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YESDEX Precision Screwdriver Set 57-in-1 $13.33 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ YESDEX Amazon AU


Precision Screwdriver Set, 57IN1 Screwdrivers & Nut Drivers Laptop Tool Kit Aluminum Handle S2 Steel Bits Portable Computer Repair T3 Screwdriver for PC, Laptop,Cellphone Camera Eyeglasses Watches Repair,etc (BLACK)

300 stock limited, Have a good day

【High Hardness & Anti-rust】 Precision screwdriver set Made of S2 tool steel, hardness up to 60HRC (Tolerance:±2HRC), extraordinary hardness, superior toughness with high quality
【Multi Use Bits】56 precision screwdriver bits includes different sizes of Philips, Slotted, Security Torx, Hex, Pentalobe, Torx, Triangle, Y tri-wing, Fozidriv, Square, U-Type to cover wide range of different applications.
【Ergonomic Design Handle & Magnetic Design】 The Magnetic handle is made of aluminum alloy, anti-skid design with rotary cap for precise turning and control.It allows you to take down and reassemble the bits easily
【Wide Applications】: 56pcs high quality S2 screwdriver bits applicable to most modern Electronics, Laptop, Mobile Phone, PC, Apple ( Mac Pro & Air, MacBook, iPad, iPod, iPhone series), Watch, Tablet, Glasses, Cameras, Toys & Model, etc.
【Rotatable Aluminium Handle】: Ergonomic Design and well-made handle with the anti-slip area and free-spinning cap could keep the screwdriver no shake when working, a mini magnet inside can provide magnetic for the bits any time. The handle will not grind hands when long-lasting work. Precise enough for technician need, it's better to control by your finger for its rotatable end cap and anti-slip area.

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  • +7

    Hi Rep, you posted this for $12.00 last month. Can you make it the same price please?

    • +21

      Can you make it the same price please?


    • -3

      No, because "iNfLaTiOn"

  • -2

    Yeah but that was last month. You can buy last month’s sale. I believe it’s called inflation lol

    • +10

      I believe it’s called inflation lol

      Price increases are not really bargains though…

      • +17

        Most reps aren't here posting deals because they care about the Ozbargain community, so we need more members keeping them on their toes rather than defending their price jacking behaviour.

        • +9

          Especially when they just log on, post a deal, then log off immediately and don't answer questions.

    • Inflation in a month lol - I get the Chinese economy is in shambles despite what the CCP want the world to believe but no- its called greed and cheeky reps seeing how far they can push the market.

      Step 1: come in and undercut whoever is cheapest on eBay/amazon

      Step 2: Establish some fans on ozbargain

      Step 3. Start to raise pricing to sustainable levels month by month.


      • +3

        Not defending anyone here, but how do you expect they make a living if the price aren't sustainable? Lmao?

        • +2

          What's that got to to with this website? Ozbargain is a community based website for members to share bargains.

      • +3

        Since when do sellers have fans? If it's a good price you buy it, if it's not you don't. This, although more expensive than their last deal, is still roughly $10 cheaper than the sellers with the same (whiteboxed) items on Amazon.

      • Have you checked out how much shipping has continued to rise by silly amounts lately?

  • +1

    Bought 1. Good price

    • -3

      Good price was $12. This is 11% more expensive…

      • +4

        Based on my calculation, the $13.33 is 111.08333333333% of $12. Therefore It is 11.08333333333% more expensive.

      • +3

        So its neither the best price or the worst price.
        Good price it is.

        • -2

          So its neither the best price

          Not the best price means no bargain…

          • +1

            @jv: you need to go to thebestpriceeverofalltime.com.au

  • +4

    Does anyone know if these are comparible in quality to the Xiaomi ones?


    • can vouch for the Xiaomi ones.. had them for 3 years now (occasional 2x a month use) and only the case is a bit scratched.. would like to know how these hold up as well

    • +1

      I have one. They’re okay. Worth the price I’d say at the sale price. But definitely not at full price

      • Mine had rust on it after 1 year

  • +2

    I would buy one for $12.

  • I bought one of these and actually found it really handy, for $13 it's a bargain.

    • -2

      Not a bargain. What the price ought to be. Don’t buy at full price but at $13 it’s still not bad

  • Seems like the price changes to $12 each at checkout if you purchase two or more.

    • Buy 2, save 10%

  • -2

    Dont need one (got 3 sets already). Bought one.


    Th…thanks OP?!

  • OzBargain peeps seem to love these mini screwdriver sets lol I dont get it…

    • I think it's for all the watches, laptops and computer parts they've bought as a result of using this site

    • +1

      These screwdriver heads cover a lot of small electronics. Many sets from brick-and-mortar stores won't cover as much.

    • +1

      I have one that sits on my desk. I use it for electronics and kids toys. I fix a lot of kids toys.

    • I have the Xiaomi-Wiha collaboration set. Had it for a number of years and it blows the pants off my other precision sets. And @silverrat23 is right, it covers what I had 3 separate sets for.

      I haven't had any issues with them in the time I've had them, and they certainly seem far better quality and hardness than a long discarded precision set I had way back in the day. (That was so incredibly soft and deformed at 2nd use)

      That being said, since I already have one, I don't see myself buying it again.

  • Anyone who’s bought last month can provide a quick review please. Tia

  • +1

    it’s $21 now ……

  • Sold out

  • +2

    well with 300 on offer seems 300 people didn't care if it was $13 instead of $12 …. sadly I missed out on $13, and that is better then when I bought one for $18.

  • I bought a second set since I dropped my first one in the shed and every screw head went scattering on the floor. Only managed to find about 70% of them.

    So make sure you double check it's locked when you are walking around with it.

    • +1

      Even if it is locked, I found that the lock itself isn't very secure. If you shake it hard enough it will unlatch and spill everything on the floor. When I carry the set around in my work bag I put a piece of tape on the end or use a rubberband to keep it closed.

    • @Oneguyinmelb: Sounds like you need a Specsaver deal :-)

  • just missed it! will you do another deal soon please? :(

  • mine got delivered today - case is broken (so doesn't stay closed!). but otherwise seems good for $13. an elastic band around the case keeps it closed for now - prefer not to send back and add to landfill…!

  • i have the wowstick

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