expired AirFlo Bagless 2400W Vacuum Cleaner $49 @ Harvey Norman, Belrose, NSW


I went to Harvey Norman, Belrose, NSW to look for bargains today.
I found that they are having $100 discount for this 2400 watt (considered to be powerful) vacuum cleaner.
Not sure about other Harvey Normans.
In the spec, it says 2200 watt, but on the vacuum cleaner itself, it says 2400 watt.

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    Just for info, wattage does not always relate to suction, it can mean energy wastage. And bagless means they replaced the bag with a filter which requires frequent cleaning (except for Dyson, who have a patent on filtering by centrifugal force).
    I owned a "cheap" $100 bagless one once, supposedly 2000 watt. Had to clean out all filters twice each time I vacuum the house, as it would lose suction every 10 minutes. Even with clean filters, suction was poor. So know what you are buying. I recommend checking for a "satisfaction guarantee" that lets you take it back.


    These suckers don't suck. Don't get sucked into buying one.

    Had one of these, never again.