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Gainward Phoenix RTX 3080 Ti 12GB (LHR) Graphics Card $2288 + Postage @ TechFast


Smashing deal from Luke again, bringing you the best price on RTX 3080 Ti (tie) version.

For just $2288 + postage the cheapest currently.

Its the 2nd fastest GPU on the planet (FOR GAMING) according to: https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gpu-hierarchy,4388.html

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    Is NVIDIA even shipping non-lhr cards these days?

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      no longer produced non-LHR (3080 ti and below) as I can see. you can only get 2nd hand one from ebay or gumtree, possibly after heavily mined 24/7 on constant abuse.

      Best to get brand new ones for gaming.

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        For clarity, it's only 3080 and below. All 3080Ti are "non LHR"

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          Thanks, correct. 3080 Ti never had non-LHR version. Same with 3070 Ti and 3080 12 GB versions.

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          All 3080ti are LHR?

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          As you can see above a 3080ti can clearly be LHR as advertised. Initially they were not.

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            @DreaminBargains: was always LHR, FHR Ti's don't exist

            • @micsway: You are right. I thought it was the other way around. I must have been in Bizzaro's universe when I read about it. 😁

      • Isn't there a bypass/hack for LHR cards miners use so even LHR cards can be used for mining? I guess like you said buying new guarantees it's never been used for mining

        Now is gaming as abusive as mining? Ok gaming isn't 24/7 but wouldn't some highend games stress the graphics card as mining would, not sure why asking

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          buying new means its new from factory and retailers, how do they used it for mining before hand? lol.

          LHR cards by default can be used for mining with super slow hash rate. with the LHR unlock you supposedly can bump it up.

          For example: https://www.pcgamer.com/au/evga-releases-a-vbios-that-improv...

          I wouldn't do that kind of (bios flashing) thing so I won't recommend it. Just for gaming on 4k to the ultra settings for me.

          • @non-LHR: I agreed with you lolz,. Brand New,. one knows its never been used at all

            also don't miners under volt there graphics cards so they run cooler and are less stressed, not that I'm into gaming like I used to be but running those highend games certainly ones card will run at high temps, just saying mining over gaming is gaming nearly as bad as mining, again (like you said) buying new one doesn't have to worry about either

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              @Italkdigital: While it's true that most miners will underclock and undervolt the core, mining (most coins) is very demanding on the vram, for the best profitability vram is usually overclocked and ran at the very edge of stability.
              Will this impact the life span of the card? Yes, but by how much? Hard to say, will come down to the individual card and how well the miner looks after their cards.

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              @Italkdigital: Mining also tends to constantly run cards at consistently high temperatures, which means less thermal cycling, which may be "better" for them than having them heat up and cool down a lot during and between gaming sessions (or should at least be factored against this).

        • There is a NBminer LHR bypass that mines 30% eth and 70% altcoin

          • @DisabledUser184253: Thanks, not that I'm into mining well I wouldn't know we're to start and how much is mining worth doing anyway, looks like though certainly one getting a non-LHR card for mining over a LHR card, again thanks πŸ‘

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    tee eye..

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    Not sure if it is much cheaper than when 3080 ti first came out and people were hoping it would only be a little more than 3080 original retail price, lol.

    Would rather have the evga 3080 ti for a bit more but unfortunately that is a few hundred more now.

  • 3080 TI stated 3rd ranking on this benchmarks list, still pretty impressive, yummy I want oneπŸ‘πŸ˜


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    The ebay gigabyte not long ago is a better deal at $2350 delivered. Can also use eBay gift cards n Cashback.

    • Got a link? Cheers

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        Deal ended

        But keep an eye for sales every now and then.

        I managed to get a vision 3080ti for $2349 from same seller which is better than the eagle and white.

        • Yeah noticed the different variants, elite, eagle, white etc then there's AORUS and Master,.. actually first time I've heard of vision must be best variant out of all of them

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            @Italkdigital: No, Vision is the same level as Gaming. Just that Vision is white.

            It goes Eagle -> Gaming/Vision -> Aorus.

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      Would rather a Gainward card over Gigabyte.

      These use GDDR6X VRAM modules, which require thermal pads to dissipate heat towards the backplate.

      Gigabyte use chewing gum for thermal pads.

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        Gigabyte cards have no warranty screws so u can just change the pads yourself and it will be superior to all stock thermal pads.

        Gigabyte much better resale value than gainward. Gainward has warranty screws.

        • A little naive to think that Gigabyte won't pick up on the fact that thermal pads have changed and the GPU has been repasted.
          Likely that these will be picked up upon an RMA inspection.

