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Purchase Fee Waived on Physical EFTPOS Gift Cards ($30-$200 Denominations, Up to $1000) + Free Express Shipping @ TCN


This deal is best suited for hitting the Credit Card spends and converting Amex to Eftpos cards to use where Amex is not accepted.

Here are T&Cs:

Use code "THANKS" at the checkout to receive free express shipping upgrade on orders under $1000. No additional card fees and free standard and express shipping on all orders under $1000 valid until 11:59pm 30/09/2021. Limited to one use per person and up to a maximum of $1000. Offer applies to select eftpos cards only and physical cards only. No additional cashbacks or discounts applicable with this code.

Please note Eftpos cards can only be used at site (NOT online).


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    when Amex is not accepted, then we can use Visa/Mastercard for points too ? Better this way right ?

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      Amex points are worth about 15% more than visa/mastercard points.

  • does anyone know if these type of eftpos cards work at woolworths to buy the perfect eftpos card with when theres a bonus point offer?

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      I think the only restriction Woolworths has on the use of “cash-equivalent” gift cards sold at Woolworths (i.e. The Perfect EFTPOS gift card, Only1 VISA prepaid card) is that you cannot use them as payment methods to buy other “cash-equivalent” gift cards sold at Woolworths.

      I suspect the reason for this is to stop Woolworths staff (who get a 5% discount on nearly all gift cards) from spending $482.56 on a $500 Perfect EFTPOS gift card, then using $482.56 of that gift card to buy another $500 Perfect EFTPOS gift card, etc.

      Other types of “cash-equivalent” gift cards (e.g. Coles Gift Mastercard, the EFTPOS gift cards in this deal) can be used as payment methods for the “cash-equivalent” gift cards sold at Woolworths, because Woolworths doesn’t sell them.

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        Wait, Woolworths employees get discount on EFTPOS gift cards? So its better for Woolworths employees to use such cards than using their bank debit cards?

      • I have tried to purchase the perfect EFTPOS card with EFTPOS gift cards issued by other companies which are all declined.
        Have you tried to purchase it with Coles gift MC? That would be an interesting data point though pretty meaningless considering their max load value is just $250.

        • I have tried to purchase the perfect EFTPOS card with EFTPOS gift cards issued by other companies which are all declined.

          That’s good to know. I wasn’t aware of that!

          Have you tried to purchase it with Coles gift MC?

          Yep, I did so on Monday night and it worked.

          • @WookieMonster: Did you buy $240+ on each card? The $8 purchase fee would have taken up most of the profit that way.

            • @truetypezk: I redeemed $250 on one card and ~$15 on the other card.

              I’m not too fussed about the purchase fees of either card, because I bought the Coles Gift Mastercards and EFTPOS gift cards when they had bonus points promotions, so it offsets the fees.

              • @WookieMonster: Oh do they still allow you to combine payment from 2 cards? I thought they have banned that too. If that works then buying a $490 EFTPOS card with 2*$250 Coles MC sounds like a good way to do it.

                • @truetypezk: You can do split payments at a self-service checkout or a serviced checkout at Woolworths. That’s what I did at a self-service checkout on Monday without any issues (and without requiring additional approval from staff members).

                  You can do split payments at a serviced checkout at Coles, but there is no way of doing split payments at a Coles self-service checkout, even if staff intervene.

                  • @WookieMonster: Thanks, good to know that. Somehow I have been assuming it is no longer possible to split payment on gift card purchases.

          • @WookieMonster: Is there any benefit by buying these cards with Coles MC?

            • +2

              @youser: The only benefit by buying these EFTPOS gift cards with Coles Gift Mastercards is if you prefer to use EFTPOS, as some merchants (e.g. ALDI, some restaurants) will slug you with a surcharge if you use Mastercard, but they will not slug you with a surcharge if you use EFTPOS (savings).

            • +2

              @youser: If you happen to have them lying around then you get the bonus points without tying up additional funds which can be investedted.

    • Why would you use an EFTPOS gift card to buy another EFTPOS gift card?

  • +1

    Yeah I used last week and they worked a treat.

  • +15

    Good way to get Aldi shopping spend out of the reward credit cards without being slugged with the 0.5% card fees.

    • You can use these physical EFTPOS cards at ALDI?

      • +2

        You should be able to.

        I’ve used EFTPOS gift cards at ALDI in the past and had zero issues.

      • +1

        Yes, can confirm with no fee

  • +1

    I forgot the code! Shipping was free anyway, but standard, not express. I need it by this time next week. Oops.

    Oh well, it only makes one day difference anyway.

  • whats the expiry on these?

