This was posted 4 months 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • expired

$0 Garlic Bread @ Dominos


Enter the coupon and remove the pizza for your $0 garlic bread.

Thanks Dominos!!!!

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    😏 here we go again

    Where is the dude who ordered 900 pizzas

    • hasn't recovered yet

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        You reckon he will be well enough to consume 900 garlic breads tomorrow

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    • Someone ordered that many?

  • Thanks OP.

  • Says both codes have expired, same for anyone else or an issue with my local?

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    Both expired. Too quick :(

  • Working for me

  • still works for me, probably depends on the store, however only the second coupon code works

  • I couldn’t be stuffed , ain’t the best

  • Worked second one. The fuel is more expensive than this though

  • Both codes worked for me, thanks OP! Dinner sorted.

    • +12

      Lmao! Classic OzBargain. People go without eating untill there's a free GB glitch in the dominos marketing matrix

  • Thanks a lot was so hungry today.

    Only the second one worked for me

    Got 2 ordered

    Love ya OP

  • Honestly, dominos still isn't worth it with 40% off. Don't know if yall agree?

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      Only worth it if they pay me to eat it. Even that's a bit of a stretch.

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      at $0 Garlic bread?? Why not worth it ?

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        The time and effort to order it and pick it up.

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          Well get food from anywhere takes time and effort

          even making food at home takes time and effort

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            @USER DC: Yes, but presumably in that case it is 'worth it'. I was simply providing an answer to your question of how something that is free may still not be worth it.

            • @xmail: yes, i guess its all about what is your time and effort worth. free pizza yes, free $2 garlic bread, maybe not so much. Its like would you order then drive out just to pick up 1 can of coke? some people might but i think a lot would feel its not worth the effort and time.

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        Throw in free delivery to sweeten the deal

  • Says both have expired.

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      i wouldn't worry. You can still eat the garlic bread a fair while after it expires.

  • thanks op, bought 1

  • +2

    Order got cancelled

  • +1

    in my best Bandit voice "yeah I want garlic bread!"

    • No 🍄

  • About to pickup, will see how we go.

    • Worked. Had a happy teenager I was picking up from work anyway so it was no extra effort.

    • About to pickup

      Enough about your personal life, talk about the garlic bread!

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    50% chance they forgot the Garlic bread.

  • got 2 thanks

  • Thanks, OP. Got two and was honoured by the store

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      They gave you a medal?

  • Might be worth it if you live a few minutes walk from a Domino's but honestly can't be assed

  • Expire message come when you try to order later (Sunday onwards) if not second code is working

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    My local dominos is only 2.4km away, but double that for round trip, 10 mins of driving, 5 mins of walking/picking up, petrol at around $2/litre, car petrol/km efficiency at about 10km/litre means it costs me around ~$1 in petrol and 15 mins of time to get free garlic bread…

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      the OzBargainer doesn't realize paying the cost of health, for eating that garlic bread.

      chewing down free garlic bread, after going through exactly those steps, eg. driving 2.4km, etc.

    • -1

      Get a car that doesn't guzzle gas?

  • Second code worked. Got two, thanks.

  • Honored at Belconnen

  • Perfect for my 9x 1KG free coffee beans.

    • I want free coffee beans..

  • I got minimum order $22 required

    • That’s delivery..

      • Why won’t they deliver for free then.

  • Used both coupons and pick up two garlic breads

  • Got my one order picked up

  • +2

    HR are going to have fun firing 2x people now on Monday

  • +1

    Weird, min 22 for pickup

  • +1

    Woohoo! Free garlic bread! Too bad my whole family is going on a diet….

  • +1

    Received" order does not meet the $22 minimum"

  • Thanks OP, ordered was honoured by the store

  • It is still working at Clayton, VIC store. Use this 495032

  • +1

    I used the 2nd code
    and ordered at 10pm,
    for a 10:30pm pick-up.

    Enjoying the garlic bread now :-D

  • Ordered 3 thru 2 stores. Thanks OP!

  • got 2 free garlic bread

  • -1

    I tested the code earlier, just to see if it worked at my local - and it did (I bailed at successful checkout page). I had enough details to order like 6, and I live an easy short walk away. I still didn't bother. If I was drunk I probably would have though, lol (and put most in freezer). I hope many uni students got "dinner". It's arguably very slightly more nutritious than unlimited slurpee day at 7-11, haha.

  • Missed both offers :(

  • +4

    Atleast know they get their garlic bread from Aldi

    • At least we know how they can afford this promo

  • Does web site still ask if you want garlic bread with the order?

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