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Philips OneBlade QP2530/20 $48 (RRP $69.95) + Delivery ($0 with $50 Order/ C&C/ in-Store) @ The Shaver Shop


Been wanting to try a OneBlade for ages. This looks like the cheapest way to do it. (Cheapest ever?) It's the basic model QP2530/20.

Free in-store pick-up but stock seems limited. Alternatively, get it delivered and add a cheap extra item (like a $2.50 hand sanitiser) to qualify for free shipping for orders over $50.

The Pro models have better battery and more stubble length options but neither of those matter to me, and the Pros currently start at $99.

Note that the online reviews I've seen complain about an 8-hour charge time, but the item description claims 4 hours, so perhaps this is an updated model.

Oh, and I think if you're new to Shaver Shop they'll send you a $10 voucher for joining? Certainly used to be the case. I can't test that.

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  • -3

    For anyone wanting to use this as a razor/electric shaver replacement, don't bother. It just can't cut close enough… Good for trimming though.

    • +18

      Interesting perspective. I find it to be the complete opposite and reduces the need to wet shave for me (which is great due to sensitive skin).

      • +2

        I'm 50:50 on this one.

        I find it does close shave well, but does poor job on detail trimming, so i need to use my normal beard trimmer for that

      • +3

        Agree - these are the closest things I've found to wet shave (mach 3 etc). I dont use it often but 2 blades have also lasted me a couple of years.

        Not good for beard trimming with the guard device you get with it though.

    • +2

      Definitely not great for trimming, at least if you have coarse hair.

      I have to do several passes

      • What do you find is good for trimming?

  • +2

    Genuinely love the OneBlade as both a shaver & trimmer. It's really comfortable to use and gives you the closest shave without a wet shave. Although you can refine the stubble little more with the rotary shavers after using this too.

    • You ever used for down stairs?

      • Yep, works amazing. They don't have a cutting motion like clippers, instead they vibrate. Much like a plaster cast removal tool.

        • I’ve been afraid to get it too close to the sack. Do you have to be careful about clipping skin?

          • +1

            @MrSaveDave: I used to have one (I found the blade plastic to be too flimsy and kept breaking).

            These will cut your skin even more so than a normal trimmer as the shave is much closer to the skin. Be careful on the sack, or pickup a body groomer/ attachment for normal trimmers.

          • +2

            @MrSaveDave: Clippers vs OneBlade is like comparing a chainsaw to a butter knife. Of course you have to be careful, but the OB is pretty forgiving, safer and faster. Not medical advice!

          • +1

            @MrSaveDave: What do people use for their sack? Everything I've tried cuts me to shreds.

            • @snensnay: This, the OneBlade. Put on one of the trimmer heads if you still get clipped or are worried. Or get the body groomed edition head.

              Works really well.

              • @Warehouse: The body grooming head still seems a bit dicey, probably because the skin can slip between the teeth of the comb. The website says:

                Warning for men: When you shave your scrotum, make sure that you stretch your skin in such a way that the blade cannot come into contact with the flexible skin.

            • +1

              @snensnay: To shreds you say!

            • @snensnay: Anything with a foil head

            • +1

              @snensnay: Philips multi groom has a great attachment for sack, never fails, top left attachment in image below


            • @snensnay: Razor.

              Clippers/Oneblade on sack is a terrible, terrible idea. Shaving however has never, ever given me any grief unlike basically every where else. Imo easiest place to shave on your body

              • @Pacify: Well, well, well. After reading comments above and trying many options in the past, today I took the old school razor to the sack, stretched it out as tight as possible and I've come up looking smooth as a babies bum with no cuts whatsoever. Amazing.

      • +31

        Live in a standard home, 1 storey so haven't yet had opportunity.

        • +1

          Just do it in your front yard instead. People don’t have to watch, amiright?

  • +2

    $10 off is for $100 spend I think
    Only thing I dislike about these is they don't catch the hair, so you need a large sink or do it in the shower. Also I feel like I shave quicker with a disposable. Otherwise impressed with the battery life and overall performance for shaving, I don't use the trimmer

    • I find even regular trimmers drop hair all over the place anyway. Invest in one of those aprons that have the suction cups which you attach to a mirror.