    • 3 years

      • It should be illegal to have expiry on this… This is essentially cash

  • Anybody know if there's any Australian banks/providers of virtual credit card numbers for subscription management?

    • +1

      You can use Zip's one use card for subscriptions

      • That would stop it from being one use though?

    • Revolut

  • +3

    Whats the benefit of buying this?

    • +3

      It's already stated in the beginning of the post?

      • isnt it just better to buy discounted GC?

        • I guess for this one, it is more widely accepted as it could be used anywhere that accepts EFTPOS.

    • Laundering money

      • +2

        the professional term is MS.

    • +14

      The main benefits (in my mind anyway) are:

      • If you have an American Express (AMEX) card, you can use it to purchase this gift card and then use the gift card at merchants who do not accept AMEX or to avoid a surcharge merchants charge for accepting AMEX. You will still earn points on your AMEX card for purchasing this gift card.

      • If you have a Visa/Mastercard card (especially a platinum/premium Visa/Mastercard credit card), you can use it to purchase at merchants to reduce or avoid a surcharge that you may have to pay for using Visa/Mastercard. You will still earn points on your Visa/Mastercard card for purchasing this gift card.

      • Purchasing these gift cards can help you reach any credit card spend requirements to earn a sign-up bonus.

      • Part of this deal is that you don’t have to pay a purchase fee for these gift cards, meaning you save $5.95 or $6.95 in fees you would otherwise normally have to pay.

      Other “benefits” include:

      • Enabling credit card fraud.

      • Enabling money laundering.

      • +1

        Coles don't sell the BlackHawk eftpos card anymore (i.e ThePerfectGC). Since this new company TCN selling their gc, many other gc sales must be reducing a lot. TCN design and product is quite good.

        For example the Ultimate Cards now can't be used at all since it only can be used in store and all the stores are closed now while TCN card can be converted to egift card and can be used online.

        TCN Restaurant GC is the best product compared to the restrictive GoodFood GC or Ultimate Eats GC.

        BlackHawk is greedy, once upon a time they got much sales and they may thought that their cards is popular so they jacked up their fee from $5.95 to $6.95 on $100 card. TCN eftpos card fee is only $5.95. The sales at that time is because of the WW/Coles promo and before Amex MR 50% devaluation.

      • +5

        Other benefit of prepaid cards include your spending remains your privacy and anonymous.

        • ha, never thought about it like that. makes sense.

          • +2

            @ProlapsedHeinous: bank nowadays want to know all about you, many BNPL even ask to access your account statement.

            They want to know how many times you drink coffees, watch movies, eating out. What's next? maybe want to know how many times I sh*t as well to assess my health risk. It is getting way overboard.

            I don't even have the need to use my bank card or even credit card. Petrol from WW is with Wish GC, eating out is TCN Restaurant GC. 7-11, coffee purchase or even topup Myki can be paid with Eftpos/Coles MC.

            JBHifi/TGG purchase is with TCN/Ultimate GC. Ebay is with ebay GC. This is prepaid card.

            Bills also can be paid using Coles MC. Grocery shopping at Coles is with Coles GC/Flybuys dollar, same for WW.

  • +1

  • pros: can use any credit card to pay to earn points
    cons: probably cannot be used as contactless payments and have to carry the physical card as it cannot be added to phone

    • Well generally you would carry it if you know a place that has cc surcharge but not on savings like Aldi or Australia Post bills

  • Sorry for my ignorance. What's an Eftpos card?

    • +1

      An EFTPOS card is a card where the payments are processed on the EFTPOS network.

      An EFTPOS gift card (e.g. the one in this deal) is a prepaid gift card that you can use at merchants that accept EFTPOS.

      • So basically, instead of gifting someone a store-specific gift card, we are providing them a card which can probably work on any shop they want to?

        Also, can this be used as intl credit card? I always feel wary of using my CC for intl sites (like for buying game keys etc) or netflix GCs in Turkey for example. If this can do that, then could be quite useful.

        • +2

          Try Revolut.

        • So basically, instead of gifting someone a store-specific gift card, we are providing them a card which can probably work on any shop they want to?


          Also, can this be used as intl credit card?

          No. These gift cards can only be used in-store at Australian stores, as EFTPOS cards cannot be used online (yet).

          You may be more interested in prepaid Visa/Mastercards (e.g. Coles Gift Mastercard, Only1 Visa Prepaid Card) if you want to use them for international purchases, but (at least for the Coles Gift Mastercard) it is against the terms and conditions to use them for recurring payments.

          A company providing virtual cards (e.g. Revolut) may also make sense in your case.

  • Maybe Woolies doesn't want to order any more cards from them lol

    • Woolworths doesn’t sell these gift cards, but Coles sells them.

