This was posted 3 months 28 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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3 Domino's Traditional Pizzas $3-$6 Delivered @ Uber Eats


Seems to be an error on the Uber Eats Page for Domino's, giving away 3 free pizzas as part of their 'THREE10ER Deal'. Price is for delivery so a pretty decent deal. All you need to pay is the delivery fee, which becomes $1 with cashback (Shopback) or free if you spend over $30

After 3 hours and 621 comments the error seems to be fixed in most areas. Hope you all enjoyed the cheap pizza!

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  • For the people who got their orders. Was it from a Dominos Owned Store honoring the deal?

    The order I received was from a company owned store, and ordered this deal an hour after it was posted.

    • +1

      How do you know if it is franchise or company store? I got mine from Flinders St Melb

      • Its on the receipt. Cant remember exactly what it looks like but if its a franchise owned store you will notice something like "EC & Co Trading Company Pty Ltd, trading as Dominos Enfield or as Franchisee" while company owned will have Dominos Pizza Enterprises Limited.

    • +2

      Mine was from a franchise, not Dominos owned.

    • +2

      Mine says
      "This Domino's Pizza outlet is independently owned and operated by APDI Services PTY LTD as Franchisee"

  • Not taking orders so Scheduled for tomorrow.

  • Placed an order Bruce, ACT. Check out page has been showing "Confirming with Domino's (Bruce)…" for maybe 5 minutes. They're going to cancel the order. They've also now pulled that particular store from the list of open restaurants.

    Domino's Florey and Dickson didn't seem to have the promo option in their menu from what I can see.

    Refreshed PC browser and it still said "confirming". Opened Uber Eats app and it said "order received" not long after it changed to "order cancelled"

    • Wrong. My neighbour and I and 7 of my colleagues got it from Dickson all under 25 mins

      • Perhaps they've fixed the issue since then.

  • Cancelled.

  • anyone gets the shopback tracking email?

  • Arrived after about 50 minutes! Tried to make it look a little less dodge by adding some garlic scrolls for $6.25, but they gave me a pepperoni wrap thing. Not what i wanted but hard to complain otherwise!

  • -1

    18 pizzas, $4.95 delivery (plus $4 ShopBack), thanks OP. You deserve a medal.

    • +2

      Bruh wtf are you gonna do with 18 pizzas?

      • Feed the homeless

      • +17

        Gave out to neighbors in my street. We have a lot of elderly in my street.

        • Which street do I can be your neighbour leshhkkkoooo

      • +2

        Bruh probably bought a new freezer, and this deal was too irresistible to fill up the new freezer.

  • Got 3 pizzas delivered for $3.99

    Cheapest ever

  • +1

    My local Domino's stopped taking orders.

    • Same , I was out mowing and missed the action :(

      • +2

        You snooze, you lose.

        • Current scenario is an exception to the general rule.

  • Order cancelled.

  • Ooft. Delivered almost 2 hours after ordering. Must have been sitting in the warming rack for over an hour and a half.

  • Just got mine in Swan view WA. Cheers OP

  • Order cancelled.

  • +6

    Cheers OP - You have set the bar high and it's only January.

  • $1.95 for 3 pizzas with shopback, not bad at all

    • It was a promo code. Doubt it will work but we will see.

      • Not to mention the conditions of the ubereats shopback clearly say that delivery fees are not included for cashback. Some people can't read though…

        • Wait, I actually paid $5.95?!?! I can never financially recover from this :(

  • How do you know if the order is cancelled? Mine was stuck on confirming but then the page changed to the past orders page. I can see my order but when I click on "save invoice" it says "Invoice not available – please contact support". My card hasn't been charged. I guess that means it's cancelled?

    • Comes up on uber eats app.

    • That's cancelled.

      • Thanks, yeah I don't have the app.

  • Well mine hasn't been cancelled but it also hasn't moved. I ordered at 4pm, scheduled for delivery now (6pm). Opened the ubereats site to check and it's still "confirming with store" and due at 4:30.

    edit: Cancelled. Noodles again!

    • +1

      not hamburger :-P

      • I wish! Trying to eat better but a bargain's a bargain

  • Party is over. Icon is no longer there.

  • Thanks! Three pizzas for 7.95 delivered in Spring Hill, QLD

  • Couldn't see the deal on the page (ACT).

  • They cancelled it 20 mins after it was meant to be delivered.

  • Thanks OP! $4.95 and arrived within 15 minutes of the order. :-)

  • Well it didn't work for me.

    Where's @pizzaguy when you need him?

  • Order recieved then cancelled, so I ordered and payed normal price on the Dominos App. Well played Dominos, well played.

    • +3

      Dear god I hope you mean normal price with the normal promo codes and not standard Domino's app menu price?