    • Agreed, bit slow and sometimes requires multiple passes (if you have coarse hair). But for me I always end up with either razor burn or somehow clip a bump with a normal wet shave, no matter how careful I'm being. Very rarely do I have issues with the OneBlade though. Quite impressed.

    • +25

      Then it would be Twoblade.

  • The 3-pack of blades cost about $54.

  • +1

    Highly recommend this shaver!

  • +2

    One blade to shave them all.

    Luckily, can be easily destroyed by putting in e-waste box.

  • +1

    Bought this in December. I have the one with the adjustable trimming length.
    Its SO much better than my old shaver… which was about 10 years old.

    Very happy customer.

  • +1

    How long do the blades last? Just mindful of how expensive replacements are.

    • +1
      • Cheers!

    • +3

      How long do the blades last?

      Approx. 5 weeks if you shave daily.
      4 months if you shave twice a week.

      • +1

        Thanks JV

        • … with a grain of salt

    • +3

      Speaking from experience: You can go months on the same blade. It just means you have to do more passes and takes you more time. Not really an issue with the OneBlade because it won't cause razorburn like when overusing a normal disposable…

      • Thanks Warehouse. Really helpful

      • +1

        I only use it once a week, and it lasts 8-12 months. I know if it's going, because it may grab a hair and that way I know I need to replace it.

    • +2

      jv is actually correct on this one for a change

      I shave 2-3 times a week and switch blades every 4 months

  • Does it come with 4 blades or are those the combs? The description says nothing about coming with 4 blades

    • +1

      They are combs.

    • +1

      They are combs. Single blade it seems.

  • Anyone found replacement blades for a good price?

    • +7

      There a deal here for 1x blade for $48

      It also comes with free accessories.
      4x combs
      1x OneBlade handle
      1x charger

      • Lol! 🍻

    • often $54 for 3pack on Amazon

    • +1

      I have read that the fake blades are atrocious. Avoid.

      • +1

        The fake blades are not worth trying if they were supplied and delivered free.

        I bought some from AliExpress thinking I saved a stack of money.
        They don't cut, the blade doesn't move, it vibrates really loud and somehow pulls your hair. Absolutely useless.

  • Not as close as a safety razor but not far off. Worth it if you don't have to have the closest shave or occasionally want to take a break from the safety razor.

  • +2

    looked at this for ages, ended up going down the safety razor route - Used to get skin irritation and burning with gilette cartridge razors. All gone with a safety razor. Was very surprised.

    • How much harder is it to shave with a safety compared to a Gilette cartridge razor?

      • +1

        I mean the first shave I was like "this is a bit strange" - but once you realise that the head isnt going to pivot on your face and you just hold an angle that cuts the hair you will be fine.

        Sure it takes a bit longer in the beginning, but you just let the weight of the razor do all the work and you arent just ripping your face apart with a cartridge razor

        Plus - I dunno if other people feel the same but its almost added another dimension to shaving, now I can try different blades, different heads, change handles. Try different types of brushes. It's a whole new adventure.

      • +1

        It's really just about adapting. Get a good quality safety razor with good quality blades, then learn to not apply pressure. Merkur 34c for example has a heavy head. That means you just need to pull it across your head/face/neck without putting pressure on it and it shaves perfect. If you put pressure on you can end up cutting yourself.

  • +3

    Literally the best shaver ever

  • Bought now, ta lads….. sometimes my philips aquatouch 3 head elec razor feels a bit rough so will try this to get to smaller places like mo and by sideburns… seems dees for $48 local pickup instead of usual wet blade shave!

  • +1


    I'd say skip OneBlade and go for Pro when on sale. why pay $48 for this when Pro has been $56 and is tons better

    • What's the main difference?

      • +1

        the main one would be the battery

        non pro recharges 8 hours for 45 minutes of runtime (NiMH)

        pro recharges in 1 hour for 90 minutes of runtime (LiIon)

        • This model is apparently a 4 hour charge for 1 hour runtime. New model, I suppose.