      Woolworths sells EFTPOS gift cards issued by Blackhawk Network (not TCN).

      • WW now only sell BlackHawk Eftpos card but not TCN eftpost and Coles only sell TCN eftpos but no longer stock BlackHawk eftpos card.

  • +1

    These good for rorting the uber eats new customer deals ?

    • +2

      No, because these gift cards can only be used in-store.

      At this stage, EFTPOS cards can only be used in-store.

  • Can I use this card to pay credit card or electricity bills @ post office

    • +2

      electricity bills and others like ATO @ post office yes but no to credit card bills

      • Tried paying ATO with these at the post office, payment declined on terminal. The error was "Declined - CODE 91 Contact Bank Proprietary Debit".

        • Good to know - hope you didn't buy too many to pay your bills.

        • +1

          sometimes its the staff assume its a visa credit card you have to tell them to put it through as eftpos. i have same issue with amex young kid always choose visa and it gets declined, i have to tell them its a amex cc.

    • Depends on the post office. A lot of them will decline to accept eftpos giftcards as a payment method and cite a "memo from HQ"

      • Depends on the post office

        Self service machines … Unfortunately they're closed in NSW at the moment.

        • +1

          Certainly makes sense to me - why would you use the machines that are the same as the (very much still open) ones at Coles/WW to conduct your transaction without going near another human?

          Much better to join a long line of others further into the shop for 15 mins, then speak face to face and exchange a bunch of documents and other items by hand…

          • @BobLim:

            Certainly makes sense to me - why would you use the machines that are the same as the (very much still open) ones at Coles/WW to conduct your transaction without going near another human?

            Guess you didn't hear that machines (and 5g) cause covid.

            I think the real problem is staff for AusPost - the machines invariably need a human to dispense stamps and lodge parcels. Now they've found another excuse to reduce services even more.

  • So can’t be used for online shopping then?

    • Correct, they can only be used in-store.

    • That sucks then, can't spend it online to use in conjunction with cashback rewards from Cashrewards or Shopback

  • paid with shopify but didnt see the BNPL option is it only for selected stores?

  • Too bad they cant be used online, especially given half of Australia is in lockdown.

    Actually, if you are going to go in store to spend it, why not just go to coles/woolworth and buy a prepaid visa card? You can use amex and there are no fees.

    • +5

      which prepaid visa card has no fees? There is none.

  • +1

    good to pay ato at post office and at aldi to avoid card fees

  • Thanks OP!

  • +1

    My advice on using prepaid cards like this is to spend them on non-refundable items like food and petrol because it becomes a hassle if the retailer needs to refund the amount on the same card and you might have already thrown it away.

    • I have never had a retailer ask to check the card that the refund is going back to

      • Lucky you, i've had plenty. They usually don't even ask for the card, they just say to check for the refunded amount on the card you've used to pay.

  • Anyone know if AusPost allows you to do split payment when paying by Eftpos?

    • +1

      Yes, but you'll need to find an operator who has zero care factor, which is getting harder to find

      • So the self serve machines can't do split payment?

        • Upon scanning a bill, the machine will prompt you to pay at the counter. Happy to be proven wrong though

  • Good option for teens instead of cash / bank debit cards.

  • Woohoo, $1000 spend on visa/mc is usually worth about $5 in FF points (to me). By taking up these EFTPOS card and paying with my AMEX, i am gonna be in front by almost $5 in points value.

    Watch your pennies and the dollars take care of themselves.

  • I have tried to order second time and got cancelled

    • Limited to one use per person and up to a maximum of $1000

      You are only allowed to order once, with a max of $1000 in that order.

  • So this is a physical card they send out to you, right? How do you prevent your mail get stolen? Do they put a lock in the card and only you can activate it under your account?

  • Has it shipped yet for anyone?

    Purchased on 16-Sep - still not shipped!

    I thought it was meant to ship within 1-2 business days!

  • +1

    Just received the cards today.

  • Do we need to activate them or they good to go ?

    if not.. is there any way to activate in bulk..

    • +1

      you need to activate one by one and it takes 24h for the fund to be loaded.

  • What does Limited to one use per person mean?

    If I'm after $1000, I assume I gave to buy 5 of the $200 gift card?

    • Correct.

  • Anyone know if you can buy $1000 on the primary Amex card and then another $1000 on supplementary cards? Trying to get $3k spend for my wifes shiny new Qantas Amex Ultimate up nice and quick.

  • Maybe use a different email address?

  • My order got cancelled. First time purchase. Anyone know why? Help @kelasen .

    • Hi Mate - Not sure, please feel free to call them at 1300375346

      • the Filipino folks at the 1300 number have no clue either :(

  • +1