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Mountain Everest Max Modular Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Switch $329 (Was $399) + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


For starters, I'm not sure I've picked the best title for this, so I'm open to suggestions.

Was looking for a mechanical keyboard and discovered this. Closer to $500 from the likes of amazon and eBay, and $429 on JB HiFi's website.

PCCaseGear has this on sale for $329, stating it's usual price is $399.

This comes with terrific reviews, the consistent downside I see is that the caps are ABS (they get glossy from your finger grease) instead of PBT (they don't), and that the software doesn't support Mac or Linux.

Here's a review.

I loved the media controller, the modular design, and the customisable buttons on the numpad with screens - so you can set your own icons to it.

Out of the box it also comes with a tool to remove keycaps and switches, plus additional switches of the different types for you to try out and get a feel for if you so desire.

It comes in black/grey and also gives you the choice of all 5 cherry switches.

If you're wondering what switch to go for, something like this might be helpful. I think it's basically go blue if you type a lot, and go something else if you game a lot - but I'm new at this, so mileage might vary on that advice. Just beware, Blue switches are the loud clicky ones!

JB HiFi should have a little demo of mechanical keys that you can try out in store too.

I rung JB HiFi online and got them to price match. Delivery was cheaper than PC Case Gear for me, and I have physical stores near me I can deal with if there are any issues.

Colour Cherry Keys PCG JB
Black Blue Link Link
Black Brown Link Link
Black Red Link Link
Black Silent Link
Black Speed Link
Grey Blue Link
Grey Brown Link Link
Grey Red Link Link

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  • +2

    If only this was wireless…

    • +1

      Extra points if there's also a wireless numpad!

      • Very True….

  • the price is coming down enough to seriously tempt me

    • Out of curiosity, what price would you bite at?

      • tree fiddy :p

        actually, i'd probably get one now but there's a couple of other things i'm also thinking of buying. i should step away from ozbargain for a couple of hours to have a think lol

        • So if you get JB to price match, delivery is only $6.95 (standard) or $9.99 express (at least it was for me). So that'd be under tree fiddy dollars. Just don't be talking cents :P

          • +5

            @Lockdude: i was talking cents….but you were talking sense

  • i got the cherry red, best keyboard i have owned. If you build your own it would cost at least this and much more potentially.

  • +5

    just build a custom keyboard for cheaper and a million times better. lots of options and layouts. also look for a hot swappable keyboard to try different switches. come dive in to the black hole of custom keyboards.

    • +6

      i have 3 custom keyboards, and you're completely wrong here. while i'd probably replace the switches and keycaps, this board itself is incredibly tempting (especially for this price): the ability to move the numpad to the left or right; the ability to move the media dock with the knob; ability to adjust the feet.

      those are all things that are pretty rare and exciting

      • -1

        Or you could just build your own keyboard and get a customisable numpad (with Bluetooth) and a separate volume knob/button or any other customisable pad. I think would actually come out cheaper too, and then you can put them on the left, right, above or below your keyboard.

        • i'd like to issue you with the challenge of creating a build with what you mentioned, while making integration seamless and aesthetics match (while keeping the price at or below what's offered here). it's easy to just throw together a random TKL + numpad + knob; it's another matter to make them all connect seamlessly (and join together as one whole piece), as well as still have that clean aesthetic.

          not to mention the time and effort of finding and building those separate parts

          • @regretvoltaire: The numpads I have look really neat already, especially without cables. Just waiting for the knob and new programable numpads to arrive now. Will post pics when I get it all set up

    • +2

      What would you recommend? I recently built a GMMK Pro and have 6 other mechanical keyboards, some dated from 2010 and most recent ones would be Keychrons.

    • This keyboard is hot swappable.

      • +2

        3 pin hotswap though (vs 5). Nearly all of the popular switches are 5 pin, meaning you will have to clip two nubs on each. 3 pin hotswap is generally a bit more annoying too, higher chance of bending the contacts.

    • +1

      yep for this price would rather try 2-3 budget/custom boards. There's just so many options these days.

      • 2-3 custom boards? A GMMK pro leaves you enough room for some budget clone keycaps, but nothing for switches. Going cheaper, you're looking at something like an xd87 from aliexpress which would allow for some half decent switches, but its still a pretty budget build and you're certainly not getting two for this price.

        • Budget or custom, there are plenty out, I recently picked up the feker 84t for $60 delivered from an aliexpress deal posted here a few weeks ago. Barebones, 75% layout, hotswap, BT/2.4ghz/wired.

          Keychron offerings are regularly posted here for around $100-110 which are also largely hotswap. Royal kludges from umart for around the same price too. PCCG also stock a good deal of Akko boards, $120-150+, varying layouts and construction, hotswap. These are prebuilts but offer some pretty easy customisation.

          You certainly don't need to be spending $1+/switch either, again plenty of budget of options around if you look. They're not going to be your Zealios/T1's or Gat Inks but they're getting frighteningly close. PCCG have 45 Akko CS switches for $15, base gats - 120 for $59, Mwave have various Kailh switches for a little bit more ($15 for a 35 pack or $19 for 45).

          • @GUYANDSON: With the switches, you probably could go to keyboard enthusiasts targetted shops and see whether it comes out cheaper. Gateron Milky Yellow was $30 + shipping for 110 switches at AllCaps. They also sell lubricants and tools if that is the path you want to go.

            There are other shops like CustomKBD (who sells Boba U4t and other Gazzew stuff), if that is up your alley. There are many more shops out there.

            I guess my point was, check shops that target keyboard enthusiasts because they'd have more options and could be selling switches bit cheaper.

  • I have to many keyboards. I want this and the logitech g915 but my wife already thinks I have a problem

  • +1

    Those looking for a decent mod-able mechanical keyboard, do checkout Akko 3068B. Hotswap, PBT, wireless - ticks a lot of boxes. I got mine for $125 from Amazon and love it so far.

  • +1

    Damn the prices of these are coming down, if only I had waited a bit before I built my keyboard.

  • Kinda want to dive in and get this but i really enjoy my G710+ macro keys along the left hand side of the board. Also i was really tempted by the Claymore II as it offers what im after without the gimmicky wheel thing.

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