      • -2

        What's the main difference?

        The Pro is for Professionals

  • Is it better than Panasonic ES-ST29 for shaving?

  • +1

    It's good for first few times when the blades are sharp but after couple of dozen uses, starts to cut skin at times, for someone with thick hair it does not do good enough job.

  • Note that the online reviews I've seen complain about an 8-hour charge time, but the item description claims 4 hours, so perhaps this is an updated model.

    I must have an older model, the area where the on/off switch on mine is black not silver. That said, I plug it in overnight so really don't care (or even know) if it's a 4 hour or 8 hour charge.

  • As a note for people who want to use this for downstairs, the first time I used my Pro, my sack got caught in the blade. I have PTSD. I haven't touched it since and I've gone back to my razors

    • when I switched to oneblade this happened to me a few times, but hasn't happened for months now, maybe I just learned the right speed and directions for my face, it takes a bit of skill

    • +2

      You gotta stretch that turkey breast out until it's like Glad Wrap. It's like driving on a corrugated dirt road - go slow and steady. with no sudden jerking motions. hehe.

    • These are supposed to be better for use on man and lady parts


  • Is this good for shortening beard hair? My traditional style beard clippers just carked it.

  • if you're planning to shave your head this is not the razor for you. The very expensive blades dull way to quickly with a full head. I was getting 2-3 decent shaves and then it was painfully unusable. You're way better off with the weird looking Remington trimmer or something like the skull shaver.

  • OneBlade for OneChan

  • Dumb q, but do people use this for their armpits as well?

  • I don't use this as a replacement, however I use it to shave down my beard painless and then shave afterwards much easier.

    One of the few devices I use weekly.

    • Weekly? You must be looking schmick

  • Thanks op. Just bought one. Kinda nifty. Certainly no silver bullet but useful for a quick trim without any irritation, which i'd REALLY struggle to do dry shaving

  • +1

    IMO these are only a buy if you're trimming or need it for travel purposes. If you're after a close shave they're definitely a false economy vs safety razors. The blades wear our quickly and they're expensive for how long they last.

  • I use the philips multigroom for a smooth sack and trimming, and a $35 german safety razor single blade for shaving, super clean shave

  • Been using this for 2 years for beard trimming and works well. Would recommend. Amazon S&S is best for replacement blades, which last super long compared to normal razors.

  • These are nice, I can vouch for the blades which are really smooth on your face for a nice, fast, dry shave.

    I ended up getting the one with the Digital Display with it, the QP6520/20 from shaver shop on special for $89.
    Its no longer on special but thought it was a good deal. https://www.shavershop.com.au/philips/oneblade-pro-010126.ht...

    The blades on ebay can be bought from a particular seller for $30 for 2 replacement blades but he is out of stock atm.

    I only have charged it once and shave about once a week or maybe twice if busy and its still on 65% and had about 10 shaves.

    I really dig it as a previous philips shaver with metal cutter used to rip hairs out on chin, face and neck but this amazed me and I was sold on the idea once I tried it, No Nicks and a really fast ,smooth dry shave. Perfect for my needs and all I need to do is grab a twin pack of spare blades should they come back on special for $30au on ebay. A single blade is a bit pricey IMO as shaver shop sell them for 25 each yet this current blade I think will last me 8 months while those who shave every day or two could need to change them once every 3 months approx.

    This is a good deal and I nearly bought one of these on ebay which came with 2 x Blades for similar price but these deals come and go.

    Good luck all, worth the experience for those who wonder about these cutters, the blade heads are pricey but coated which with the design allow a no hair ripping smooth experience.

    Cheers 👍

  • sounds like a cheap printer with expensive cartridges.

    • +1

      not really, my original blade has lasted ages now, only need to get more since i dropped it and broke it

  • People actually change the blade?? Had mine fir over a year now use daily and the blade is fine.

  • Bought this. Worst shaver I have ever used. One of the worst products I have ever used period.

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