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Xiaomi 3H Air Purifier $199.20 ($194.22 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ Gearbite via eBay


Seems like a popular air purifier. It's been cheaper in the past with Kogan deals. However, have not seen it below $200 in a while since this

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    that reminds me I need some new filters for my existing ones. Where's the best price on filters these days, anyone know?

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      Got one recently for about 44, down to 34 with afterpay now https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/254760734462?ssPageName=STRK%3AM...

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        is there a code for afterpay discount?

        • You need to log into your afterpay and look. They are specific to user most of the time..

      • Are these genuine filters?

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      Keep an eye on eBay and also here on OzBargain, usually the best deals are the 2-pack HEPA filters for ~$60 which come around every couple of months. There's usually no rush to get more filters as they last for quite a while, so it pays to wait for a good deal.

      • Can I ask if the unit will stop if you don't replace the filter or will it keep going until you get a replacement?

        • It will keep going.

          • @Ozabc: It will keep going alright, and recirculate crap the filter won't be able to catch anymore.

            • @DoctorCalculon: Particle filters generally don't work like that. When they are well used the pores in the filter get blocked and the flow rate drops but it won't start letting particles through.

              VOC filters that work on adsorption, usually by activated charcoal, will stop filtering once full. But the HEPA part of the filter will keep working

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      Kogan $39 (free postage with first)

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    Mines been good. Silent on the lower settings. Didn't handle the dust problem like I'd hoped. The humidity and temp sensors are a nice bonus.

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      FYI, it's useless to run air purifiers on the silent/low settings, you'll want to run them at either medium or high/max for them to actually do their job of cleaning the air. Yes, that means noise, there's no avoiding it. Auto settings are also completely useless on consumer air purifiers, since the particulate sensors are not sensitive enough to pick up actual pollution until it gets really bad.

      Also, air purifiers do not remove dust from the air, that's not what they're intended for (and besides, dust settles on surfaces, it doesn't typically float around in the air). They're meant to get rid of fine particulates/pollution/pollen.

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        Does that mean this will help people with hay fever or sensitive to pets?

        • It may or may not help for hayfever/alleries, there's no guarantees. I get pretty bad hayfever and I found that running my Xiaomi 3H didn't help with that; however other people have had success.

          I mostly run it for COVID reasons these days (I live in an apartment complex that has zero ventilation, so the air is very stale), and it also makes a nice backup in case there's bushfires again.

          • @deadpoet: Question, if you put this in a room where there is a person with Common cold or covid wouldn’t it recirculate the germs that it cannot filter out. I read somewhere this cannot trap virus. So in the attempt to clean the air it actually ends up recirculating it and spreading it?

            • @roofyapple: I have not heard of air purifiers spreading viruses through recirculation. Where did you hear this? If it were true, I don't think they'd be using air purifiers everywhere.

              As for trapping the virus, HEPA filters can and do trap virus particles — this is proven, and not in dispute. It's not foolproof but it does help. The most important thing is to have lots of airflow and fresh air, that reduces the risk.

              Watch this video to learn more about ventilation and air purifiers:

              • @deadpoet: Wouldn't having lots of fresh air defeat the purpose of the air purifier?

                If you add fresh air to the system, I doubt the Purifier could keep up with the particle /pollutant/pollen supply and steady state would be roughly what the fresh air is.

                E: Sorry late at night, most important to reduce you risk of catching a virus is plenty of fresh air. I caught on eventually.

                • @Thanges: You've got the right idea, when combating viruses, fresh air is the #1 priority: opening windows and doors, ensuring airflow through the house/building etc. An air purifier is basically a last line of defence, when you can't get good airflow for whatever reason (e.g. the building/room doesn't have any windows).

                  To reduce viral infection risk, it's always better to have fresh air circulating rather than depending on an air purifier. If you have good air circulation, you probably don't need an air purifier (for COVID purposes).

