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Dreame W10 Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop with Self-Cleaning Dock $1299 Shipped @ Gearbite eBay


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Finally, it "cheap" enough for me to purchase imo! Does the job reasonably well on hard floors but not mixed such as rug/carpet etc according to the reviews.

1. there are newer and advance robot is coming out Ecovacs X1 OMN
2. Kogan is selling cheaper (preorder) at $1019 but deliver date is ~May!

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    Costs as much as my first car!

    • Cost is more than double my first car!

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        What were these first car death traps you speak of? Or are we simply talking 1970's economics? :)

        My first car in the 90's was $3,000 (then 20yr old car)

        • +1

          My death trap was a 1977 Honda Civic, $600 circa 1999

          It was (almost definitely) 100% unroadworthy but I was able to sell it for $300 after I'd used it for a few years.

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    hahhah…does your car vacuum and mop the floors ? :D

    • +2

      I believe it can skid and leave a mark ;)

    • +1

      Mops the road with some cars at least :)

  • "maximum discount of $300 per transaction". So it's $1299. But you can buy gift card on Shopback to get another 3% discount.

  • I think these should start refilling the water as well from the base station, not just empty the internal bin.

    • My understanding is that this does not empty the internal bin to the base station:


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        Yep. It can’t empty the internal bin. Also the vacuum does not have a water tank. It seems to prewet the mop using the base station before cleaning.

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        Oh OK, I thought they did, havent been follwing up on these releases lately. They are getting way too expensive. They need to be able to clean the internal bin and refill the water. The navigation needs a little improving and should last a few years at this price. Am pretty sure 2 to 3 years down the line this will be achieved, I will wait till then.

    • I believe the new Roborock S7 Ultra does refill from the station. Hasn't been released in Aus as far as I'm aware.

      • If you mean the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra, it is supposed to be released in USA in Q 2 this year, so might be a while before it arrives Oz. Looks awesome though - and has 5100 Pa of suction - I think I’ll wait for that.

        • I waited ages just for the dock so yeah I reckon it'll be a long while before it reaches Aus as well.

  • As much as I don't like Kogan, they have this for $1019? https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/dreame-bot-w10-au-dreame/

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      It's a presale and "Ships on 2nd May". The ebay price could be lower than $1019 in May…

      • And Kogan may cancel the order too - I've had that happen when trying to buy an iRobot s7+ with them

        • true, just sharing that this may not be the best price. I've also had some orders from Gearbite take months or never turn up either

          • @jimbomaha: it's already in the original post

            • edit, wording
  • What's a good mop and vacumm robot in the market with a base station. So confused with the option. If someone can recommend a couple, it would be much appreciated. Tia.

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      The best IMO is the Roborock S7+, it'll be around $1500 with both the bot and base station. Definitely expensive, but it'll be the best if you want a mop / vac combo with most features automated.

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        And the Roomba i7+ if house is carpeted (also expensive)

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      Wait for the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra.

      • Any guesses of what the Australia MSRP will be?

        • Given it has a RRP of $1399 before state taxes in the USA, and we pay about 25-30% more, looking possibly at the mid $2000s mark

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            @buckster: Ok, thanks. Will be ordering a S7+ then.

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              @Morien: Probably a good idea, the brush is the same and arguably all other functions are pretty similar to a point where it's unlikely there's enough performance increase to justify the ~700 extra cost.

              eBay deals are usually the best for getting a good discount as Roborock themselves don't do any S7 discounts online

          • @buckster: The Roomba S9+ had a RRP of USD 1,399 when it came out, and now became USD 849 their own website, Bu it is still $2,899 in Oz, so I’ll be happy with $2,000 for the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra.

            • @slimdusty: Yeah, we get ripped off big time with anything Roomba related

    • i have the ecovacs T9+. Bought it for around $950 1 month ago (AMEX cashback with Godfreys). Works very well (mop and vacuum)

      • Agree, it work really well, the only problem is we need to change the mob pads 3 times to clean our 3 bedroom apartment or it start smearing dirty rag all over, no big deal tho. My main neg is the navigation is quite bad and it will do the same pass if you set to do 2nd pass while this dreame do criss cross. This creates smearing mark in out laminate floor, if you ocd then there will be a problem, but for me I rather have slight smearing mark than a dirty floor. We run the robot for vacuum every day in dining and living room and mop every week. While in our old apartments we manual vacuum every week and mop every month.

  • +1

    Viomi s9 or roborock over this any day of the week.
    Also I feel the title is misleading given it can't empty its dustbin and only has space for clean and dirty water

  • +5

    I'll uhh… just mop the floor once a month? Leave the rest to my still kickin' original Xiaomi vacc lol.

