for runners and general fitness tracking alike. It's even better for Android users but still compelling for thise using iOS, in my opinion. In particular, Garmin offers a great Web platform that compliment the app experience and a LOT of features you wind find on Smart-first, fitness-second watches.
    At this price, it's a great buy. Bands are only a few bucks from AliExpress so don't stress about the colour.

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    Have had this watch for about a year. Is fantastic at this price point.

    For anyone concerned about battery life, I run about 20-30km a week, always listen to music while running and generally need to charge it every 5-7 days.

    • Weird question I guess, but do you ever feel unsafe or unprepared, going out for a run or a walk without your phone? Just from the safety aspect I guess, and that no one can contact you in an emergency? Does that bother you? (Or is running your super powerrrr?)

      • I just assume if I have a heart attack someone will pick me up and help 😂😂

      • I'm old so the concept of not being able to be contacted or not being able to contact someone is just reality….I mean, it might happen but what is the actual likelihood? I swim and surf and dive and do all sorts of things that involve water and cant bring my phone along; its honestly never really crossed my mind that the lack of a phone is one of the top 10 risks I'm taking.

        I guess it depends where you run. If you are running around the suburbs or on well used trails, then there will be people around. If you are doing 3 hour solo trail runs in the backwoods, then perhaps its something to consider.

        • I'm not that old (early 30s) but I do remember on the odd occasions I lost or broke my phone, going a few days/weeks without one was manageable.

          Seriously, having moments where you're "off the grid" or uncontactable actually feels a bit liberating.

      • Watch/Garmin also have livetrack feature which will send an email to your nominated account and they can see your progress live. It's not the best thing but it works. I have it on all the time but it's very useful when I'm running on bush tracts.

        • That only works if you have your phone.

          • @ScJ: oh I never noticed it needed bluetooth, I guess it needs to send data so makes sense. I stand corrected

      • @dtc sums it up pretty well. I tend to only run around my neighbourhood or on fairly heavily travelled running/bike paths. I figure if I injure myself or fall over someone will find me fairly quickly.

        Occasionally if I go for a trail run or bush walk that's more secluded I'll take my phone as an extra precaution.

      • I believe it has an emergency function where it can send a message to your emergency contacts. My friend fell once but stopped the message sending as she was ok. https://www8.garmin.com/manuals/webhelp/forerunner245/EN-US/...

        • you will need your phone with you as the watch doesn't send sms, it's through the garmin connect app, so needs services from the phone.

  • I am waiting for a band discount, such as Huawei Band 6

  • Good pay work?

  • Thought this was going to be a perfect gift for the missus but no Apple Music support 😔. Any recommendations for a fitness watch with music, gps and Apple Music support? She doesn’t want to take her phone when she goes running.

    Edit: aside from an Apple Watch, obviously.

  • These don't play well with the XM3 Sony wireless earbuds which are a bit of a mainstay on OzB. Can't maintain a Bluetooth connection properly. So reconsider if you plan on using this watch with them.

  • They work great with Beats Powerbeats.

    The only issues I have had:

    • you need a computer to download your spotify/music lists, not just a smart phone. However, it will sync your workouts to your smartphone (to Strava, for example). At the start there is a bit of back and forth between connecting to the phone and then the computer and then the phone again and then the headphones. Not complicated, just allow a little bit of set up time (also downloading from spotify is fairly slow - maybe 10 - 15 seconds per song? - so go away and do something else the first time). I have an iphone and there are no issues with the apps etc - works totally fine

    • takes a while to get the button pushing right. I keep pushing the wrong buttons…just the consequence of having so many options with so few buttons. But having physical buttons is great for me (especially swimming)

    • the GPS is fairly quick but still takes 15 - 30 seconds when you are outdoors. So dont push the start button and start running, you have to go to the run option and wait until the GPS is locked and then start. Not a big deal, just something to remember

    • its an exercise watch not a smart watch. It does some smart watch stuff, but if you are after one of those watches that pings when you get emails or garmin pay etc, it doesnt do those things. If you want to use it beyond exercise, make sure you know what it does and doesnt do. In terms of an exercise watch, its really designed for people who to 'standard' exercising eg running, pool swimming, road cycling etc. Not for people who are hiking up mountains or cave diving or whatever - you need the much higher end watches.

    • not all of the metrics eg VO2 seem particularly accurate. But I'm not sure a garden variety exerciser needs to know their VO2 levels. Pace, cadence, splits, time, distance etc are all fine

    • You don't need a computer, or even a phone to download Spotify playlists. You can do it straight from your watch quite simply
      Music library > add music and podcasts

      • I’m on ios. Watch needs to be connected to phone and Garmin app running to initiate Spotify sync. But after it’s connected good to go.
        No computer needed at all.
        I typically start a podcast sync while i get ready for my run.

        I love this watch, running without phone is some sort of freedom.

        also - if you don’t like the colour just change the band. The colour on the watch is minimal.

    • Could be an apple thing, I'm android and have no trouble setting a playlist on my phone and then syncing it to the watch?

  • Is there much of a benefit of these things if all you do is treadmill running? All of my treadmill runs are already logged via iFIT.

    • Heart rate monitor. Other than that, no

    • If you get a footpod it will give you some more accurate stats. Better cadence , stride length and pace on the treadmill

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