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Stanley Bailey No 5 Professional Jack Bench Plane $125.18 & More + Delivery (Free with Prime & $49 Order) @ Amazon UK

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  • +9

    I can't imagine buying a hand plane at retail.
    They exist in massive numbers in sheds across Australia, so turn up at garage sales frequently.

    $20 or $30 gets one in good nick.
    Alternatively, always plenty of secondhand ones on ebay, though sometimes a little more costly.

    • +1

      I've got my grandad's made in England planes. They weigh a heap but are so balanced. I had the blades professionally sharpened years ago but never had a reason to use them.

      • +22

        Sounds like you could use a cool crisp $20 note in your pocket..?

    • -7

      And that's leaving aside the fact that this kind of old-fashioned plane tool is obsolete for all but niche specialist work.

      If you ever do have to plane something, 99% of the time, the "shredder style" ones like this:


      …are perfectly adequate, and ten times faster. Like literally ten times more strokes are required for the old ones.

      For this price you could buy 4 of them. Or even better, 2 quality electric ones.

      • +6

        For taking something from rough to flat, or quickly removing a lot of material yes. But most people used handplanes for jobs that a powered planer simply isn't suitable for.

        And a powered planer definitely doesn't replace a block plane or spokeshave.

        For anyone doing furniture work, a jack plane and a block plane is a must. Might not always get a tonne of use depending on your exact scenario, but will definitely earn it's place.

        • i often use a hand planet to take the edge of timber so i don’t get splinters , use a lot of 90x45 hardwood, turning on an off an electric planer is a nuisance , hand planer quick and easy ….. and actually lighter than my bosch or festo planers ……

      • how's the finish of the one you share? I like the finish of plane when you go through the grain, I find it better than sanding. But I dont like electric planes either, too much power. I made a table top from recycled timbers but it is warped now, time to resurface it.

        • +1

          It's basically a rasp ie very rough finish. Nothing like the finish from a plane. It's the sort of thing you use to quickly knock something down then use an actual plane to smooth.

      • +4

        Which kind of old-fashioned plane is obsolete? Virtually all woodworkers use hand planes.

        They remove 10x less material because they only remove whatever material is raised above the desired plane surface. Also, the No. 7 plane is a jointing plane, you'd have no chance of jointing 2 boards using a surform plane, nor an electric planer. An electric planer is for removing a lot of material and reducing thickness, not achieving a perfectly flat surface.

      • +3

        You don't understand what planes are for.
        1 - They're not obsolete
        2 - I wouldn't use what you've linked on firewood.
        3 - The electric ones are faster, not better. There's a big difference there that I don't think you can appreciate.

      • +3

        Woah, dude. No. Different tool for a different purpose.

    • +1

      Yeah, I never understand why these things are exorbitantly expensive when there are other much more sophisticated tool that cost even less than half of this. The amount of material used is minimal and design has been this way for ages. May be because only wood worker selling $1000k wooden chair uses them nowadays. But i must admit it is a nice tool to have.

      • expensive because they don’t move in volume and it’s cast steel and a heat finish…. i have seen indian copies and some chinese copies and not as nice a finish as the stanley ….. sadly the wooden handles are now plastic on some models …. cost saving.

    • +1

      Exactly. A 75-100 year old handplane in decent condition can be cleaned up and made to perform better than a 'modern' Stanley manufactured in the last 30-50 years.

      • +1

        Yep, the main plane I use for every day stuff has "Made in USSR" on it. And thats my new one :D

  • +13

    Planely they have shaved the price, but have they cut the quality?

    • +4

      Yes. Apparently the bottom isn't flat.

      All this BS in the description about Stanley existing for 170 years lol. Didn't mention who owns the brand now.

      • +1

        … Professional Jack ….

      • says in amazon listing stanley black and decker …..

    • Since this deal is from Amazon and not eBay, they have definitely not Professionally Jacked the price

  • +1

    De plane! De plane!

    • Boss.

      • +1

        RIP Tattoo.

        • Lol, You watched the new movie? I liked it, very dark though.

  • +23

    If you are unvaccinated and can't board a plane… You can plane a board instead!

    • +2

      Damn, that was impressive.

  • Where are these made?

    • Probably China or India as that's where most of their manufacturing is now. While they still make a few decent products (and CoO doesn't reflect quality IMO), Stanley is yet another brand that once had a name that represented good quality but have sacrificed that for quick profit and now mostly produces sub standard items.

  • My wife has some gnarly bunions and thick elephant skin around the ankles. A pedicure is around this price. Thinking of saving some money. Would this do the trick or is something powered a better option?

    • A heavy duty cheese grater sounds like a better option, think of the free parmesan.

    • You probably want to wait for the next angle grinder deal at Aldi

  • OP, interested to know what sort of work you'll be doing.

    You don't see spokeshaves too often nowadays except for fine furniture work, or green woodworking (spooncarving, etc).

  • +2

    Year 7 memories in the woodwork shop

    • Damn, good times.

  • -2

    Electric planes can be had for so much less AND easier and quicker.

    • +4

      Good luck jointing edges, getting a perfect finish or working small pieces with an electric planer. A no. 4 still has its place in most shops

    • Different tool for a different job.

  • handle plane is largely for personal entertainment & meditation. I'd save some $ for a proper veritas or lee nielsen

    • Lie Nielsen and Veritas planes are great, but honestly, they're overkill in terms of money for performance compared to a well restored and fettled vintage plane (particularly if you replace the blade with something modern like a Hock blade.

      If you don't make your living from your hand tools, and you don't have a tonne of disposable income, the price of those is pretty hard to swallow (particularly with the prices we have in Australia for those tools, looking at you Carbatec)

  • +2

    Haven't tried one but from what I've heard the quality control of modern Stanley planes is awful and they'll require a lot of fettling. Better off getting a second hand one from last century

  • +1

    Too expensive. This is for skin only.

  • Is it a Stanley or Irwin plane ?

    • Neither if buying new. They're not what they use to be

  • +1

    This is NOT a #7 plane for $125 - the amazon title is incorrect. The plane that is $125 on that page is code number 1-12-005 which is the #5 Jack plane: https://www.stanleytools.com.au/products/detail/PRODUCTS/HAN...

    The #7 plane (a jointer plane) is a second item on that page and is $310.

    I was thinking: holy cow, a #7 for $125 is insane - gotta get that. It's not a #7. It's not a jointer plane.

    • thks had me confused also as it’s only 355mm long …..am after a longggg jointer / jack plane as electric planers are too short ….. now to wait for the real #7 to come up at a killer price ….

  • Be careful - according to the reviews, the only thing that is Stanley is the instruction booklet. The plane is some Chinese junk.

    • stanley still make great planes, downside i have seen is that you have option of cheaper plastic handles or more expensive wooden ones …. still great quality compared to no-name copies …..

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