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3 Domino's Traditional Pizzas $3-$6 Delivered @ Uber Eats


Seems to be an error on the Uber Eats Page for Domino's, giving away 3 free pizzas as part of their 'THREE10ER Deal'. Price is for delivery so a pretty decent deal. All you need to pay is the delivery fee, which becomes $1 with cashback (Shopback) or free if you spend over $30

After 3 hours and 621 comments the error seems to be fixed in most areas. Hope you all enjoyed the cheap pizza!

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  • +1

    Targeted? I can't apply the THREE10ER code and the 3 pizzas come up as $34.95 for me

    • +8

      Confirming it works - hidden at the very bottom of the menu on Uber Eats as others have pointed out

      • +1

        And dinner is here. Thanks OP (and others for clarifying)

        • +1

          Just realized u were talking to urself

  • +12

    42.86 in my app

  • +2

    Same added to cart, tried to add code and said code not valid. But while I’m here, $55 for 3 dominos pizzas, in what galaxy!!!!

    • That's a good point considering you can generally get 3 delivered for around $35 with a voucher directly from Dominos

    • Pepperoni galaxy

  • -1

    Invalid code

  • I think this is targeted, doesn't work for me either

  • +3

    Invalid code = targeted


  • +4

    Dominos price is always an error. The OP actually had the correct price.

  • +16

    Working for me, make sure to go to the very bottom of the page of selections, there will be a THREE10ER deal where you then select the pizzas inside the promotion. $0 price + $4.95 delivery, excellent!

    • +1

      thanks I see it at the bottom

    • Legend

    • Legend. Worked like a charm

    • cheers got it, thanks

  • it says unavaliable ?

    • Use the deal at the bottom of the page

      • i dont understand, it says CARINDALE, QLD 4152
        so for that suburb only?

        • It should work for most stores, select your store and see if it works

  • Make sure you're using the deal listed on the menu, as adding the code at checkout doesn't work

  • Invalid code….never once had a code work for Ubereats….I’m never targeted T_T

    • +3

      This isn't a code to use at checkout, scroll to the bottom of the menu and use that deal

      • +1

        Ordered!!! Thanks

    • +7

      You don't enter this as a code.

      Start from the home page (https://www.ubereats.com/au/), look for your local Domino's (search), select local store. Scroll to the very bottom of the pizza menu and find the THREE10ER Deal at the bottom.

      It's supposed to be $42 I think. I only paid $2.99 AUD. try desktop site.

      • Found it at the bottom as you said it would be

      • These instructions worked perfectly.

  • +1

    Worked for me, using the deal at the bottom of the Dominos UberEats page

  • It worked. $5.99 delivery for me.

  • +2

    Total coming $42 not working

    • Make sure to use the deal listed on the menu

  • Worked. Select THREE10ER from menu list.

  • Worked for me scrolling to bottom of page for 2 locations

  • +1

    $2.99 delivered but it's been "Preparing your order…" for 15 min while the estimated arrival time hasn't changed.

    • +1

      same here, I can imagine the employees at the store

    • +1

      My guess is that Dominos use their own drivers so aren't hooked into the tracking system. You never know when it'll arrive, if they aren't busy it could be in 20 minutes, if they are backed up it could be 50 minutes.

      • It's been almost an hour so I reckon it's not gonna arrive after all.

  • worked for me

  • +6

    Used the bottom deal, still getting $43

  • +1

    Let me do it too.

    Actually it let me add the deal multiple times I just started to feel bad at more than one…

    • +1

      I thought about trying it, but didn't think it was in the spirit of the steal.

  • It should be working for everyone. Make sure to go to the bottom of page and select "THREE10ER" deal and select your 3 pizzas. Not targeted.

  • worked thanks to scrimshaw's instruction
    (WA here)

  • Anyone actually got their pizzas delivered yet?

    • +1

      Mine just updated to on the way, looks like it got honoured fine.

