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Purchase Fee Waived on Physical EFTPOS Gift Cards ($20- $500 Denominations, up to $2000) @ TCN


card.gift (powered by TCN) have waived the card fees on physical EFTPOS cards in honour of Chinese/Lunar New Year.

Good deal for those looking to hit credit card minimum spend or buy with your American Express card so you can earn AmEx points and still shop at non-AmEx retailers.

Looks to be $2.95 flat rate regular shipping to Brisbane Metro no matter how many cards you purchase so works out to an effective 0.1475% surcharge on a $2000 which is a small price to pay. Lower equivalent surcharge on a bulk purchase means this is also a useful deal if you wish to skirt the 0.5% credit card surcharge charged at ALDI.

As always, the physical EFTPOS cards can only be used in store and cannot be spent online or for card not present transactions (over the phone etc)

This is part of Lunar New Year Deals for 2022

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  • in honour of Chinese/Lunar New Year


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      in order to take advantage of the marketing surrounding/because it's CNY. Whatever takes your fancy. It's all marketing anyway.

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        This is an honorific deal.

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      Didn't you hear? Chinese/Lunar New Year just died.

  • They still make money via the postage.

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      I reckon they make money on unspent balances.
      i.e. you have $3.53 left & don't ever spend it as you have to split payment & most people are lazy.

      • how long does the balance last legally?

        • 3 years

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    High chance of cancellation. Potential postage issue. Dont bother.

    • wait so why would anyone want this physical gc with no discount then?

  • I just wish I had gotten The Ammex approved, been rejected so ofcourse no use of it

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      Can you explain a bit more, what happened?

      • If I would have been approved for ammex,

        Would have bought these Eftpos Card to meet the minimum spend of $1500 or whatever easily. (to get some of the Cost back of spending and get the signup bonus)

        Then Would have used these Eftpos Card normally as a bank debit card at physical shops.

        • OK thank you for replying. I thought that you were rejected by AMEX because you purchased these cards. That would have been concerning to many people.

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    Can you use this card for cashout at colesworth?

    • Usually you can only use them for purchases.

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    What happens if these go missing in the post?

    Can you buy using PayPal etc (so not giving out your credit card details)?

    • not giving out your credit card details)?

      zip pay's single use card?

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        Zip pay charge a fee?

    • Nope, they use Shopify. Credit/debit cards and Laybuy only.

      You could use a Klarna card, or if you use Revolut a Disposable Virtual Card (if it's available to you).

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        These have costs?

        • Then provide your credit card details. They're not obliged to provide the most convenient payment options for you.

          • @DisabledUser155209: Hey man. Sorry, i was just wondering if shopify and laybuy charge card fees for this sort of transaction?

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    Don't bother, I tried to purchase 1k for AMEX and they cancelled my transaction.

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      There'll always be people sucked into it, without reading comments. The user T-man above posted a card.gift deal before and obviously had a negative exp.

      Another issue: your hundreds if not thousands worth of cards are probably handled by AU Post. I am very certain that 2-3 orders in 100 wont be delivered due to some misfortune.

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        I very regret to post that deal and it is too old to edit or remove it, or hide it. This website is so buggy, dodgy business and the customer support is worst than Telstra. I don’t really care the negative votes, don’t bother me at all, someone just click neg automatically.

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      It's odd, all the ozb posts point out that this mob cancel most orders and yet their online reviews are pretty good, which is odd for a gift card provider.

      Perhaps they just don't like the sort of orders ozb people place? Buying too many at once? I dont get a business model which turns away half of your clientele.

      For the record, my 2 orders got nuked too. They really don't want our money

      • In all fairness, card.gift is a relatively new website launched a couple of months ago, and TCN may have tightened up their payment processes and are doing more thorough checks on customers since launching this website, particularly since card.gift now sells a truckload of gift cards from Coles Group, Wesfarmers, Woolworths Group, etc.

        A lot of the TCN online reviews would likely be in regards to purchases made directly through the thecardnetwork.com.au website (such as this recent popular EFTPOS fee waiver deal with free shipping), and the only gift cards you can purchase on this particular website is gift cards issued by TCN themselves. You don’t see many comments on that deal complaining about TCN cancelling orders.

  • So is this a good legit seller or not?

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      Judging from the comments above (and my personal experience), card.gift are a waste of time.

      • Or they approve the purchases made by debit cards without questions. They are looking for the customers that can "begenerous", in line with its motto. In other words, bargainers are exluded from its marketing scope.

        • I would actually test the debit card theory on card.gift if I thought there was anything actually worth buying on the website!

  • I hope the deal is offered again soon

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