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SanDisk 32GB Ultra USB 3.0 Flash Drive $6 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Officeworks / + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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    64GB for $12, or 128GB for $23.99 at Amazon as well.


    • Um, some of thoese reviews don't sound good at all.

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        that's not how amazon reviews work though.
        Every seller ever is put together. For a ubiquitous product like this, it has 60000 reviews from all over the world. surely there are plenty of failures and frauds in there.

        Sunwood_AU is the seller that is often seen here on ozb and is trustworthy

        • Every seller ever is put together

          Wait, really? All reviews for product are lumped together? What's the point of that? That's useless, in terms of reviewing a listing from a seller.

          • @redpen: yep it's stupid. Crazy town. Just another layer of complexity for the consumer trying to judge what's what.

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    Why not :) 😀 thanks 32gb is plenty

  • Got the 64mb one. Thanks!

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      No you didn't!

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        had to go back to 2005. but they did it

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        I meant gb. Lol

  • 32GB great for my NAS OS.

  • What's ultra shift vs normal 3.0

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    How is writing speed on these?

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      I get about 70-80MBps, ymmv.

  • https://www.amazon.com.au/SanDisk%C2%AE-Ultra-Shift-Flash-Dr...

    This looks good no retraction needed $10 and fast delivery the other $10 was OOS

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    um. did I need one? nope.

    did I buy two? yes.


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      Red goes faster!

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        crap, i got the blue one.
        now i have to buy the red one too.

      • no, speed for red, blue, black is the same. Color doesn't matter

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          Everyone knows red goes faster!

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          You need to check the specs on the USB stick, the red one is clearly significantly faster.

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            @hamwhisperer: They are all the same just in different colour. Max read speed 130 MB/s show on the package

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      • They now have a special edition red one with a white stripe……even faster than the plain red one!

  • literally got a red one just then while i was in there printing some stuff of :3

  • Grabbed two of these a week or two ago - very handy and they last well, my favourite usb to buy. Thanks OP

  • ordered 32GB one from the last deal in late december from Amazon and still hasn't shipped yet.

    • you don't have prime, you would have gotten it before you ordered it.

  • Cheers OP.
    64GB price matched at OW, down from the $21 ticketed price.

  • Seems like theres a floor on how cheap decent 32gb drives can go. I'd hoped we'd have them for $3 by now.

  • I bought the 128gb during the last deal. The USB plug end runs warm in USB2, very hot in USB3, even at idle. My other USB sticks don't get hot like this.

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    I have plenty of them, use them for work, usb bootdisks ventoy, winpe, macrium recovery, syslinuxrescue, etc etc. speed is okay but not blazing fast like the Extreme range. Had a 32gb died out of no reason, used perhaps under 10 times. The interesting bit is it became read-only drive which disturbs me IT fix OCD a lot.

    Since it's still under warranty I requested a RMA with Sandisk, provided the ebay 'invoice' where I purchased, serial no, photos etc. Posted the usbdisk to a Sydney address, me pay postage. I play along, just wish to experience the process and brag about. After a few weeks of wait received a new brand drive in retail packaging, posted from USA. They could have send me Paypal fund it would save them alot of money and time. What a stupid company. Way to go WesternDigital.

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