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Bonds Period Underwear $5 + Delivery (Free for Members over $29) @ Bonds Outlet


$5 Bonds period underwear in various sizes, styles and absorbency.

Pretty cheap. Highly recommended.

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    Bloody good deal.

    • didn't get it…

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      Let the discounts flow.

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    Bonds Outlet Period Underwear $5

    Any Victorian ones?

    • +1

      dear lord, i spat out my tea

    • How about paleolithic leopard skin?

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    crypto holders could do with a pair of these

    • Yep been a proper bloodbath. Ordered 50

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    Bought these last time they were this price and they have been sooo good. Every girl needs to be converted.

  • +1

    I think my gf doesn’t know this exists ..

    • +17

      Then it must be a bf…

      • +1

        I read "Free for Men over 29" lolol

      • She thinks I’m a zombie

    • +18

      I think she doesn't know she's your gf.

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    sorry, first time I heard about this sort of product so got some silly questions.

    So its basically underwear but also doubles as a period pad?

    So its re-usable, just wash it and use again?

    • +11

      correct! More like a underwear to wear during your period, without the need of pads.

      • Thanks

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        'without the need of pads' strongly depends on the individual - most of these you absolutely cannot wear (without pads) if you bleed a lot lmao.

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          well, that's why there are different ones: ultra light, light, moderate, heavy. Choose your undie accordingly.

          If you have a super heavy period than probably this will not help anyway.

          • +1

            @Cookiescream: No I know, that was my point! This + something else can be good i.e. for sleeping. Can bleed through a cup and still be OK because of the undies. But yes they are good for most people.

            • +2

              @jrowls: Ah yes, with cup, would be good as a backup.
              Sadly it's quite weird with a pad, feels wrong to stick something on the absorbent layer.

              One thing I will note is I felt a bit misled by the absorbencies, I expected Moderate to be similar to a Regular in pads. But it feels bulky and doesn't seem to hold that much. However from Choice, others don't really seem to have much of the same problem. Anyway, just a note to anyone trying, be careful until you adjust to how much they hold and get used to how they feel!

              • @jennkei: Sorry I meant to say cup all along. My brain was just saying pad for some reason lmao.

          • +1

            @Cookiescream: I only see ultra light, light, moderate

    • +6

      Not very comfortable if you just wear this without a pad. Would recommend pairing this with a menstrual cup as a back-up.

      • Bring a bucket

        • save the bucket. a few leeches will do

  • Are these okay for men 🤔?

    • +3

      Should probably work on your shaving technique if you're needing this.
      This might help https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/679207

    • +6

      For those extreme haemorrhoids days.

    • +6

      If you have a penis and are bleeding from it then I suggest you go a doctor instead.

  • +8

    simply awesome,full stop

    • +23

      you mean:
      "simply awesome, period."

      • +4

        Considering the convenience factor:

        “Simply, awesome period”

      • +4

        Thought that was too obvious so went for something more subtle 😊

        • +3

          This is OzB, where people still think "Bloody good deal!" is the pinnacle of humour, though, despite it being used thousands of times…

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    do these have the N95 rating?

  • +4

    Got a few of these they are awesome, I haven't used pads or tampons in ages.

    • +1

      may I ask if you have to change them every few hours during your period? was looking some for my daughters when they play sports.

      • +5

        It depends on your flow and the absorbency you get. When I'm at my heaviest I change undies three times a day (including after taking a shower) and I have the moderate absorbency ones.

        It'll certainly last for the few hours your daughters play sport :)

      • +2

        On my heaviest i wear pads only.

        But i have worn this for crossfit and soccer on a more lighter days and loved it.

  • +2

    extra 10% off for member

    • Free membership too - brings the deal down to 7 for $31.50 shipped :-)

      • How do you get membership? I've signed up by creating a new account, received an email about getting 10% off my first order, still no free shipping though

        • Refresh the checkout page and the free shipping shows up

  • +5

    These should go on sale once a month

  • -1

    I am waiting to see their line for heavy skidmarks.

  • +1

    Period underwear worn periodically without ovarly thinking of staining.

  • These absolutely stink after a few 3-6 wears, I soak them then wash them and they still smell like a dead body

    • +5

      This may be because you are soaking the underwear. All the brands I bought specifically advise NOT to soak the underwear.
      I haven't had any issue with smell with the different brands I have tried.