              • @deadpoet: As you mentioned, its not foolproof, so any virus that doesn't get trapped ultimately gets recirculated isn't it (hence what i mean by spread)?

                • @roofyapple: The particles get captured by the HEPA filter. The only question is how quickly the air purifier can filter the particles, versus you breathing them in. Hence why you need to run air purifiers at max/high fan speed so that it can do its job.

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        Auto settings are also completely useless on consumer air purifiers, since the particulate sensors are not sensitive enough to pick up actual pollution until it gets really bad.


        You have obviously done you research on air purifiers.

        An industrial grade particulate sensor by themselves will cost more than the machine itself.
        So, people get sucked in by the marketing, and then complain about how the sensors don't work.

  • I’ve got the pro, how does this compare?
    And is it the same filters?

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      PRO has a higher CADR of 600 from memory, don't quote me on it. 3H is around 360. i think pro has H13 filter whereas stock 3H is H11?

  • yes same filter.

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    Does this help with the dust?

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      It should help with dustmite allergies but no it wouldn't suck up dust across the room, otherwise it would be a really loud stationary vacuum cleaner.

      • I would also argue it wouldn't help with dustmite allergies as dustmites are mostly present on the bedding itself. Washing the bedding regularly would help a lot.

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          Tip I got that seemed to work. When stripping the bed spray the mattress with eucalyptus oil spray (Bosisto's) then vaccuum it after a while. I also found an air purifier didnt halt dust in the bedroom but it sure did reduce it. Those two tips stopped me waking up in the night with a runny nose.

          • @surg3on: I just change bedsheets and quilt cover regularly. Doesn't have runny nose unless I got a cold 😬 But now you got me really worried…

            • @Scythic: ecalytus spray apparently kills the dust mites. Seems to work.

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    How often does filter need to be changed with cats at home

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      I got about 5 months out of mine with 2 cats

  • Any deals on the pro?

  • Any deals on the 4s??

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    Been using this for almost a year now! Had to changed its filter once. Recently found out that it can be added to homekit by using homebridge, shows current temperature and humidity. The auto feature is very nice, although it takes sometimes (30second) for the sensor to detect dust around. The lowest setting is perfect for sleeping, never notice that its actually is on! Tempted to buy another one but already had 2

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    I have 2 of them. I set them up with automation to turn on when the air quality is above a certain value (eg. 10) and turn off at a lower setting. It works pretty well.

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    Does this purify odours well? Let's say if you put it in your home gym etc"

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      I think it does actually. I notice mine starts to actually work when I’m cooking out in the kitchen (and the purifier is in my bedroom)

      So maybe good for farts. And weed. And sex…

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        Instructions unclear. Dick caught in fan.

  • OOS now

  • back in stock, assume some orders fell through as I was able to check out

  • Anyone in Bris who wants one second hand, PM me, I bought it around covid time, and don't really have the room to keep it.

  • bummer missed it

  • Question: Do these air purifier actually do anything? Or is it just a gimmick?

    • Helpful for people with lack of appropriate ventilation. Doesn't help the increased CO2 levels but does reduce airborne particles. Fresh air is better unless it is overly polluted.

  • Does anyone know if one purifier be enough for a medium sized two-storey townhouse or do I need one for upstairs and downstairs?

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      get one on each level, those are good for 36-60sqm not considering split level restricting air flow

  • Does anyone know what filters are included with the package?
    It is just a bog standard filter or do we need to buy a higher level HEPA filter (xiaomi or aftermarket branded)?

    • H11 HEPA (highest commercial grade is H13)

      • Thanks. Is that from personally receiving the air purifier and filter?

        The Xiaomi website picture says HEPA Class 13 filter, and one of the replacement filters on their website says "H13-grade"

        Getting confused now..

  • Got a message today from Gearbite via eBay saying the item cannot be delivered until Feb 20th.

  • Funny how this deal is sold out on their eBay store, but on their website where they are selling it for $299 you can order as many as you like.


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