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24 Nuggets for $10 @ KFC


24 Nuggets for $10 is back at KFC. Available in-store or with the KFC app.

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    For even better value combine this with the survey free regular chips and drink.

    • Where's that at?

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        On your receipt.

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          You have to make a separate order first before you can use the receipt on another order

          • @FDA2020: Can you do unlimited surveys?

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              @Homr: If you have unlimited receipts

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          Better still, don't even bother with the survey. Just write a random 5 digit number on the top - on the occasion they actually ask for the receipt they don't even check if the number is valid.

          Also depending on the store they will let you swap the drink with something else. This is very discretionary. With this one you would be better off with gravy and chips, then drink water or get a can from the grocery store at far more economical prices.

          • @lemmstar: is there a way to use feedback receipt with online orders?

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              @MagicTsukai: I have tried my best and haven't been able to get it to work. Even if you ask for a receipt at drive thru they won't give it to you. I would suggest checking the floor for a docket next time you're there - bit sketchy but not beyond a true ozbargainer I would say!

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              @MagicTsukai: Just to clarify….. You can ask them to add it on and they normally do, however if they ask for your receipt you lose that receipt - have to then get another one. One trick is to buy their 1 dollar freezes for a receipt.

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            @lemmstar: Can confirm that this does work, I took a real number and changed the last number then created my own and it worked.

            I also do a few surveys because I'm a nice person ;D

            • @neednoLOVE: Yep one survey every 5 or so keeps the conscience at bay!

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            @lemmstar: *

            If you go to KFC near closing time and say what can you give me for $10? They'll often give you everything they haven't sold.

            Take this with warning as I haven't tried it and the person who told it to me was not the most reliable source.

            • @RedditUser1: Gonna press x for doubt on that. Unless someone can verify.

              • @xoom: I used to work at KFC and if anyone asked I'd probably give it to them, used to throw out chicken by the bucket load at the end of the shift.

                • @JannaOP: My brother use to work at pizza hut and they too use to throw out pizzas. So my brother use to take them home. Though i still say depends on the store and or their policy.

                  • @xoom: You can only eat KFC so many days in a row hahahahh

                    • @JannaOP: I dont know about you but some will take that as "challenge accepted."

            • @RedditUser1: Worth a go. A lot of the time though businesses sense they're cannabalising higher margin sales by doing this as these people may have been prepared to pay more if for not being trained they can get a late night bargain.

              • @lemmstar: It makes sense in way since you can't sell the product the next day. I've also seen Donut King lower their prices at closing time and Woolworths does it with their chickens. So, ???

                • @RedditUser1: Yeah every business has its own policy on this. Probably even major franchises have store level discretion. The donut thing I have witnessed also but then they stopped because they felt people were waiting. Truth is those people probably wouldn't have been customers anyway at the higher prices.

                  • @lemmstar: There was a story with Bakers delight. Something similar. Where people would wait it out till almost closing time to buy heavily discounted bread. Which i think the shop did not allow. Instead they threw the bread out.

                    Unsure what exact story was but it was something like that.

                    • @xoom: Yes I think this is an even worse outcome - the bread should be donated to the less fortunate. I know someone in my area that volunteers their time doing this and it should really be a priority of these companies to make sure they're not unneccesary landfilling foot and causing more environmental damage.

          • +1

            @lemmstar: Yeah I used to swap out the drink for a side all the time in the pre-app days. The app doesn't allow it. With the survey I figure it's free so I'll take what I get.

  • Oh not again……

  • +4

    Bring back the old nug recipe!

    • +1

      Can't even remember what that was like, what was it like?

      • +4

        Pink slime with bleached flour dipped in palm oil with lead paint shavings

  • Wish KFC would make this permanent like McDonald's…

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      McDonalds currently has 24 nuggets for $11.95. They were put down to $9.95 the last time KFC did this offer, but it was put back to $11.95 once the KFC offer ended.

    • -1

      wont be permanent as its <apparently> a loss maker

  • +3

    God damnit, just got kfc yesterday

  • +13

    The $10 popcorn chicken bucket is what we need

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    Are wicked wings back?! :D

    • +1

      Wings can be ordered at the counter:)

      • Ah, great to know! Thanks!