          Given the number of Gigabyte RTX30 cards that have been RMA'd for random memory and video output issues… I would rather not test that hypothesis.

          I've previously sold a Palit 3070 (same as Gainward). No issues.

          • @CrushJelly: Just don't throw away the original pads

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              @MaxHashrate: You're ignoring the fact that you would have had to disassemble the unit twice, replace the aftermarket pads that you first replaced for the oem pads (the same oem pads that are also likely to have ripped out during the first removal), and repasted the GPU twice.

              It's perfectly fine if you have the skills to do this, but I'd wager the majority of people don't lol.
              Your advice is perfectly valid, albeit for a smaller subset of the population than you might have originally thought.

              • @CrushJelly: The trick is to change it asap when u get it. If u brick it, u rma it and claim no gpu output.

                Not too hard. Heaps of videos on YouTube.

                Some of gigabyte cards even come with a tube of thermal paste for u to repaste down the road.

                • @MaxHashrate: Any recommendations which thermal paste to use? And thermal pads? Also wondering you recommendation with the AORUS range do they use good quality factory paste and pads? or should they be changed also

                  • +1

                    @Italkdigital: Thermalright 12.8 or gelid is good.

                    Paste can be anything decent. Mx4, Grizzly etc

                    Just make sure u look up YouTube to see which thickness to get for each card.

        • Worrying there is an issue were I'll have to change my thermal pads on my 3070 AORUS Master GC

          Is this a common issue for there graphics cards?

          Noticed people pointing out issues with a selection of Gigabytes hardware, motherboards, power supplies and graphics cards etc, I think I've been pretty safe as always purchasing Gigabyte's AORUS range on all my PC hardware, well no issues yet or experienced any issues in the past with Gigabyte AORUS PC hardware range

          Best to keep an open mind 😁

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      Not really, cashback is just measly 1% ($23.50), ebay giftcard discount is 3% on max $1500 ($45), so only $7 cheaper.

      And its giga eagle variant, not the gaming oc or aorus.

    • +2

      What justifies that opinion? Gigabyte use terrible thermal pads on all their models and their wind force fans are awful-quality, sleeve bearing fans.

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    Hope it’s not a mini

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    More 'deals' recently, just a sign of things to improve, don't buy, you know you don't need it, maybe at $1000

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      It won't come down to $1000, never. It will out of stock and no longer produced far before $1000.

      Then 40 series comes out at premium price tag.

      You might get $1000 for used 2 year old one later on.

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        Who is this card intended for though? Miners? Professionals? Streamers?

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          All… Streamers/Gamers > Professionals> Miners!

          • @JustNotGod: Would a gamer purchase this if they don't earn an income from playing games?! Seems insane!

            • +1

              @donkeydoc: Most people in my gaming community used 1080 Ti, 2080 Ti and along those lines. At least 3070 Ti series or above.

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              @donkeydoc: I'm not really into gaming and dare I say the games I play are from 2004 (I'm very old lolz),. And I generally don't use my PC as usually I'm on my high end mobile (Note 10 plus), my system is worth close to 5k and my main reason I have it and keep upgrading with more expensive parts is cause it's a hobby I certainly enjoy, I guess like those who have long projects building up cars as a hobby as an example (which is a lot more expensive hobby then PC's), I have over 30 years in I.T well messing around with building PC's, and my biggest pet hate is a slow PC computer, anyway all my PC hardware purchaes are usually at a price were I can get my money back or close too if I sell at a later date

              Certainly these last 2 years with covid, shortage of chips, mining, bit coin, global shipment issues I've managed to accelerate my upgrades with higher end hardware on my PC and also slowly paying its original cost from 2 years back, that is another reason I keep upgrading my system with more expensive higher end parts, I would say there's a lot of people doing this like me

              But yupz gamers are willing to pay higher prices just to have the edge while gaming

              Yupz insane,.. certainly insane prices, it's like prices have gone back to the 80's early 90's pricing, we're PC's we're in the 2k to 3k range then

            • @donkeydoc: why wouldnt they?

            • @donkeydoc: Just mine with it and it will pay itself off. I got a 3070 because I’ve never had a decent graphics card in my life, now with mining they’re cheap as chips.
              Cost: $1500
              Income: $1000
              Electricity: $200
              Discounted Cost: $700.

              It might pay itself off fully one day, maybe not with how hash rates are going. It was at $15 a day when I first got it, now it’s $4-5.

