expired 30% off MS Computer Accessories at JB Hi-Fi


I'm not sure how long this is going on for, but I was looking for a MS Bluetooth keyboard for my tablet and found that JB Hi-Fi have 30% off on Microsoft accessories. Not sure if it is online only or not, but you can choose to pick up from a store if you like.

I ordered Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 for $57.40 with free delivery. Next cheapest I found was $68 for UK stock.

Hope some of you can save a bit of money on this.

Edit: Changed the link. The old one (http://www.jbhifionline.com.au/computers-laptops/computer-ac...) showed only 28 products. New link shows 32 (Thanks vt).

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    For some reason the below link shows 32 products whereas your link shows 28. I got to this link from the front pages ad for the 30% off promotion.



      I have a Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 (Graphite), it is really good. Smooth scrolling button, work on any surface. I am going to buy another one.

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    Picked up a Microsoft Arc Keyboard for $45.00 + free shipping. Cheapest price i have found online for NIB.


    I know the x4 wasn't near the MS keyboards and mouse section, but it's also included in the sale. 54.60 I got it for, check the gaming section for it. Might also be some other MS gaming stock.

    Canberra centre had a whole row of x4's left.

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    My question slightly relate to this topic, does JB Hi Fi have self inflated price like HN ?


      Not sure, but I don't think so. It's hard to tell what you are saving, really. So, as always, buy based on price, not on saving. The bluetooth keyboard I ordered cost me $57.40, whereas other places have it for over $100. The cheapest up I could find was $68, but imported stock.

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      Always check staticice.com.au before purchasing to get an idea of how cheap a product goes for elsewhere. From what I can see those 30% off prices are the same as normal prices in a shop like MSY.
      So the answer to your question IMO is yes.

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