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AMD P2 Mask (Box 50) $107.10 Delivered @ Aussie Pharma Direct


Back in stock! And discount code from Black Friday still works!

Sorry about the earlier deal with the other site, should have done my due diligence before posting

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    Alternate option maybe worth checking out - 10-12 day delays though


    • +9

      Werko never sent out the RATs we ordered weeks ago. Now not responding to emails

      • Ah ok don’t order from them then sorry..
        Was only going off previous deal feedback. As mob supplying in OP Link similarly had some communication issues/ not shippin goods according to previous deal feedback

        • +4

          Werko never sent the masks I ordered two weeks ago. No response to emails and phones are out. Doing a CC chargeback on Monday

        • +1

          Previous deals feedback and every other mention of them have all been negative.

      • Yep. That is true. I emailed them repeatedly after order in December never got posted. I can understand the issue with RAT stock but they can at least respond to emails. I finally emailed them to cancel order and they did than in less than 24 hours. So they have staff to cancel orders but not answer emails about the order.

        Having said that, I have ordered stuff from them in the past and they were very quick at posting so this might just be an aberration.

    • +2

      I placed an order with Werko 3 weeks ago (when their website states in stock and post within 3 day)… I still haven't received them nor have I heard from them

  • +22

    Are these ryzen? How many cores?

    • I’m more of an intel man myself

      • +1

        I wouldve said that too couple years ago

    • +8

      Not too sure about the cores, but I can clearly see two threads there

      • Wonder how much overclocking these masks can take? May need to overvolt them though.

    • Phenom 2 quad core. But could be a dual core with fake quad core via hyper threading

  • +1

    What’s wrong with the previous site? I saw it was unpublished.

    • +4

      new website and also owner has had checkered past with other sites iirc

      • +1

        Hmm I purchased from the last site, hope it turns out ok…

        • Have your masks arrived yet? I bought it from the banned site and received an inferior item of the same brand. Just wondering if the same happened to you.

          • @skimp: I actually bought that one too. But it came today and seems to be exactly what I ordered.

            • @werdplaya58: Does the box have "P2" written on it?

              • @skimp: Yeah it does, looks identical to what was listed. Actually seems very good quality. In retrospect the website did seem a bit dodgy though, but I used PayPal so figured I could just dispute anything if needed.

                Seems like it was just shipped from a home address which was listed on the package, so probably a one man operation… Maybe they just stuffed yours up.

      • i thought people said the site was legit? unless they were sockpuppeting?

  • +1

    I'm more inclined to go with the cheaper australian made masks by ppe tech. Prices fluctuate a bit so best to check ebay and amazon to see whichever is cheaper.

    • Link?

      • On Amazon: 50-pack Australian Made Face Masks 4-Ply Disposable Breathable Comfortable with Earloops https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B093B8QKVP/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt...

        At one point they were $90 but seem to have gone up.

        • +2
          Kindle Customer

          3.0 out of 5 stars Straps break easily
          Reviewed in Australia on 2 January 2022
          Verified Purchase
          At least 8 out of 25 masks the strap has broken. When comparing the length of the straps one is usually shorter. Really disappointing considering the price point of these masks.
          2.0 out of 5 stars Don't waste your money
          Reviewed in Australia on 14 January 2022
          Verified Purchase
          One mask missing from two boxes of 25 i ordered. Of the rest, 5 had problems with the glue on the strap. Check the photos. The straps are either already broken or there is hole in the place strap connects to the masks. So much for protection…

    • They’re earloops vertical flat fold - might as well just get Bunnings KN95s.

      In fact I’m almost certain PPEtech buy their mask machines and the raw materials from China.

    • +1

      I got these, they are about $2 each, can't breath when wearing them, so must be working well ;)

    • Have some of those on the way and also some of these to compare. Got a feeling the ppetech ones will be better for me but we'll see.

  • +3

    Did you really switch 3 domains now? You can't get rid of your post history.

    • Can you elaborate? Am I gonna get done buying from this website?

      • +1

        Probably not. Just someone trying to make money by sockpuppeting multiple sites.

  • +5

    Apparently the nose wires on the AMD are weak though https://www.reddit.com/r/Masks4All/comments/s5pxx2/are_kf94s...

    Stick with the 3M Auras or the Korean MFDS-approved KF94s like the LG or BOTN if you want boat style masks with good nose wires

    • Maybe I just got a good batch but the ones I tried are a good fit (my glasses don’t fog)

    • +1

      Can confirm the last batch I had is on the weaker side (their earlier batches were great).

      It's strong enough if you bend it once it'll stay put.
      But if you say take it off, flatten it out to place somewhere or whatever, it'll quickly lose its ability to hold shape.

      It also seems to be more of an issue depending on your nose shape.

    • +2

      The headband version does have a very very stiff nose wire and better nose foam to provide a good seal. Unfortunately they’re more expensive and harder to find.

      • +1

        That sounds better and more comparable to the 3M Auras. Personally would try AMD headbands if the 3M aura wasn’t hard available. But the earloop ones seem too poor quality for the price compared to KF94 from Korea

      • +2

        The headband ones are great if you're wearing for long periods.
        They're comfortable and fit very well.

        They have a completely different shape to the ear loop ones (They didn't just slap headbands onto them)

        Can also confirm that the nose wire is really stiff on these and the foam helps create a good seal around the nose.
        They can be a bit difficult to initially bend to some face types.

        For short periods they're a massive pita to take off and put back on.
        Also they dont work if you have a ponytail or whatever.

    • +7

      I got a box of these. Never again. The nose wire were so flimsy, that wearing the mask was pointless.
      Nose wires in paper surgical masks were much much stronger.

      Sent them an email showing how it was impossible to wear the masks with any hope of it fitting any human. Their response was "just shape it".

      • +1

        I have had no issue with them, best mask that i have personally worn, i made it to India and back for 3 weeks and dodged covid with these masks

  • +2

    Thx! bought one box for kids
    Love their quality, very comfortable and is made in Australia too

  • Damn, didn't know about the code and already ordered this morning… Oh well…

  • nice the code

  • +1
    • +1

      i reckon they put diff price

    • +3

      Same masks, different retailer/distributor… www.amdmed.com.au are the company that make them

  • -2

    Hi Dan xD

  • +1

    BLACK21 doesn't appear to work for me?

  • +1

    Discount code no longer works. Deal expired.

  • +1

    Can I overclock this?

  • wish they would sell other sizes, really need a large for a perfect fit.
    swap between these and the detmold p2s

  • It is 30s outside

  • +1

    My 5c.

    I have bought 3 times from here before (10pk, 50pk and another 50pk for family). Also bought the 'extender/ear saver' but found them a bit awkward to fit and don't use them.

    Fast shipping and the masks have been a great fit for an average sized male. Smaller partner doesn't think they fit as well on her head though, better than surgical mask however.

    • +1

      Tell her to put it in her face 😜

  • Ok. I have 2 questions from people who have used them:

    Can you breath better than the surgical masks from Softmed / Henry Shein
    Big one here; Is the nose wire good enough for people who wear glasses without fogging.

    This message has been sent on a Cyrix 486DX4

  • I use these everytime I go out places besides work and theyve served me well. One of the most premium n95s I've used. I find it's perfect for daily use and a great fit but personally I find it gets up into my eyes when I'm working and looking down. Due to this I actually wear a different brand at work. I'd recommend trying a few different brands and seeing what gives you the best fit for what you need to do. I rotate between a few different brands depending on what I need to do. Hope that helps.

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