    • Where's the Spelling Police when you need them?

      • Fighting the good fight out arresting people for quarantine non compliance.

  • +9

    PRO TIP: If your order was cancelled Uber will give you a $5 voucher. All you have to do is:
    1. Click 'Get Help' (bottom of page)
    2. Click 'Past Order' and make sure dominos is selected
    3. Click 'Order Never Arrived'
    4. Click 'I still need help'
    5. Click 'I think I was charged for my cancelled order'

    • Without missing the "better than nothing" aspect of this, realistically a $5 voucher covers the delivery fee but not the pricing up of items on the menu so there isn't much benefit from this unless you can only order from Uber Eats.

      • +1

        the $5 voucher works on uber ridesbaring as well

        • Now THAT'S cool. Thanks for the clarification


          Didn't work for me. I saw all the options as described but the final page took me to "My order was canceled FAQ" instead of giving me a voucher.

    • +1

      Thanks worked for me

    • Pro tip, $5 off uber eats is still a waste of money.

  • +6

    I'm glad this deal came along….to remind me to never order dominos again. Horrible horrible pizzas whatever the toppings. Ate a few slices and binning the rest.

  • Not able to find in bottom, where is it

    • +6

      Leave your bottom alone

      • Oops, did you left it at Domino's. 😀

    • The deal has ended in most areas now

    • -1

      check in drinks

    • +2

      Maybe try some KY and dig a little deeper

      Just make sure you're wearing a glove

  • This was amazing, didnt think it'd work but here I am with 3 pizzas. Thanks OP!

  • +1

    I'm so annoyed I didn't check Ozbargain.

    • Could have been cancelled anyways

      • Maybe, main thing would be that $6.95 delivery fee which is a lot considering its in walking distance

  • I go offline for a few hours and this happens. FFS

  • Waited for quite a bit, but the pizzas came nevertheless! Best Dominos deal ever! Thanks!

  • +16

    It just goes to show how all the ozbargain grubs love to abuse these kind of deals with multiple orders, then disappear into the woodwork

    • +10

      Totally agree. Unfortunately the popularity of Ozbargain these days is often its downfall.

    • -2

      username checks out

      angry; irritable.
      "what are you snaky about?"

    • +2

      Ozbargain deals get reposted on other places like facebook as well. Plus I know a few chinese language sites/wechat groups that repost ozbragain deals in mandarin. It's definitely gotten too big these days.

      • -1

        Xi Jinping loves these western deals.

  • +1

    Got mine, what a deal

  • Received mine, wasn't actually sure if it was coming but almost two hours later they rang me to say they arrived

  • My 3 just arrived an hour late - but kudos to them for not cancelling. Bargain indeed!

  • +2

    I scheduled mine for tomorrow lunch. Not cancelled yet.

    • Same!
      Still not cancelled yet…

      • Delivered! Fresh too. Kids and missus were chuffed. TY OP

  • +2

    Got my 3 pizza delivered for 6.99, the lady came to deliver it was actually from Domino's… Looking in to my invoice and looking at me for like nearly 20 second… That was a scary look.. just say pizza and left… Ziisssssss.. anyway.. i loved those pizaa and that look from that lady…

    • +2

      I opted to have mine dropped off at my door with no contact (partly to avoid an uncomfortable situation but also cos I’m anti-social).

      • Your lucky, our delivery person wasn't wearing a mask

      • Anti-social? No, you mean Avoidant.

  • Still waiting for mine.

    Order expected to arrive at 7:30 and I can't go through the process get it refunded/credited.


    • Same situation as you. Ordered at 8pm and still waiting.

    • Ok now I recieved my reciept, saying it was delievered at 7pm.

      Will be doing a credit card dispute!

      • Happened to me too. I reported through ubereats app that I never got my order and they refunded me within 10 minutes

        • How did you do that, it just puts me through to support - "someone will respond later"

  • cancelled :'(

  • +1

    after eating the dinner and having an opinion on it…. if you missed out, you're the real winner here. This shit is disgusting, very small and something I would recommend to NO ONE even if free.

  • I pre-ordered mine for delivery as wouldn't be back till late and just got mine delivered! 3 pizzas for $6, not bad at all! Thanks OP!

  • So apparently you can keep adding the 3 pizza coupon and you just pay the $5 delivery.
    So someone could potentially get 200 pizzas for $5 heck maybe they could have helped solve world hunger with this trick😂

  • -2

    700 upvotes for what is pretty much what Dominos pizza is worth.

  • -2

    Must be a lot of mega-fat people on this site.

    • you must be new here

      • +1


  • I scheduled a delivery for tonight using the code - the order is still sitting there, but assuming this will be cancelled when the scheduledtime comes around?

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