    • +1

      Eating pizza rn

  • +5

    $42.86 excluding delivery fee

  • +1

    Ordered. Let's see :D

  • It only works with some stores it seems

  • order placed. $3 in total.

  • Thanks ordered!!! $4.95 for three pizzas delivered.

  • +4

    Got it to work, what I did:
    1. Search for dominos in your area within ubereats
    2. Scroll all the way to the bottom and on the right, click on the THREE10ER deal
    3. order your pizza.

    ended up being $4 for 3 Large Pizza's delivered.

  • Wow it worked!

  • +2

    Not working at my local Dominos store. Scrolled to the bottom of the page, clicked on "THREE10ER Deal" and selected 3 pizzas but price is coming up as $43.85 at the checkout page.

  • +5

    I'm on a diet so not gonna bite (heh) on this one, BUT I will watch the thread and see if people get theirs!

  • How does Domino's delivery work thru Ubereats? I'm in an apartment at the moment, and can't let delivery people in. Would normally meet outside but can't seem to leave instructions and have to "leave at door"

  • Dont use app. Use browser. Deal right at the bottom

    • Works on the App too

  • +1

    Got error processing the order at the end when I pay :(

    • Same, had to try 3 different methods.

  • Worked for me, thanks OP.

  • 14.99 delivery for me and its only 5mins drive away lol f that

  • Order was updated from Preparing Order to "Your order is on the way".

    There's no GPS tracking information so I don't know if it is really on the road or a false signal.

  • Ordered and now being prepared. Fingers crossed haha

  • Confirmed works too. For me, got to scroll all the way to bottom under drinks section.

  • +1

    Shopback is having $4 cashback too, so it's a good deal..

  • Worked in Tasmania - but still listed as 'preparing your order' after a couple of minutes.
    Let's see if there's a knock at the door soon.

  • +1

    Thanks, can't wait to see if it arrives

  • Was only $2.95 for me in SE Melbourne

  • +2

    Ordered, cheers OP!

    FYI for those having trouble, the link goes to a specific Dominos store and it'll say 'unavailable' if you're outside of their delivery area, make sure you change it to your local store.

    Also it's not a code you enter, just scroll right down to the bottom of the page and click on the 'THREE10ER' deal, then choose which 3 pizzas you want from a list and you're good to go.

    $5.95 for 3 pizzas delivered for me in SA.

  • Does not work for Shailer Park store QLD

  • +4

    They cancelled my order!

    • How many did you buy?

      • +1

        Just made the one order - 3 pizzas for $5 delivered.

    • +2

      Cancelled here, too.

  • Any way to do pick up? I don't want the uber driver to eat my pizza on the way.

    • lol, does that happen often?

      • +3

        Yes, check the forums.

  • Shows as $42.86 for dominos Burpengary QLD

  • Looks like they’ve fixed it. $42.86 for me.

  • Any screenshot? I can’t see the deal

  • +2

    Garbage pizzas but $5.95 for 3…ok.

  • +1

    Good find OP. Worked for me, although I've been stuck on the Preparing Your Order screen for some time. Fingers crossed.

    • Any updates on your delivery?

      • +2

        Yep. Delivered!

        • enjoy….mine just got CANCELED :(
          I called them :(

          • @BTS OT7: Called the store and the guy answered the call and advised it was extremely busy and might take around 45mins… checked the app and the order was cancelled :(

            • @DisabledUser316714: After they canceled, I placed the same order again. Now is still confirming.
              Try again…..

  • +1

    Success. Ordered 2mins ago

    • +8

      You’ve been on OzBargain since 2017.

      Success is only declared when you have the product in your possession.

      • +3

        Lol OK my bad. Just got me 3 pizzas!

        • +1

          Yep mine have been delivered!

          Grose St Paramatta NSW Dominos

  • +2

    Worked but its been at Preparing your order for 15mins.

    Also been charged delivery fee.

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