        • -1

          Anyone with lots of money lolz

          Edit: all the above,.. certainly an all rounder graphics card anyone would love to own, money aside

    • I will keep waiting until I die, then my heirs will wait some more

  • Shouldnt LHR junk cards be worth half the price of the HHR ones? I thought thats the point of selling the crippled cards?

    • +1

      Wouldn't it do the opposite we're one would assume LHR cards have never been used for mining or in future can't be (supposedly, then there are hacks) so will fetch a higher resale prices over FHR cards, yupz then there are miners pushing the prices up of used FHR cards over LHR cards, but if one was particular about a used card if the chance the used card has been stressed from mining I'd guess they'd buy new or only used LHR cards

      Wishful dreaming too assume the LHR cards should be half price over FHR cards,.. wouldn't that be nice especially with these current crazy pricing of graphics cards, anyway + vote for your post πŸ‘

      • +3

        Yes, as a gamer if I had to buy a used card in future I would pick LHR for gaming.

        The FHR most likely been abused for mining to world's end, you might need to replace the whining fan or thermal pads, etc. not worth it.

        They way they stacks those GPU on the mining rig only 2cm apart on each other is just nuts.

        • I think I mentioned this above wouldn't most miners (dare I say all serious miners) under volt there cards to reduce stress and most importantly mainly reduce heat? not so cause there caring for there cards for longer life but more so more heat means more power usage and that adds to there cost to there mining costs over all, basically dare I say there actually not that abused as everyone states due to the reduced heat, I did own 2x 1070 mining cards (funny the person did advertise them as mining cards, why I bought them as they were a lower price) with no issues but then who knows the experiences with them with the new owners, actually one had a dead fan I had to replace before selling, that's one fan over 4 fans between the 2x cards, trying to compare 24/7 mining to gaming highend games practically all day gaming, I'm sure there are people out there that game non stop all day and are both just as bad? Id say most would state mining as the most stressful or would assume that

          Edit: Like I said this person advertised his 1070 cards as mining cards and apart from him I've never seen anyone advertise there LHR or FHR cards as used for mining, actually everyone high lights the opposite, now are they bending the truth lolz, also does one care when used cards usually have an invoice with few years warranty left, I now don't usually keep my graphics cards for long, certainly never bought one new at high prices

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            @Italkdigital: mining requires non-stop fan operation, whilst in gaming newer GPU can go to silent mode 0 RPM fan speed.

            if you replace the fan within warranty it will void the warranty.

            • +1

              @non-LHR: zero fan has only been a thing for the past few years. Stickers on heat sink screws is a fairly new and stupid thing.

              There isnt a lot of difference between someone who uses their gpu for serious gaming or mining.

              I used to leave games playing on auto, with scripts or mouse recorders for days on end. Guess what, half the player base did the same thing! I have bought and sold heaps of gpus and never had a problem but I would never sell a power supply. Actually I killed my first one ever this year, im pretty sure it was bought in 2009

              GPU's are built to take it. Its when you go outside those specs and subject them to heat for long periods that kills them. If you have crap thermals in your case you can kill one pretty quick. However the latest stuff will throttle to preserve its life

              You guys are attaching incorrect stigmas to something you have little experience with. I have a 680 here that has more then 15k hours on it and that was just in 1 game. Still works like a champ, I should stick it in something and benchmark it just to shut you guys up about crapping on about gpus being used hard

            • @non-LHR: Silent mode,.. 0 RPM fan speed wouldn't that depend on the game, I doubt extreme games would allow silent mode, certainly point me out if I'm wrong unless your talking about basic or much older games

        • +1

          Such a naive comment.

          In gaming, the GPU core on my 3080 FTW3 ranges between 50-70 degrees. It also dips to low 40s when it's not doing much on screen, and back into the 30s when out of the game.

          That is a LOT of variability. Which means a lot of expansion and contraction of the metals.

          Whilst mining, core is maintained at mid 40s, with zero variability. Mining is so much less stressful on a card.

          Most non-miners clearly have zero clue and just assume a mined card is an abused card.

          Quite the opposite.

          • +1

            @CrushJelly: If that is the market sentiment, then wrong or not the mining cards will have a lower price

            • +1

              @fafsdfadfabcfbc: You'll be mistaken to think that the market will be able to identify a mined card.

              I've sold 7 used 3070s and 2 used 3080s and not a single person enquired as to whether they had been used for mining.

              • @CrushJelly: I always ask just for the sake of asking to start a conversation not cause there mined and some people are going to twist the truth anyway, so assume being the unlucky one or best don't think about it lolz

          • +2

            @CrushJelly: Im more worried about buying used cards off gamers actually. They play dj with the slide bars and just pin them to the max. Then turn down the fans cos its too loud and only start turning down settings when they get crashes

            But there are also a lot of nabs who got a few cards and started mining who do the same.

