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PreSonus Eris E3.5 Speakers Black $201.96 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Was looking for some active speakers for computer, came across this deal. Generally very good reviews for these…

  • Near field studio monitors
  • 3.5 inch woven composite low frequency transducer
  • 1 inch (25 mm), ultra low mass, silk dome, high frequency transducer
  • RCA and inch balanced TRS rear panel inputs
  • Front panel 1/8 inch stereo Aux In for use with mobile audio devices.Integrated headphone amplifier with front panel stereo 1/8 inch jack.High and low frequency controls let you fine tune the speaker's response.Front panel Volume control.Rear firing, round bass reflex port.25W/side Class AB amplification
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Price is for pair, in case anyone asks but doesn't go to the Amazon link.

  • 3.5" driver is going to be limiting but cant expect much for an active $100 per speaker

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      Completely disagree.

      PreSonus Eris speakers are fantastic as PC speakers.
      I have these and they are awesome. They are powered so they are plug and play.

      Just google the reviews.

      At this price point there isn't much better for the size.

  • Better off getting Edifier R1280DBS/R1700BT

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    These speakers are not for everyone. If you like booming bass stay away. If you like a really nice balanced sound with great clarity I highly recommend them.

    I use these for video conference + music and a little gaming.

    The audio clarity you get without needing to turn the volume all the way up is a must when spending all day on video conference.

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      Majority here think edifiers are the bees knees, totly not the market.

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        For the price, they literally are. You can spend slightly more and you only get different, not better.
        Bought these guys a while back for around $300. They are leaps and bounds more capable and versatile, so it really depends on what you want out of them. These speakers are very particular, in that you need to be very close to them, they don't have any bass at all, and they have a certain signature on top.

    • If you like booming bass stay away.

      Isn't that true for all speakers that don't have a subwoofer?

  • Looked at these when I needed pc speakers. Went with the fluid c5 instead just based on bigger speaker and only 20 bucks more than this.

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    I bought $205 from Amazon UK for the bluetooth version last year, great value for money, these are not your typical big and boomy sounding speakers, they are neutral sounding which makes them useful for music production

  • Yep, totally agree. I got them (Eris E3.5BT) because I wanted to do some hobby music production without the desk being overwhelmed by big boxes, but I paired them with a Voll sub on special (about $200) so for just a fraction over $400 I have some awesome sounding studio monitors supported by a very competent sub that goes down to about 30hz. Absolutely no regrets. "Warm Shadow" by Fink is fantastic when that heartbeat-like bass drum kicks in halfway through.

  • If you are expecting easy listening speakers for your games or just listening to music these may not be for you.
    These are nearfield studio monitors, they are for critical listening/monitoring, they are very detailed and if they are anything like my e5 they can (like most monitors) be a little fatiguing, and they will bring out every fault in the music (thats what they are for). Theres good reason the 'car stereo test' exists

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