[Unobtainable] Free First Subscription Order of Coffee Beans & Free Delivery (Cancel Anytime) @ Drop Coffee

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Great little locally run business is offering a free first order of coffee beans for subscribers

Subscription starts from $22 per 250g, fortnightly or 4-weekly delivery. Cancel any time

Checked with the owner and he is happy for the ozbargain community to get on board, I know we all love a good coffee bean

Drop is a coffee subscription which delivers beans to your door fortnightly.

Each fortnight will be from a different specialty coffee roaster in Australia.

The goal is to support small roasters by connecting them directly with coffee drinkers through my subscription.

Next drop is this Monday and if you use code ‘DROP100’ at checkout before then, first order is absolutely free!

Free shipping always, cancel anytime.

Mod 25/1: The rep has not honoured the deal, see rep comment here. Cancellation emails have been sent now, see here. Moved to forums as an unobtainable deal.

Please do not post any personal information in the comments section. This includes addresses and real names.

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        • There is no point, they have already deleted my comment

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    We should tag everything what has to do with drop coffee. Bloody Jacob Burn.

  • +4

    So who on that CC list ordered 20kg of coffee lol

    • +6

      Its pple like these why orders get cancelled. Pure greed.

    • +4

      Well you know i have to feed my family overseas. And tha coffee is bart of my culture 🤣🤣🤣

  • +4

    Who's going to hit the reply all button?

    • +1

      Some troll will do that for sure

    • I will if someone asks for hahaha

    • Exact my thoughts…all I takes is 1 person and then the fun begins

    • Someone just did it.

  • Should have honoured subs with normal quantities and not the people who got a small sub. I wonder if the people he emailed to had a big order. I just had 2kg and thought it’s reasonable, because that’s what we use in 1-2 months.

    • +1

      I had 1kg, timely gave me the same amount of chocolate powder

      • -1

        At least they delivered. They were better than barty…

        • My Timely order was cancelled just like this one. Looks like Timely at least tried to send out the orders though

          • @render: They seem to have cancelled the later orders, my friend got cancelled

          • @render: Timely worked really good. Got free coffee for every family member!

    • Ordered 250g, got cancelled. Same with timely but they gave me a half off coupon

  • +10

    “OzBargin” data breach class action, anyone?

  • Well Jacob burn also included his personal email.
    Maybe send an email bomb lol

  • +11

    Who responded with this Chinglish hahahaha

    'Dear owner,

    This is so disappointed and the cancellation destroyed our trust.

    Also, please next time, do not send email like this, put all your costumers’ emails transparent.


    • +1

      I mean it got the job done

      Poor bloke

  • +3

    Thanks Z for the email reply

  • (profanity) sake.

  • +11

    What numb nuts did this:

    Dear Drop Me Coffee,

    Unfortantely I cannot accept the cancellation of the my order. I will require you to honor my order as I have a formal receipt from your business.
    I hope this can be settled reasonably.

    Please advise the next steps on this resolution.


    • +1

      Haha lmao

    • +1

      I didn’t get that reply

      • +3

        There are several reply chains, with 50 emails each

    • +1


  • +1

    Oh gosh, reply emails have started already…this isn't going to go well haha

  • I hope no one uses his work email. I’m my own boss so I’m fine and amused reading through it.

  • +5

    Lol this is gold

    Thank you for alerting me "all your personal information will be deleted from the system for your security."
    Unfortunately by creating a chain email with all emails revealed, you have openly spread the emails of 100 Ozbargainers.
    "When you put an address in the “Bcc”(Blind Carbon Copy) field, no recipient of the message can see that address. The “Bcc” field is useful in different circumstances:"

    Such as when you email 1000+ angry customers that you cannot fulfill their order.
    Regards, Your Friendly Neighborhood Email Tips Ozbargainer

    • I feel like replying all “unsubscribe” would be counterintuitive…

  • +3

    Fire up the popcorn boys, entertainment is on email replies tonight

    • +1

      Reply with NAH we don't want no samplers haha

    • Remove the email or post will get unpublished

      • Are you Jake Johnny smarty pants?

        • Their comment was deleted due to email addy…

          Edit: and they had another one deleted just now 😂

  • I want to do an all reply, but its my personal email…..

    • Don't worry your email is safe with me………….

      and also a couple thousand of OzBargainers

      • I guess somebody sold the emails already!

        • +1

          And im still waiting on jacob to send me those credit card details

  • +9

    So first mistake, not adding any T&Cs or limitations to the coupon code. Like why not enforce a cap on it even if you didn't expect it to blow up? Worst case you can just create another one to meet the new demand, great way to drum up new business.

    Second mistake, cancelling all the orders with no prior communication on the deal or via email, and no attempt to offer a 'peace offering' or small discount.

    Then third mistake, revealing all the customer emails in a big chain.

    Damn, I'm no business owner but I reckon I can figure this stuff out pretty easily.

    Rip Drop Coffee.

    • +3

      Damn, I'm no business owner but I reckon I can figure this stuff out pretty easily.