        • Ordered KFC 2 days ago at one of the Bathurst ones; still no wicked wings.

    • +2

      Haven't ordered kfc ever since they took off wicked wings from the build a bucket menu. Hopefully was only taken off because of shortage

      • +14

        Haven't ordered kfc ever since they took off wicked wings

        So, like what… 10 days?

  • Yummo! Thanks OP

  • +1

    There’s lunch sorted thanks OP

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    I miss the hot and crispy chicken!

    • +9

      I found even the zinger has lost its spicyness. Putting this down to the whiners who would buy a zinger then whinge its too spicy.

      • Really dependent on the shop. Sometimes it's spicy enough, sometimes it's just bland.

      • add supercharge sauce to your burger for extra kick :) (usually they'll add it for free)

  • +9

    Bit soggy compared to maccas nuggets

    • +4

      Hit and miss with both.

      Agree that KFC can be a little soggy (they sweat a little if left in the bag), but I normally find the Macca's ones really dried out… like eating cardboard sometimes.

      Plus the supercharged sauce at KFC is the shiznit :).

      • Plus the supercharged sauce at KFC is the shiznit :).

        They should really have this permanently on the menu.

  • +10

    Ever since I discovered the ALDI nuggets I've never gone back.

    This is good for a convenient fix, but the ALDI ones at like $5-6 for a bag of 50ish, throw it in the air fryer and they're done, are too good to pass up.

    • what brand? better than steggles/inghams?

      • Just the standard ALDI brand, Farmwood I believe it is.

        Haven't tried steggles/inghams so can't compare sorry, but these are still really tasty.

    • Wait your saying the ALDI nuggets taste better than the KFC/maccas nuggets?? I find that hard to believe, every frozen chicken nuggets tasted shit to me. If this true then I have to try the ALDI ones out… Hows the ALDI chicken tenders too?

      • +1

        Honestly, while Maccas/KFC ones are tasty, they can just feel too greasy sometimes. ALDI ones go down much nicer imo. Not sure if I'd say they taste "better", but they definitely don't leave you feeling like crap like the deep fried ones can sometimes! They have the big bags but also the smaller boxes for I think $3 if you want to try those first.

        Haven't tried the tenders though sorry, only tried the nuggets from ALDI as far as frozen chicken products go.

      • +2

        KFC and McDonalds nuggets are both frozen too.

        • What’s the next kfc deal

  • +8

    25 days. My New Years resolution lasted less than a month :).

    Damn you KFC!!

  • +5

    Did someone say KFC?

    • +2

      I, don't, care,,, I love it.

    • Shut up and take my live life on the fried side of life money

  • Side question, does anyone else have wicked wings missing from the KFC app menu??

    For me wicked wings disappeared from the app a month or so ago but not sure if it’s just me? Cheers!

  • -3

    Last time I got this deal the nuggets went into the bin and I drove to Mcdonalds

  • +2

    More importantly has anyone know where you can buy the supercharged sauce in bottles or something very similar 😂

    • They should start selling those in bottles like how nandos and oportos do with their sauces.

  • Hungry Jacks ones MUCH better than these ones. Crunchier and the meat tastes better.

    These always come soggy and limp, even at pickup.

    • always come soggy and limp, even at pickup

      When I pick-up, this is usually the outcome I'm aiming for…

    • +1

      Yeah I'm a fan of the HJ nuggets since they changed the coating, and Red Roosters are underrated as well, considering they are generally cooked fresh.

  • -1

    Any 9-piece chicken deal in WA?

  • For some reason the KFC app applies a $5 discount, so works out to be $5…

  • -1

    Salty and oily junk food.

    • That's what we're here for

  • +5

    I love KFC for their Chicken and Wicked Wings but their nuggets are consistently pretty shit (and soggy).

    Bring back the 9 pieces for $10.

  • Bring back the $15 Dinner Pack (9 original pieces, 2 large sides of you choice)

  • I love nuggets!

  • Shut up and take my money

  • +1

    Excludes delivery through the app.

    • Just noticed this and want to cry…

  • my fingers are oily

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