      • thanks for the tip.. how do you wash the blood out before washing? I guess put them in a separate wash

        • +2

          Their official advice is to put it under running water until the water runs clear, then wash as normal

        • You are just supposed to rinse them until the water runs clear, and then machine wash. If I am not putting a load on straight away I usually make sure they can air out until I get the wash on. Haven't had any issues with smell.

        • +3

          I rinse the underwear when I have a shower. I then store the underwear in a bucket/tub until I next do laundry.

    • +1

      Check out this for the best wash routine.


      I just put mine in with my sons cloth nappies but equally do sometimes wash with normal laundry warm (30-40 degrees) cycle with good detergent (I use OMO) after a rinse out in the shower.
      Yes most manufactured products say cold wash but you are really not going to get a good clean so I’d prefer clean undies and voiding the warranty myself. I’ve been using the Bonds ones for a while, washing in hot and the only issue has been a bit of colour fade which is to be expected.
      Definitely not a great idea to soak (unless short time for stain removal with napisan) as you are are just brewing yuckies. As per best cloth nappy wash routine, just leave in an airy basket while waiting for the wash.

      • thanks for the detailed tip!

      • You can try warm wash with soap and then when the machine starts spinning, switch to cold

    • +1

      As other commenters have said don’t soak them.

      That being said, if you have accidentally soaked them (like I did) to fix it I soaked them in vinegar overnight then rewashed normally. Solved the problem and hasn’t been an issue since.

  • -1

    Vampire certified

  • Unfortunately bonds outlet site refuses to work for me. But considering my previous experience with them, it must be a sign.

  • +19

    I find Modibodi are better (thinner and less bulky feeling) but they never get down to this cheap. For the price these Bonds ones are pretty good.

    Also worth checking if your council is doing a rebate. Modibodi website has a list of some but I'm not sure if it's complete, so best to check your own council.


    • +1

      Wow, didn't know about this rebate. Thanks!

    • nice, comes to 50% off for cloth nappies (max $100) and sanitary products (max $50) from council where i live, bonds is still cheaper though in the moderate - ultra light range

      • Unless your council restricts it by brand, otherwise no reason you can't get the Bonds and then get 50% rebate to make it even cheaper?

        • thats a good idea, i want to get heavy for my wife, and bonds has 25% off when you buy two hmmm

    • I did not know about this at all, thank you so much!

  • Thanks

  • +24

    I really enjoy this website … until comments come along where presumably middle aged men act like teenage boys and make jokes about periods. I'm possibly doing many teenage boys a disservice as I think they're more comfortable with femal bodily functions than the male posters.
    I've bought another brand from a recent post for my wife and daughter, but maybe I'll avoid opening these deals again anyway.

    • +15

      You get the same comments every single time as well, so it’s people thinking they’re clever and original meanwhile you’re sifting through a mountain of crusty old jokes to find actual information

    • +3

      Probably best just to ignore those comments. Worry or stress about the things that really matter in life, like your health and relationships with family and friends

      • +1

        Yep. I’ll do that :-)

    • +9

      Best to ignore the idiots. Don’t let them cramp your style.

  • +11

    No heavy styles on sale, had to wade through so many shitty useless comments to confirm this. Still a good price if you can manage with light

  • +4

    Lazy and overused comments aside, I bought these last time they were on sale and I am really pleased. I used two a day for heaviest days (moderate tier) and no leaks or stains, very comfy as promised. I definitely recommend them at this price even just to try.

  • I have my total around 30, but still shows shipping charges. Any ideas?

    • Signed in as a member?

      • yes

    • +1

      Mine is the same. I ended up just paying the shipping and then emailing bonds to ask them to fix it…

    • same happened with me. I just refreshed the page and back to cart/checkout and magically removed shipping cost.

      • Yes this is what i had to do to fix the glitch

  • Great deal, thanks OP! I have a bunch of modibodi which i love, so grabbed a few of these to add to the collection. Good opportunity to get some nude colours, all my modibodi pairs are black!

    Also grabbed this crop for $5 - https://www.bondsoutlet.com.au/retro-rib-scoop-crop-wt44-7h6...

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