      I thought how hard can it be? So I set up a Shopify store.

      Right before the Save button they just had to press the checkbox
      Limit number of times this discount can be used in total

      • Have you decided what you’re going to sell?

      • Hahaha there you go. Insanity.

  • +2

    Talk about starting a business on the wrong foot, honestly why bother if you haven't got the basics right. It will do more damage to your potential business than any good. People will lose trust and any confidence in your business.

    • How’s your gift card business going?

      • Isn’t that a scam?

      • -1

        Oh wow, you are still sore about not getting the gift card at half price?
        That was not a business, that was a single gift card.

  • Has somebody tried to hit the reactivate button in the subscription in the account (inactive sub)?

    • If he’s deleting details at the end of the week I think you’ll risk being charged and him losing your details…

  • That’s a shame, any chance we can have some samplers sent instead?

    Sent from a handheld computing device

  • +1

    We have indeed foreseen this (profanity) way before this sorry excuse of a company had any idea wtf is going on.

    Such (profanity) shouldn’t be tolerated in 2022 and i hope you all the best with your future.

    • +1

      3rd time lucky?

  • +3

    Well played. Ban the shop.

  • Here is Mr. Dropcoffee also available to write to: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/91860#comment-11680103

    • -1

      He doesn't have dm's turned on lol

      • I know but he will see replies. I have also sent some messages through the contact on the website. If 2000 do that he will have a lot of post in the morning…

  • +1

    Some email names are funny :)

    FYI if your email name shares the same name as your OzB username, probably best to change your OzB username or completely use a new OzB account.

  • +4

    So already received an email from someone due to the data leak:

    Subject - Starbucks Nespresso Coffee Pods 10 Capsules $4.80 (S&S $4.32) + Delivery (Free with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU
    Contents of email - Sick of Poo Drop Coffee that doesn't deliver?

    Ok whoever this was please stop. And please no one else join in.

  • +1

    So the business doesn't have any place we can leave a review. They do have an IG account though… I left them my thoughts about leaking our emails there…


    IG account is displayed prominently on their website for those wondering.

    • Thanks, I will leave also some messages and thoughts about this disaster. Hopefully others follow!

      • +1

        We definitely should. While I respect a business owner owning up to their mistake, the email leak is amateur level stuff.

        • The post for the subscription with first free delivery is still up on Instagram!

          • +2

            @callthespellpolice: nothing like old fashioned false advertising mixed in with a major data leak. Truly a great start to Australia day.

          • @callthespellpolice: They deleted all the negative comments already, why don't they take the post down?

  • +7

    What!!!! So I won't be getting my 67 Million dollars worth of free coffee??? Outrageous

    • +1

      So it was you blowing the deal for everyone?

  • +2

    Here comes Leo with his message to all of us in your email too:

    Come on guys, don't be ridiculous, you're actually trying to force a small business to fulfil an order that you paid nothing for?

    • Leo is "that guy"

      • Maybe it’s Jacob from his spare email? I said it and I will say it again, Timely and Barty did something similar too but they were cleverer. I had to send Barty several emails until they finally sent coffee and Timely just worked. I didn’t keep their subscriptions, because with Barty I wasn’t happy with their delivery practices and the coffee was average compared to my main supplier sicilia from Adelaide. Timely was reliable but didn’t like their coffee as much either. Regarding Drop Coffee, Jacob should have limited it to a 250g or 500g packet. There would have been enough people forgetting about their subscription and if his coffee is really good as praised on the website, people would have been happy to keep their subs anyway.

  • +2

    While I fully understand not being able to fulfill crazy orders it wouldn't have taken much to send everyone 250g sample at least those who signed up without taking advantage say sub 1kg orders esp considering the original post stated they were aware of the risk of being ozbargained and that they were ok with it, without that comment I wouldn't have bothered.
    But this email issue??? Seriously how stupid do you have to be in this day and age?

    • My 7 years old son knows how to send an email like this. Jacob better should let this on someone who knows how it works if he’s not firm with it.

  • +6

    Destined to become an ozbargain legend. It makes me proud to have lived through the moment.

  • +3

    He leaked all of our emails btw…

    • I wonder what’s about our credit card details?

      • +2

        Glad I had a visa gift card with 2 dollar in it. If I used my actual cc, I would actually be quite concerned as evident the company has no idea how to keep info safe.

  • +2

    Sent Jacob this idiot's guide to computer security. He should probably read that before doing more harm to his customer's private information.


  • Someone was using the chain I was on to distribute memes…a newspaper clip about a baboon raping 5 men 🤷🏻‍♂️ 🤪 😂

  • +7

    Thanks to Jacob I have hundreds of new “friends”!

    • +5

      Poor old Jacob is either crying into his beer today for sullying his company name forever, or shitting himself at the prospect of a lawsuit, or maybe both.

      • +4

        At least he’s keeping an eye on the IG account and making sure comments get deleted straight away if they are from OB people complaining.

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