  • +1

    For a vacuum over 1k, I would expect better than "reasonably well". My xiao Mi Gen 1 Vac is still going strong and does the good "well"

  • +2

    Roborock S7MaxV Ultra (yes that's what it's called) coming out very soon, will see how this compares with it later. Apparently it's meant to be the grail robo vac.

    • Yes can't wait to upgrade my s5 max to s7 maxV ultra. Haha

      • -2

        Nah wait for the S69 max ultra quantum infinity series. :)

    • +1

      any word on if the Roborock S7MaxV Ultra will have a bagless option like the S7 Plus?

      My big question is do you go for a Hybrid Mop and Vaccum combo like the Roborock S7MaxV Ultra or S7 Plus?

      or do you go for a dedicated Robot Mop and Vacuum like the iRobot Roomba j7 Plus (still not out in aus) and iRobot Roomba Braava Jet m6 combo?

      Would love to hear some experienced peoples thoughts?

      • I'll go for the combo. My only complaint about my s5 max is the mopping function .. not quite happy with it. S7 maxV ultra looks like a huge improvement on mopping function. From pressure mopping to self cleaning mop. Besides this, I also considered a robot cleaner from China called Norwal robotic for mopping. But I don't want to risk buying one from China and ship it here for warranty reason.

  • Thanks Ozbargain brotherhood. Will wait for the VMAX. If I am spending 1500+ then going over a couple of hundreds more for a better product is ok I guess. Few weeks on 1$ cheeseburger 🤣 atleast the missus will be happy.

  • I bought this from Gearbite before Christmas and I love it. I think you should consider buying this ONLY if

    1. You need a robot mop as much as (or more than) a robot vacuum. Don't buy it if you only mop your floor once 2 weeks.
    2. You have a large floor area covered by wood or tiles. However, don't buy it if the area is bigger than 150 square meters. You will have to manually refill the water tank in middle of the cleaning process.

    Besides, the noise level is much lower than some old models such as XiaoMi Gen1 and Roborock S5.

  • Does Xiaomi own Dreame and Viomi?

  • +1

    It's AUD$808 + postage from jd.com


    • Do they shipto Aus? I wish there's an Eng version of this site though

    • Unfortunately, it does not work in that way. I did try getting it from jd.com couple of weeks ago and ran into several issues. I had to request a refund in the end.

      1. You forgot the 10% GST.
      2. The web page said it could be shipped to Australia. However, the transport company selected by jd.com asked me to pay extra postage (> AUD$400) because robot vacuum contains a big battery pack which requires some special treatment. I noticed that most W10 sellers on AliExpress were asking for similar postage. So I assume they were telling the truth.
      3. I also tried Taobao.com. Their own transport service (CaiNiao) did not accept robot vacuum at all. I must find a transport company by myself.

      BTW, it's a Chinese model from jd.com. You will need a Chinese mobile number to use the APP. The one from gearbite is an global version.

  • My Viomi S9 dead and returned as the laser sensor stopped working. It seems such laser sensor will die any time. I'm looking for some reliable Visual SLAM ones not such laser ones.

    • could be just a motor issue, $15 part to replace.

  • I ended up ordering the Roidme EVA which seems to be the best value robovacmop.

    Unlike this it also auto empties the dust bin.


  • Still waiting for Google assist support, was told it will be available last year.

    • I still having problems with Google keep hearing as FU rather than vacuum.

  • Bought one when it first came out last Sept. Been working great.

    So good that just bought another for 2nd floor.

    From Taobao prior shipping it's currently 3699 CNY, with GST etc it goes to 4068 CNY, around $889.85 AUD.
    Shipping is another 503 CNY, another 109.94 AUD

  • Does it cope well with long hairs on the floor?

  • Can anyone suggest a good robo under 1k that can map the floors?

    • +1

      I've been very happy with my Xiaomi L10 pro. Picked it up for 550 a while ago and it's been going well. Has lidar navigation for decent object avoidance, smart mapping, mop function, virtual no-go zones etc. I didn't need or want an auto emptying dustbin vac since I prefer the low profile to keep under a side buffet. Easy enough to quickly take tray out and empty and pets/wife means I do periodic quick check of the brush for wrapped hairs (very easy to pop out and clean). Recommend it

  • Is this the same robot vaccuum for $1089 ? https://www.amazon.com/Dreametech-Cleaner-Sweeping-Mopping-N...

    • +1

      It's $1080 + $491.41 Shipping & Import Fees. And it's USD!

      • Oh head slap! i was on US Amazon

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