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[Backorder] Kleenex Complete Clean Toilet Paper 45 Rolls $19.50 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


You can wait for a better deal, only posting for those who need it…Quilton is out of stock

About this item

With Cleanripple Technology, Specifically Designed To Provide A 3 In 1 Combination Of Softness, Strength And Absorbency
Made From Ethically Sourced Fibre That Promotes The Sustainable Management Of Forests, Kleenex Toilet Tissue Has Earned Forest Stewardship Council Fsc Certification The Highest Possible Independent Standard For Responsible Forest Management
Recommended For Use Alongside Kleenex Flushable Wipes To Help You Feel Shower Fresh
At Least 35 Percent Thicker Sheets Vs 2Ply Toilet Tissue Designed For A Superior Clean
Kleenex Toilet Paper Is Hypoallergenic, Biodegradable And Septic Tank Saf

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +9

    Never again… It's only 2 ply…. Quilton for life

    • +2

      2 ply

      Very thin 2 ply

  • +20

    Worst toilet paper ever

  • +14

    This TP is crap .

    • +9

      Designed for fingers to slip through and get crap on your finger instead of the TP

      • +3


      • You should use the whole roll each time

  • +4

    CLEAN toilet paper? This is way better than the stuff that comes pre-wiped.

  • +1

    that 2 ply toilet paper should be BAN !!! for life !!!

  • +12

    Kleenex is absolute trash, it's flakier than asbestos.

  • +13

    I’ll get this if I run out of: Quilton TP, tissues, wet wipes, chux, water, newspaper, magazines, books, banana leaves.

    • Don't forget the leaves on your trees. Leaves>kleenex

    • +5

      Just use the white pages.
      I started last October and I'm only up to letter H.

    • Don't forget sand paper. Also helps exfoliate the crack.

  • Wow everyone reading your comments you've really put me right off buying this, are they really that bad?, well at least is the price a deal ? or would this be a deal if it was Quilton brand

    • +8

      It's actually that bad. Don't even waste your time

      • +1

        or money

    • +3

      I'd rather drag my butt on the floor like a dog, before I have to use this again…

    • Quilton brand

      Wait for it to back in stock may be the 4 ply

    • +5

      I'm not sure what's in your average Ozbargainers diet (am assuming mostly McDonalds and KFC), but I've used Kleenex for years and never had the issues described in here. I only buy Quilton if they are out of Kleenex.

      • +1

        Yeah I’ve been forced to use quilton as stock supplies went sideways at Woolies, and I get everyone’s points here, especially the flaking part but I still prefer Kleenex.

  • +1

    my bum said no.
    my bum said it's hurt.
    my bum said pretty please no.

    • +1

      Normally I'd ridicule someone for talking out of their ass, but in this case I must agree.

  • Anyone else getting "Usually dispatched within 2 to 4 weeks."?
    I decided to get annual Prime and the things I want to buy no longer offer next day delivery 🤦‍♀️

    • +1

      Amazon is suffering stock issues just like Woolies, Coles etc… They have been good in the past, but yeah, I think everyone it struggling to keep stock to meet demand.

  • I have zero educated opinion on this - apart from the fact ozbargain comments and Amazon reviews seem to almost be talking about 2 different products - least that's how it seems. That's unusual. I'll listen to you guys on this one.

    • +3

      I think no name tissues are stronger than this TP.

    • +1

      That's a very good point. Why are Amazon reviews good? I've used this toilet paper and it is really really REALLY bad..

    • +3

      I've bought kleenex a few times in the past. It's as bad as people say it is. It's thin, 2ply, your finger will go through it, it's flaky and just all round shit (pun not intended)

  • +12

    Confucius says 'Man who uses Kleenex gets smelly finger'

  • This TP made my fingers dirty

  • I’d use this before I’d use that quilton rubbish.

    • You've got it ass-about!

  • Empty shelves across victoria due to hoarder. Hope this can help those who needs them.

  • +7

    Just finished Kleenex toilet paper and never again unless there is literally no other option. God forbid you need to do a good wipe, it breaks apart and leaves paper flakes where the sun doesn’t shine..

    • +2

      Agreed. Its nice to see Choice magazine now have a 'puncture test' and no longer rate Kleenex highly

  • +2

    Please don't buy these, not recommended at all, had to get them the last time as we couldn't get the quiltons but couldn't wait for these to run out. Very thin and just not suitable.

  • At least it's not 1ply toilet paper, the only thing worse than 1ply is no ply!

    • I prefer single ply - that way I can fold however much I want. Try making a 5 ply one and a half length with double or triple ply.

  • +5

    I must be the only person here to prefer Kleenex. Sorbent on the other hand is absolute trash.

    • +2

      only person here to prefer Kleenex

      You must use double plus double

    • +4

      Prefer? Maybe if you don't mind it, but prefer? That's pure madness my friend.

  • +10

    I can understand the thin part to save costs, but why is it so flaky??? It leaves a trail of paper mâché in your crack that's hard to differentiate between poo and paper (usually a mixture of both).

    Anyone else have the same experience?

    • Toilet paper is designed to breakdown when wet. In this case they designed it to break down too much, as it starts to fall apart from friction alone.

      • Toilet paper is designed to breakdown

        Kleenex designed to breakdown with your fingers

  • Ripples very bad. No one wants curved sandpaper on their anus.

  • Crp TP and regular price. Not a deal.

    Seriously, people can monitor their own Amazon wish lists.

  • +1

    Way better than Quilton in my opinion

    • +1

      2 ply is better? You have to use a lot each time.

  • +2

    What is with the Kleenex hate?

    • It's rippled and not soft. What sorta butthole enjoys curved sandpaper?

      • Cool, I'm now going to research the state-of-the-art in TP, ozbargain is an interesting place sometimes

      • Quilton hurts me whereas Kleenex doesn't, it's weird

        • +1

          You must be doing it wrong!

  • +1

    Sorry op but Kleenex hates your bum.

    It’s not even a good deal - quilton 3 ply 45 roll was $18 delivered just a few days back. I’d suggest people keep an eye out.

  • +3

    The comments on this thread read as if this is made of chewing gum and razor blades… We had this in the cupboard as a backup. Y'all bumholes are too sensitive, its still half decent 2ply TP—- albeit not the BEST you can get but it's miles from…. sandpaper.

  • I have to agree. I swear by the Confidence tissue paper from Aldi for the quality you get at the price. Everything else in the market other than that would be preferred, BUT Kleenex is at the bottom of the list, if it’s in the list at all.

    Yeah, nah. Not Kleenex TP - they’re bloody useless.

  • +2

    I wonder why it says "Complete Clean", what are the options?

  • I prefer double length over 3PLY, i'm not fussed with 2PLY if it means less trees are cut down.

  • This particular Kleenex toilet paper is terrible. Don't recommend.

  • Kleenex doesn’t love your bum.

    Save it for Quilton.

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