            On the flip side there are some industrial mining farms who dont look after their gear. A few years ago I seen one liquidate in the US and the warehouse was dusty, disorganized and pretty dodgy looking. Cards look like they never been cleaned let alone pasted. Price was like 1/2 the going rate but you had to buy 5 and only had "1 month seller warranty".

            We generally dont have that here, it would be a small percentage. Seems most miners here are guys with racks in their garage/spare room/sheds or maybe office space. Seen one guy selling on ebay a couple of days ago, back ground was a dusty shed and mining rig caked in dust you could write "wash me" on.

            Basically just try and avoid noobs, both miner or gamer

            • +1

              @WT: 100% mate.

              My mining rig was open-air but I had filters in front of the intake fans (they still managed to catch a lot of crap), and I have a data-vac blower that I used to de-dust it every week or so.

              The cards I sold were in MINT condition. I was absolutely proud of how clean I kept them. The 3070s never ran hotter than 42 or so degrees, and that's with the GPU fan setting no higher than 50-60%.

              All buyers have my mobile number, none have come back with issues.

              • +1

                @CrushJelly: So just wondering did you under volt and/or under clock your cards, did it effect either efficiency or performance or basically you tried to get both efficiency and performance, I've never got into mining just interested to know

                Just on how well you've kept your cards in mint condition (well doneπŸ‘), there are people out there that have no idea ones computer is like a vacuum cleaner, sucking up dust while on, also they need to be kept of the floor, especially a floor with carpet ideally on ones desk, also at least opened at a set time periodically to clean ones dust build up in there PC case, especially if one doesn't have a side glass panel to see any dust build up, can probably be a fire hazard

                • @Italkdigital:

                  So just wondering did you under volt and/or under clock your cards

                  Yes, definitely did. You undervolt the card so it runs the lowest power, underclock the core GPU clock speed because mining doesn't use GPU core, and overclock video memory (VRAM) speed because ETH mining is all about memory.

                  did it effect either efficiency or performance or basically you tried to get both efficiency and performance

                  Undervolting, underclocking GPU and overclocking VRAM all maximise mining performance whilst minimising power usage. Minimising power usage also minimises heat generation, so it's essentially the best performance with the highest efficiency, lowest temperatures and lowest operating costs (electricity usage).

                  Actually, I don't need to explain to you, because you knew it already:

                  more heat means more power usage and that adds to there cost to there mining costs over all

                  Basically what you said there :)

  • +1

    must… resist… upgrading… second… pc :/ why you do this to me Techfast

    • +1

      I need to ban myself from OzBargain too many tempting deals and I keep feeling guilty every time I miss out on a deal, OzBargain just as bad as addictive gaming lolz

  • What are the estimated delivery time for this?

  • Crypto is going into a bear market. Better off waiting for the market to flood with cheap GPUs.

    • +1

      Many said the same when btc down from $25k to $5k, look where it is now.

      population keeps growing, people keep breeding, that means more wealth, more money to be printed, more crypto to be mined. its all in the numbers.

      • I think European Union will probably end up heavily taxing crypto that uses a sh*tload of energy. Watch all those proof of work coins magically become Proof of Stake overnight.

  • +1

    Good price and comes at the right time! Ordered one, thanks op.

  • Someone tell me why NOT to buy this
    Been waiting for the price to come down a bit for a build

    • +1

      Unless you want to get 3090 or 3090 Ti at $3k plus, this is the best GPU you can get with price tag near low $2k.

      Best value for money IMO.

  • +3

    I bought this for $2.45k mid last year, loving it :)

    • How do you find the noise and temperature levels? Reviews seem to say this card runs a bit hot, which has me anxious.

      • +1

        Apparently my GPU temp is currently 50 degrees celcius according to MSI Afterburner (unsure if this tool is 100% reliable) and I only have four windows of about 10-15 tabs open, with a Youtube video playing and two monitors. CPU usage is 5%.

        I can hear my fans, it's nothing too noticeable. To be honest I'm not too sure what is normal or not.

        • Thanks, I really appreciate it! Some of the reviews say the temps go up to 80-90 degrees under full load, but I guess that's to be expected.

  • Product not found!

    • Possibly sold out, do you want to buy it?

      • Yes. But at a much cheaper price.

        • -3

          You can buy mine for $3000.

  • Gotten the 3080 version which wasn't working properly. Still waiting on RMA request to be replied to after a few days.

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